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JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2012 | Volume 17 | Issue 1

FIVE Wednesdays At Ko‘olau February 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29 5:30 pm – 8:30 pm


High School Mexico Mission Trip on page 7


Pastor's Letter

Winter WAKO 2012!!! Starts February 1, 2012 (Five Wednesday nights) Every WAKO rocks but this one’s on steroids! Registration ongoing at the Life Ministries table on Sundays. Consider: • Guitar for beginners! • Mahjong for beginners AND advanced students! • Hot Potatoes from Genesis, served by Nick! • Bible study — Japan import by David and Manami! • Sign Dancing with Alan Lau! • Money crafts!? • Cooking for the Heart! • Singing praises from the heart and the head! • Meteorology (Baby, will it be cold outside?)! • So you thought you understood the parables! • Alpha @ WAKO! • Computer help galore! • Missions with a passion! • Small businesses, big faith — by passionate proponent! • A woman thing (men can mentor too but not in this class)! • Mayberry RFD gone forever!? • Look no further — the tops in Christian Caregiving! • Restoring the  song in the heart that loss has erased. And believe it or not there’s more! Go WAKO in 2012! *This is an Ash Wednesday WAKO; consult brochure for details.


Listen! For There Is No Small Thing by Pastor Dan When it’s a new year, people make resolutions to DO something different. I say, don’t just DO, but LISTEN first. Listen and pray to what God might have you do, and then respond.

Zech. 4:10  “Who dares despise the day of SMALL THINGS, since the seven eyes of the LORD that range throughout the earth will rejoice when they see the chosen capstone in the hand of Zerubbabel?”

Unless we listen to what God wants us to do in 2012, we might end up needlessly busier even though we already have a full calendar.

Yes, who dares despise the day of supposedly “small things” when the Lord with His omniscience (symbolized by “seven eyes,” and “7” being the perfect number of completion) will see it? No small thing is too small for the Lord to see.

This New Year you may want to get more exercise, eat healthy, travel, study up on something or get into a new hobby. These are all good New Year’s resolutions, but I urge you to first spend some time in prayer and then listening to what God might have you do. Maybe it is not to add anything to your already full plate. Or maybe it is to do something new, like serve in a needed area. It may be small but it could grow into something big. In fact, doing just a small new thing in 2012 might be a big thing in the eyes of the Lord. The book of Zechariah in the Bible speaks of a man named Zerubbabel who helped lay the foundation of the Temple. Zech. 4:9 “The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this temple; his hands will also complete it. Then you will know that the LORD Almighty has sent me to you."


Case in point. My 26-year-old daughter, Noelle, heard a whisper from God, listened and decided one day to help a friend who was volunteering at Freedom House ( in the San Francisco Bay Area. Freedom House provides shelter and care to victims of human sex trafficking. It also empowers them to independence in the name of Jesus. It started off small – befriending the women who are in their teens through 40 years of age. Noelle shopped with them, took them out to restaurants, which, for most of them, was a rare life experience. She played table games with them and even had dinners at homes, like a “hot pot” party. Continued on page 7...

Life Ministries


The Pres at First Prez!

Bill Robinson



Men's Retreat

Get in the Game!

Friday-Saturday, March 2-3, FPC At this year's men's retreat, "Improving Our Vision, Seeing Our World," Bill Robinson, president emeritus of Whitworth University, author of "Incarnate Leadership,"and a past speaker at First Prez and at HIM's Pastor Conference, will examine the causes of male spiritual blindness that keep us from seeing the real world. It will be a time of exploring God's Word and His world and being challenged by what we find. Bill is a communicator who is much loved and respected by the university crowd, but he's also able to touch the pulse of what's happening and zero in on where people are and where they need to be. He is currently speaking and consulting full time with universities, churches, and businesses. Bill and his wife, Bonnie, have three married kids. Look for the flyer soon that will give retreat details and registration instructions.

New Life Training Classes Get in the game by joining one of the following classes on Sunday mornings: • A class with helps for family finances with the Bible as the guide — • An in-depth study of the most basic and concise Gospel, St. Mark’s — • An expert in the caregiving field exposing myths, and helping to master the craft— • A LIFT class (LifeGuide Institute for Teaching) in how to be an effective teacher/facilitator — • An ongoing class exploring new heights and depths in the experience of prayer — • A support group designed to help those who are grieving, GriefShare — • A support group for those coping with cancer — • A class for good marriages who want to kick it up a notch to a great marriage — • A Pastor’s guide to the Beatitudes – and more!

