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Dear First Pres Family, We enter the month of April in a time of transition. Spring continues to break through the frost of winter in Colorado Springs. The school year continues to race toward its conclusion, ushering in summer. And, of course, our church is moving toward a new chapter in its history. This change comes with a fl ood of emotions and thoughts for most of us. But this month offers a chance to refl ect on our Savior, Jesus Christ, and His sacrifi ce for us all. The Bible tells us clearly that Jesus is bigger than the cares of this world. “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) His message, given to the disciples during a diffi cult time of transition, contains hope and comfort for us, too. I encourage each of you to refl ect on what it means to be part of this community and how to minister to one another. I encourage you to lean on each other during this time of transition, care for one another and bless one another. In this issue of First Pres Magazine, you will fi nd opportunities to love our Colorado Springs community too. During Holy Week we will again have Stations of the Cross. On page 11, fi nd the schedule for the week and see where you and your family might plug in. On page 10, fi nd a description of a new annual celebration of mission and ministry with our newly-named Palm Sunday offering, “Give Back the Blessing.” Previously named “One Great Hour of Sharing,” our mission ministries have identifi ed three local organizations and our Compassion partner church as recipients of this annual offering. I ask you to consider how you will support these impactful ministries this year. Holy Week is a deliberate time of celebration and refl ection. It’s a time for us to nurture our faith and expand the ways we trust and obey God’s direction in our lives. It’s a time to be grateful for His sacrifice on the cross. Throughout Holy Week I hope you’ll fi nd space to worship with us in our various expressions of worship, or in quiet time with God. Listen closely for the ways He will speak into your life this Easter season. Take heart in the knowledge that God has incredible things in store for First Pres. He is here; He is in this with us, and He has overcome the world. Warmly in Christ,

Jennifer Holz Senior Associate Executive Pastor







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New organist combines music with congregational care

n March 9, Frank Shelton joined First Pres as our new organist. His arrival marks the end of a long search by the Music Department to replace Don Dyck, who retired after 36 years of faithful service at First Pres. Jim DeJarnette, Minister of Music, was daunted by the challenge of finding a high caliber organist to step in at First Pres. But after his first meeting with Frank, he found a kindred spirit and saw the possibility for some wonderful new ministry avenues. “After my first meeting with Frank, I became aware that our Lord was at work,” Jim said. “I knew of Frank’s great talent, but as we talked, I recognized we share a common heart. We are ‘kindred spirits.’” Frank comes to First Pres with vast experience playing the organ. He is a graduate of Colorado College, with a music degree, and UCLA, where he graduated with a Master’s Degree in organ performance and c.phil in historical musicology. Thanks to a Watson

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Fellowship, he studied the organ in Europe in places such as Germany, Florence, Italy and Amsterdam. Frank started playing the organ professionally for churches in Southern Colorado in 1980. He served as organist at Grace Episcopal Church and First Congregational Church in Colorado Springs, and most recently at Ascension Episcopal Church in Pueblo. He’s also been the organist for Colorado College since 1980, among various other musical pursuits. Though it wasn’t something he was looking for at the time, Frank saw this position at First Pres as a great opportunity from the Lord. “There’s just a great vitality to the church,” he said. “It has such a wonderful spirit and the services are so uplifting. To be a part of that is truly a blessing.” Jim said it’s incredible to have someone of Frank’s talent and experience as part of the worship team. “Frank will bring exceptional ministry through organ performance to First Pres,” he

By Matthew Fox said. “His marvelous artistry and sensitivity to heartfelt worship will bless our congregation deeply.” Frank will fulfill the typical role of organist at First Pres — including playing at Sunday services, memorial services and other events — but he’ll also have a different role working part-time with pastoral care. This will give him an opportunity to connect with the congregation in a new way. Frank said part of what drew him to First Pres was this chance to minister to people. “It’s just going to add such a great dimension to my life,” he said. “I’m very excited about the possibilities of combining music and caring ministry, and to see the impact music has on people. It will really be a great gift.” Frank brings his gifts to the Pastoral Care ministry. “After meeting Frank, I’m excited about the love and compassion Frank will bring in ministry to our congregation through the Pastoral Care team, in addition to ministry from his considerable musical giftedness,” said John Goodale, Associate Pastor for Caring Ministries. Jim noted that having Frank join the pastoral care team expands the role music is playing in that ministry. With Jim and Matt Holtzman, who served as worship leader prior to transitioning to his position as minister to young families and pastoral care last spring, adding Frank means three musically talented people are working with the congregation in this capacity.