On December 28, 2011, President of the United States Barak Obama came to our church to play 18-holes of golf. From a great distance the church staff, the Ko’olau Ballroom staff and some lucky golfers saw President Obama practice on the driving range. Security measures dictated that the President would only be able to greet and meet three people, and that privilege was extended to Pastor Dan Chun, Executive Director Ron Mathieu and Ko‘olau Golf Course Manager Ken Terao. President Obama heard how First Prez bought the golf course and how the church has grown. When he learned that Pastor Dan went to Punahou, the only question he asked Pastor Dan was, “What year did you graduate?” (Or as it is more commonly asked in Hawaii, “Eh, what year you grad?”) It shows that our president is still a local boy at heart! We are grateful that our church could provide some hospitality to President Obama while he was here with his family for Christmas. We do hope he returns next year.

A distant view of the president waving – blurry, but captured paparazzi-style by Rosella Shishido!

WAKO Rocks! Poloroids below show glimpses of previous WAKOs that rocked.



JAN / FEB 2012



RAA! (Retired Active Adults)

Get Organized!

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 10:30 am, FPC


Say goodbye to 2011 and hello to 2012. Then say goodbye to clutter and chaos and hello to freedom and organization. Come to RAA!’s January luncheon to hear Cynthia Arnold and Dan Ihara of Senior Move Managers give pointers on de-cluttering, downsizing and organizing–all of which lead to freedom. Senior Move Managers LLC (doing business as "Declutter Hawaii") is the first and only senior move management firm in Hawaii. Do you go from room to room as though you were on an obstacle course? Are there books and magazines over a year old that you’ll probably never look at again? Or, perhaps you have aging parents or relatives who need help organizing their stuff? There are many physical, psychological, and emotional issues that arise when we begin to downsize, but when we live in chaos and disorganization, life can be challenging and even dangerous. This month’s event will focus on finding solutions to life’s challenges of de-cluttering and learning that it is not as difficult a task as it appears to be. As our island population ages, many people have a need to downsize and transition into a safer living environment, whether it’s a retirement community, smaller home, or with grown children. After the talk, stay and delight in our catered lunch. Remember that you don't need to be retired to attend. Everyone's welcome! Call 532-1111 to register. $12 per person at the door (exact cash or checks preferred). Looking ahead, our next RAA! event is a tour of the Hawaii National Guard State Emergency Preparedness Center at Diamond Head on Feb 29th. Check out the Sunday news bulletin in February for the full scoop.



Sherri Wong and daughters caring for babies at the outreach.

Women’s Way Outreach On Saturday, March 31st, the Women’s Ministry team will organize its annual luncheon and crafts with the women of Women’s Way. As part of the Salvation Army programs, Women’s Way is a substance abuse recovery program for new and soon to be moms.

Last year's incredible outreach helped 30 women, 30 babies and 7 toddlers. We anticipate this year to also be successful and would love for you to join us.

Each year, the Women’s Ministry Team and volunteers from First Prez spend an afternoon with Women's Way doing drafts, singing, praying and enjoying lunch together. This time together turns out to be a heartfelt event. The First Prez congregation has also participated in the event through the generous donation of care products (body wash, toothpaste, infant bibs, crayons, etc.) that is provided to each woman of Women’s Way. Generous monetary donations provide the lunch.

Volunteer and First Prez member Nelda Hawley taking care of baby while mom's doing crafts and enjoying lunch.

There are three ways you can get involved in this year’s event: 1) Donate care items for the gift bags, 2) Provide a monetary donation for the lunch or 3) Volunteer to participate at the event. Donation and volunteer sign-ups will be Feb. 11-March 18 at the Women’s Ministry Table in the Fellowship Hall on Sundays. Contact Angela Cherland for inquiries or for more info: (310) 210-8901 /

Volunteer and Member Janie Losch caring for a toddler while her mom is at the event.



Annual Women’s Spring Retreat 2012

Friday, May 4, 5:30 pm– Sunday, May 6, 10:30 am At Paradise Bay Resort


in the Meantime Becoming a woman who trusts God


Women’s Retreat Friday-Sunday, May 4-6, 2012

It may not be Spring yet, but registration for this year’s Women’s Spring Retreat is in full swing, on Sundays at the Women’s Ministry table through February 12. The theme, “Living in the Meantime… Becoming a Woman Who Trusts God,” will come alive with our speaker Debbie Alsdorf, author of several books, including, "A Different Kind of Wild," "The Faith Dare," and her most recent, "A Woman Who Trusts God." For the first time the retreat will be held at the beautiful Paradise Bay Resort in Kaneohe, an intimate getaway close to home, with spectacular views overlooking Kaneohe Bay. Besides inspirational sessions, worship time, small group discussion, and prayer times, recreational opportunities will include snorkeling and a boat ride. Stop by the Women’s Ministry table for more information, to register, and choose your room. Room accommodations include both private and shared rooms, most within shared suites with kitchenettes. The rooms vary, so register early for the best choice! Spaces are limited, but the retreat is open to all women, so feel free to invite a friend.

s t o h s p a n A


& TE

L Women's Lunch & Tea Saturday, Feb. 11, 11 am, FPC

Ladies, mark your calendar for our annual Women’s Lunch & Tea in the gorgeous Fellowship Hall of First Prez! This year we will feature five women (Tyne Cody, Shayna Kusumoto, Karen Makashima, Carol Stevens, & Sarah Williams) from our church ‘ohana (family) who will share a brief five-minute “snapshot” of her life to encourage us on our own faith journey. All women are invited to join us for this fun program and delicious lunch prepared by our own Chef Jim Gillespie. Come prepared to take a few of your own snapshots as souvenirs of this special day! Childcare may be available for those women who sign up two weeks or more in advance. For more information and to purchase your tickets ($20), please visit the Women’s Ministry table on Sunday mornings in Fellowship Hall.


Called to Mentor? By Judy Ensing

When you hear the word "mentor," chances are you may think that you're not qualified to be one but that you could surely use one! Yes, we all could use someone with whom to share life’s joys and challenges, to pray, to grow in faith. Many women are longing for this type of relationship, but don’t know how to find it. For several years, First Prez has had a women’s mentoring program that has offered a way to intentionally connect women, one on one, for the purpose of spiritual growth. The next session will begin at the end of February and mentors are needed. If you are a woman serious about her faith, God may be calling you to serve in this unique way. Many women have misconceptions about what it takes to be a mentor. Here’s what a mentor IS NOT: A spiritual guru that has all the answers, a problem-fixer, a replacement for “mom,” or simply a girlfriend to hang out with. Here’s what a mentor IS: A good listener, encourager, and supporter, a prayer partner, a gentle guide to biblical truths, an experienced Christian who is willing to share a godly perspective on life. In Titus 2:4, God calls us to “train the younger women.” Is God calling you to walk beside a woman younger in her faith? Please pray about participating in our next six-month mentoring session. Join the February WAKO class, “Walk With Me,” or come to the Orientation Coffee on February 26 to learn more and to get plugged in!


JAN / FEB 2012


A NewYear's Prayer

When: Launching Feb. 2012 Why: A nationwide call to spiritual awakening and national revival in our country (Heb. 4:16)

by Patti Marshall

All the Good Things

Note: See prayer initiative to the right. New Year’s Resolutions. Everywhere we turn, the media bombard us with the latest and greatest New Year’s resolution ideas. Diet. Lose weight. Exercise. Change your look. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Consider this: instead of making a New Year’s resolution, write a prayer. Watch and see God work in your life and in the lives of others through your simple prayer. Father in heaven, thank You that You are all authority in heaven and earth. Thank You for leading me to write this prayer. You know my every need, my deepest desires, and my hurting places. Lord, as I seek to know You more, would You open the eyes of my heart to see the wonderful things in Your law? Father, I confess that I so often live a life that does not honor You. My actions and my words seem so far from You. But I do want to live a life that pleases You, so I ask today for You to soften my heart to receive what Your sweet Spirit says to me. Give me a hunger and a thirst for Your word. As You reveal it me, help me through the power of Your Holy Spirit to listen and obey. You tell me that Your word is living and active, like a double-edged sword. Father, use it now to penetrate the deepest recesses of my heart. Give me a heart that desires You and Your truth above all else. Your Word tells me that if I lack wisdom, I need only to ask and You will give it liberally. So I ask today for a fresh filling of Your wisdom. Give me the strength to walk in Your truth, no matter the cost. Guard my heart and keep my eyes fixed on You. Grow in me the fruit of Your Spirit, grant me those things that will make me more like You. Fill me; saturate me with more of You! Today, Father, I surrender my past and look to the future, thanking You that I am a new creation. No matter what I have done before today, I have hope in You to take all things and use them for Your good and the good of Your kingdom. Thank You for being faithful. Thank You that I can make my plans but You will direct my steps. I trust in You to do a mighty work in and through me this year. I trust You to carry it to completion. Lord, I love You. Make my life a living testimony of Your love. I ask this in the powerful and mighty name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Adapted from a prayer by Wendy Blight, Jan. 2010. Proverbs 31 Ministries.