Jim sees this as an exciting new phase of ministry. “We have a unique opportunity at First Pres, through weaving together expressions of worship, music and pastoral care,” he said. “I have always believed the most profound musical expression finds its source and inspiration in the living of life. As we experience life’s mountain tops and valleys, and how God reigns over all, we find each note sung and played comes from the fullness

of all our Lord gives us — there is worship to be found at hospital bedsides and sanctuary alike.” Be sure to welcome Frank as he plays in worship during the 8:20 and 9:45 a.m. sanctuary services. Matthew Fox is the Manager of Communications at First Pres.

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Together is Better


hat makes you smile? Do you smile in a broad grin like Bert the chimney sweep, or do you react with those little smiles of whimsy where the eyes kinda’ pinch like Mary Poppins? What makes me smile? The Humpty Dumptys downtown on Colorado and Tejon. They make me smile. As I look at each one of them, I can’t help but grin as I’m walking along. They put a spring in my step; they just make me happy. In my childhood mind, Humpty Dumpty did indeed fall. And because he was an egg, of course he couldn’t get up by himself. My king’s horses and men stretched in a long, long line over hill and dale carrying beautiful flags and banners with decorated horses. I think there was a lot of purple. When they arrived to help Humpty Dumpty, a lot of very serious men stood around in a circle with their hands stroking their beards. There wasn’t a lot of conversation. Today, I wonder if it had been all the king’s men and women, it’s possible that someone might have had a Band-Aid in the recesses of her purse under the Cheerios, hair bows and dinosaurs, but that is most definitely my adult mind interfering.

So, what is my point? These Humpty Dumptys are sculpted by Artist Kimber Fiebeger, located in Minneapolis, MN. The first Humpty was introduced in the Art on the Street program sponsored by Community Ventures, a Colorado Springs non-profit dedicated to the arts, historic preservation, economic development and other public benefit programs of Downtown Colorado Springs. “Why Humpty?” I asked the person who originally found these Humptys at the largest outdoor sculpture show in the world held just up the road in Benson Park, Loveland, CO. He smiled and answered, “ . . . they are whimsical, fun and they stand the test of time.” What makes you smile, and why is the act of smiling so important? Mother Teresa said, “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” A smile. So simple. So powerful an expression of God’s love. So easy to do. What a community we could be, and what impact we could have, if we committed to the simple act of smiling! Better together . . . and smiling! Alison Murray is the Executive Director of First Pres.

By Alison Murray 6 | 4/14

By Matthew Fox


Colorado Springs to let God’s light shine through you in service to the city this year. But in order to serve, you have to know what the needs are. In this space each month First Pres Magazine explores one facet of our city.

Most Popular Denominations in Colorado Springs

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Get Involved! This month is Easter, one of the biggest chances to reach out to those outside the faith. Who do you know that needs to know the truth about Jesus Christ? Reach out in faith this month and invite them to celebrate Easter at First Pres.



Embracing the Gospel Colorado Springs is known as a hub of Evangelical Christianity. It’s the home to a number of large churches, Focus on the Family, Young Life, the Navigators and Compassion International, among others. Despite that, fewer people are connected to a church in Colorado Springs than in other places in the country. According to City Data, an online site that measures quality of life indicators for U.S. cities, the national average is 50.2 percent of people connected to a Christian church. In Colorado Springs, that number is just 37.1 percent. Despite the presence of churches, para-church organizations and mission groups, a large portion of Colorado Springs still needs to hear the Gospel.



his is the Year of the City, and we encourage everyone to find a way

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By Matthew Fox

Providing Shelter


inding yourself and your family in a homeless situation can lead to desperation. Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) offers hope to these families and provides an alternative to ending up on the streets of Colorado Springs. IHN partners with more than 30 local faith communities to provide shelter, meals, support services and hope to families in homeless situations. While IHN provides a Family Day Center and other services to get people back on their feet, the local partners provide temporary shelter, clothes, goods and other needed items.

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First Pres is proud to be one of IHN’s local partners, providing monetary support and serving as a host site to IHN families four weeks a year. Serving as a host site means more than providing shelter, it requires providing volunteers to make First Pres feel like home to families in need. Brad Gillispie provides that welcoming presence for First Pres, serving as volunteer coordinator. Brad first got involved with IHN after learning First Pres needed volunteers to serve as overnight hosts. He felt drawn to get involved, and now feels

IHN serves families in homeless situations that working with the IHN families is a blessing. It’s a ministry close to his heart. “Early in our married life, my wife and I endured a situation that could well have resulted in us being homeless if not for the assistance from our church Deacons to help us make ends meet,” Brad said. “There was nothing we did to put us in that situation, and we made every effort to get out of it without immediate success. That kind of experience is really humbling and humiliating, and it gave me an empathetic and compassionate heart for those who are in a like situation.” Shelter provided by IHN partners offers a much needed refuge for these families. During his time as a volunteer, Brad has witnessed how the program blesses IHN families. “The families are grateful that we open our doors and provide a safe environment and hot meals for them,” he said. “More than that, they are always excited about our facilities and the great activities we bring in for them. It encourages me and serves as an example when I see parents who are in a homeless situation able to put aside the stresses that situation creates and devote themselves to loving and giving attention to their children.” Programs like IHN fill a vital role in Colorado Springs. According to a report compiled by the United Way of the Pikes Peak Region, one in six children in El Paso and Teller counties lives in poverty. Additionally, El Paso County has experienced a gap in the need for and availability of affordable housing. The wait time for most remains more than five years. Brad said one of the benefits of volunteering with IHN is seeing those in need in the community in a new light.

“People who have only seen the face of homelessness as the chronic abusers who panhandle around our city will be surprised and humbled to find that a large percentage of the homeless in our community is comprised of families who sincerely want to get out of their situation but need a helping hand to assist them in getting back on their feet,” he said. “Most of us are only a circumstance or two away from finding ourselves in the same situation, and serving at IHN reminds us of that and helps us be grateful for how God has provided for our needs. Our volunteers tell me how blessed they are to be able to spend time with the guest families, get to know a little about them, and serve as a host to them while they’re staying at First Pres.” There are plenty of volunteer opportunities with IHN. There are opportunities for people who want to shop for groceries and bring those in to families being sheltered, those who want to cook and bring hot meals, for people who want to serve dinner to guest parents and children, lead them in activities, sit with them in the Manna Grill and chat or spend a night at the church with them to ensure everything goes smoothly. Matthew Fox is the Manager of Communications at First Pres.

The next IHN host week is Sunday, April 20 to Sunday, April 27. For more information on volunteering, contact the Missions department at 719-884-6233.

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GIVE back the


ive Back The Blessing is the new name for the time honored Palm Sunday offering — One Great Hour of Sharing. The purpose of the offering, to give back to our mission partners the blessings we have received, will remain the same. This Palm Sunday Give Back the Blessing has a goal of $80,000 that will benefit the partners listed below in this exciting Year of the City.

The Year of the City Local Partners — $40,000 goal, split between partner recipients Colorado Springs was founded as a city that provided healing and wholeness. First Pres wants to bless our local partners in healing during The Year of the City. Below are three local partners that we will bless this year. Mission Medical Clinic — This faith-based organization offers free medical and dental care for low-income and uninsured people. Mission Medical Clinic needs an elevator for their building to provide greater access for disabled clients. Life Network — This ministry includes a free pregnancy center, post-abortion support and counseling, parenting support and classes for new parents and life education in health classes of local high schools. LN impacts and transforms people with the love of Christ. Additionally, they provide a Mobile Pregnancy Center that is parked near high schools

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around the city, including in the First Pres parking lot on Thursdays. TLC Pharmacy — This is a community pharmacy that is a ministry of the local evangelical Christians acting as the hands and feet of Christ. This is a licensed pharmacy staffed by volunteer medical professionals and administrative help that provides access to medication and patient education for those with nowhere else to go. Global Partner — $40,000 goal Globally we want to bless the city of Kalimpong, India, through our partnership with the Presbyterian Free Church and the Compassion Child Development Center, which hosts more than 300 children. The Child Development Center has an unfinished fourth floor that could be used for serving the children, church and community activities as well as for training, funerals and city celebrations.