JAN / FEB 2012


"One Cry" Nationwide Prayer Initiative


What's the buzz with First Prez people by Marcia Wright Happy New Year to all! Our year started out with a bang, or maybe, depending on what neighborhood you live in, with a quiet poof! However your New Year has been so far, it bodes to be another year in which the Lord can teach us new and wonderful things. As usual our Christmas celebrations and services were a highlight of the year for many. The music praising GOD and the testimonies during the month of December were both encouraging and inspirational. How many miracles has the Lord done in your life this past year and in those of your friends? Lieutenant Colonel Orlando J Dona, Jr. retired from The United States Air Force in December. Attending this memorable ceremony were Tom Howes, Royal and Aurora Fruehling, and Jack and Arlene Bohman. Congratulations on a job well done, OJ, and thank you for your service to our country! Congratulations to FPC member Gary Powell and his Caregiver Foundation, for winning in the education category of the Elderhood Project Caregiver Awards. A quote from a KHON article: “Family caregivers are the unsung heroes in our community.” “…the Caregiver Foundation takes programs to the communities. We work a lot with individuals in small groups, we even work with families helping them develop a caregiving plan,” said Gary Powell of the Caregiver Foundation. “And anyone that needs help in caregiving needs to realize that there is help.” “When we help people develop their skills as caregivers, we look for people who can adjust to the changes with patience, with gratitude and love and with a skill that enables them to move forward,” explained Powell. Marily Bartell is fitting in well at her


new home in Virginia. She has joined the Jefferson Choral Society where she had a solo in their Christmas concert. Marily volunteers one night a month as a bed time story teller for children at the local library. She is also a museum greeter for a National Historic Landmark. What a busy lady you are, Marily! Aurora Fruehling is once again President of the U.H. Women’s Campus Club and also Chair of the Hawaii Arts Alliance. She is doing double duty for both organizations. And Aurora was one of eleven community volunteers recognized for “exemplary promotion of volunteerism and philanthropy, National Philanthropy Day. November 29, 2011.” Congratulations Aurora! Don’t forget we are heading next into the month of February. Our month to remember the wonderful Love letter the Father sent us in HIS SON, the WORD! Well, dear friends, I have been thinking of this New Year and all that it holds. I pray for you and for myself a Happy NOW Year. Not just getting things done or “around to it” but living in the NOW of the presence of Christ during every moment of my day. "Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own. Brothers and Sisters, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Let those of us who are mature think this way, and if in anything you think otherwise, God will reveal that also to you. Only let us hold true to what we have attained" (Phil. 3:12-16). And now blessings be with you in this new year. Aloha no.


CONTINUED FROM PAGE 2 Today Noelle is the leader of a weekly Bible Study at Freedom House where the women are discovering hope. As one of the women said recently, “When I first came, I felt I was in darkness and there was no hope. I was so lonely. Now I realize that God has a reason for everything, and that I can make any request to God that I want.” This woman got her feet on the ground and was the first to graduate from the program. For Noelle, she has found great meaning in what started out as a small thing. Now she donates her time, talent and treasure for Freedom House that began as a dream for its founder just two years ago with the goal of helping sex trafficking victims be empowered and find dignity in the name of Jesus Christ.


Youth News by Drew Hulse

High School Summer mission Trip to Mexico!

Are you ready to have your heart stretched beyond capacity? Do you want to be used by God to touch and change lives? Are you willing to take a chance and have your life changed forever? If your answer is “yes,” or maybe you’re a little uncertain but want to find out more, read on! We're going on a mission this summer to Rancho El Milagro orphanage in Ensenada, Mexico. The trip this summer is going to be a twopart adventure. We will spend the first week at Forest Home Camp, a Christian camp with 300 other high school folks from all over the West. It’s a place where incredible ministry takes place and lives are changed. After the week at camp we will head down to Mexico to pour our lives into the kids at Rancho El Milagro. This will be our third trip to the orphanage and they are already preparing for our arrival. For more info about this amazing mission trip, give Drew a call at 532-1118 or email at The preparations have just begun so now is the time to jump on board.

Youth New Members Class:

So, what does it mean to actually be a member of the church? What’s different about the Presbyterian church and any other church around? How do I fit in? Any and all of those questions are great questions to ask and the New Member Class is the place to do it. Beginning Sunday, Feb. 5, 9:30 am, we are going to hold an eight-week High School Youth New Member Class. We will meet together at “Uptown” for worship and then split between “Uptown” and the new members class. The class is geared for everyone who is ready to take that next step in their faith. Hopefully, all of you will be become members, but even if you’re not sure right now come and check it out. See Drew if you have any questions.


So my word for you in 2012 is to first LISTEN and pray to God, and then respond to what He’s calling you to do. It may start off small but it may grow into something big if we are faithful. Let us not dare “despise the day of small things!”

Middle School 30-Hour Famine:

I can guarantee you’ve never done anything like it before. Did you ever think you could change the world? Well, the famine is an opportunity to change it one life at a time. On March 2-3 we are going to do the “30-Hour Famine”, a project of World Vision, in a effort to learn about and address hunger needs of children around the world. We will be getting sponsors and then “fasting” (growl) for 30 hours. During that time we will be sleeping over at the church, learning about hunger issues, maybe doing a community service project, and, amazingly, helping to change the world for one child at a time. Talk to Drew for more information.


JAN / FEB 2012



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