Journey to the Cross in the Community HOLY WEEK: April 13 – 19, 2014 Monday, April 14 Station One – Matthew 26:36-41 Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane 1:15 p.m. — West Side Cares, 2808 W. Colorado Homeless Outreach Team CSPD, tour, devotional Optional – bring toilet paper or toiletries Children welcome, but no special activity planned Station Two – Mark 14:43-46 Jesus Betrayed by Judas and Arrested 1 p.m. – First Presbyterian Church, Room 435 Overview of Refugee Ministries and interview with refugees • Mature youth ages 13+ are welcome Station Three – Luke 22:66-71 Jesus Condemned by Sanhedrin 9:30 a.m. – Pikes Peak Academy, 5590 N. Nevada (Fellowship Bible Church) • Visit PPA Bible class, tour PPA • Children welcome, but no special activity planned • Optional, bring colored or white posterboard

Tuesday, April 15 Station Four – Matthew 26:69-75 Jesus Denied by Peter 5 p.m. – Family Mentoring Alliance/SRM/IHN, 25 W. Las Vegas • Worship, testimonies • Children welcome, but no special activity planned Station Five – Mark 15:1-5, 15 Jesus Judged by Pilate 3:00 p.m. — Inn at Garden Plaza, 2520 International Circle • Games, flower arrangements, egg coloring, bingo • Optional – bring a treat to share Family friendly, kid activities

Wednesday, April 16 Station Six – John 19:1-3 Jesus Scourged and Crowned with Thorns 4 p.m. — Compassion/Kalimpong India, 12290 Voyager Parkway • Learn how Compassion is involved Kalimpong; video from pastor in Kalimpong • Family friendly, kid activities Station Seven – John 19:6, 15-17 Jesus Takes up His Cross 5:30 p.m. – TLC Pharmacy, 555 E. Costilla • Explanation and tour of TLC, exterior clean up • Family friendly, pizza provided

Station Eight – Mark 15:21 Jesus Helped by Simon to Carry His Cross 7 p.m. — Solid Rock Christian Center, 1450 Cheyenne Meadow (Fox Meadow Middle School) • Music and Art program • Family friendly!

Thursday, April 17 Station Nine – Luke 23:27-31 Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem 12:30 p.m. — Life Network, 3700 Galley Rd Reflect on Scripture, a testimony and facts about abortion • Optional – bring diapers to donate Not family friendly; adult and older teen orientation

Friday, April 18 Station 10 – Luke 23:33-34 Jesus is Crucified 7 p.m. — Urban Peak, 423 E. Cucharras Sharing Jesus’ extravagant love through a dance party • Adults only. RSVP 884-6233 Station Eleven – Luke 23:39-43 Jesus Pomises His Kingdom to Repentant Criminal 5:30 p.m. — Fostering Hope, Café 225, 225 N. Weber • Story, interactive experience Family friendly, kid activities

Saturday, April 19 Station Twelve – John 19:25-27 Jesus Entrusts Mary and John to Each Other 11:30 a.m. — Mission Medical Clinic, 2125 E. LaSalle • Intro to vision/mission of MMC, testimonial, tour of clinic • Children welcome, but no special activity planned Station Thirteen – Luke 23:44-46 Jesus Dies on Cross 10 a.m. — Seeds Café, 109 E. Pikes Peak Testimonies, seed planting, lunch on donationbasis • Family friendly – kid activities! Station Fourteen—Matthew 27:57-60 Jesus Laid in Tomb 9 a.m. to noon, Mount St. Francis, 7665 Assisi Heights • Silent Retreat (come and go) — contemplative walking labyrinth. Bring pen and journal • Not family friendly – adult orientation 4/14 | | 11

Holy Week Schedule This Holy Week First Pres offers services and opportunities for worship every day. Check out the full schedule.

H Monday H

Join us for worship at noon in the Sanctuary. A light lunch in Fellowship Hall follows. Nursery available. The service will be available via LiveStream for those who want to worship at home or work.

H Tuesday H

• Participate in a guided time of prayer and meditation at noon in the Sanctuary. • Worship with First Pres at Springs Rescue Mission at 5 p.m. This service, held in conjunction with IHN and the Family Mentoring Alliance, celebrates the way God is at work in our city around the issue of homelessness.

H Wednesday H

• Participate in a guided time of prayer and meditation at noon in the Sanctuary. • Join First Pres in a night of worship through service at TLC Pharmacy from 5:30 to 7 p.m. A pizza dinner will be provided.

H Maundy Thursday H

Join us for Amazing Grace, a time of worship and reflection through music that includes communion, at 6:30 p.m. in the Sanctuary. Our Sanctuary Choir will offer this special concert of worship featuring the music of Bruckner, Rutter and selected pieces from “Les Miserables.” The service will feature our youth choir and soloists. Nursery available. The service will be LiveStreamed.

H Good Friday H

Join the Downtown Churches, from Noon to 3 p.m. in the Sanctuary, as we remember our Lord’s sacrifice on the cross. This service centers on the seven last words of Jesus Christ.

H Easter Services H Invite a friend to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ this Easter. • Sunrise Service Sunday, April 20 at 6 a.m. on the Weber Street Lawn • Traditional Services Sunday, April 20 at 7, 8:30, 10 and 11:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary • Contemporary Services Sunday, April 20 at 9 and 10:30 a.m. in Fellowship Hall

12 | 4/14

Easter Sunday 2014

Schedule of Services 6:00 Sunrise Service (Weber Street Lawn) 7:00 Sanctuary 8:30 Sanctuary 9:00 Fellowship Hall 10:00 Sanctuary 10:30 Fellowship Hall 11:30 Sanctuary

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What’s Going On in


ince forming in 2012, ECO has continued to grow. First Pres officially voted to join ECO in April 2012, and we’ve been excited to see this new denomination flourish. Below are some key updates and information about ECO. Increasing Membership As of early 2014, ECO now boasts 115 member churches and more than 180 member ministers. Interest continues to grow, too. According to ECO, more than 100 churches have expressed interest in joining ECO and are in various stages of the process. More Presbyteries When ECO began, the denomination had just two Presbyteries — East and West. With rapid growth, and a core value of smaller Presbyteries, ECO is transitioning from two Presbyteries to nine in 2014.

14 | 4/14

The Presbytery of the East is being re-organized into four Presbyteries — Presbytery of Florida, Presbytery of the Northeast, Great Lakes Presbytery and East Central Presbytery. Meanwhile the Presbytery of the West is being re-organized into five Presbyteries — Presbytery of the Northwest, Presbytery of Texas, Presbytery of Northern California, Presbytery of Southern California and Presbytery of the West. First Pres will remain a part of the Presbytery of the West, which encompasses all states west of the Mississippi River, including Minnesota, with the exclusion of Texas, California, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. New Moderator Since the Presbytery of the West formed, Rev. M.J. Romano, of our sister church in La Junta, served as Moderator. After helping get ECO up and going, she passed the torch to Rev. Dr. Robert Bullock, minister with West Isle Presbyterian Church in Galveston, Texas. He continues to lead the Presbytery of the West — which encompasses all ECO congregations west of the Mississippi River — until it is re-organized into five Presbyteries later this year. More Information ECO continues to add new churches and member ministers frequently. To keep up with our denomination, or to read more about policies and polity, visit the ECO Website at and sign up for their regular eblast.

The City Art Exhibit


irst Pres will host a community-wide art show with a focus on “The City.” Artworks of all mediums will be accepted and will be on exhibit through June and July. Included in this exhibit will be a second art installation called “Our City: Our Voice.” This will be a collaborative piece made up of many connected, but individually created, canvases to form one large “quilt.” Each piece represents the view of, relationship with or dream for our city by an individual artist, and will include a short “story” explaining their view. These stories will be collected and will accompany the exhibit. After the summer exhibit at First Pres, this installation will be displayed in smaller segments in different other venues around the city. Artists are welcome to participate in either or both aspects of this show. There will be a number of workshops offered at First Pres and in the community to help individuals create their piece for “Our City: Our Voice.” The intent is to include a broad a range of voices of all ages and walks of life. Those who might not otherwise think of themselves as artists are welcome to contribute, and are invited to participate in a workshop for support. Intake will be Monday, May 12 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Plaza reception at Weber Street entrance of First Pres. A reception will be Friday, May 30 from 6 to 8 p.m. in the Plaza at First Pres. Send questions via e-mail to Diane at or Marlene at

“Our City: Our Voice” Workshops

April 6 – 12:30 to 2 p.m., First Pres Art Studio, room 031

April 13 – 12:30 to 2 p.m., First Pres Art Studio, room 031

April 23 – 4 to 7 p.m., Imagination Celebration, Citadel Mall

April 30 – 4 to 7 p.m., Imagination Celebration, Citadel Mall

May 4 – 4 to 7 p.m., Imagination Celebration, Citadel Mall


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