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F irst P resbyterian C hurch - F or Christ in the H eart of C harlotte S tewardship 2020

Our Treasures

g n o l Be

To God

for where your treasure is ,

there your heart will be also .

- matthew 6:21

Eleanor Hatcher and Ross Loeser contributed some of the photos for this publication.

Pledging our hearts to God Each year, we commit a portion of our financial resources to First Presbyterian. Whether we think of this often or not, we do it at least in part because the gospel of Matthew tells us that, in doing so, we are also pledging our heart to God. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. – Matthew 6:21 There also are many specific reasons we pledge. This publication provides a snapshot of some of those reasons.

Stewardship 2020

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This Place Where We Almost two centuries ago, God provided a beautiful corner of a growing town to become a place where people could draw close, care for one another and grow into community—a place where people of faith could belong.

Over the years, that gift of place grew into relationships that fill our hearts and enrich our lives—a church family in which we belong.


The place grew to include a sanctuary, a steeple, buildings that offer shelter and places where children learn, where we gather and worship and learn and launch God’s work throughout our community and beyond.

Our pledges make it possible for us to continue this legacy of belonging to God, belonging with each other and belonging in this place.

Stewardship 2020

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in this Community God placed us here to care for and belong in this community.

We help build homes. Make sandwiches. Provide shelter from the cold. Gather in food for those who need it. Provide tools for children to have a better future. By pledging during Stewardship season, we renew our commitment to care for this community where we belong.

How your treasures allow us to do God’s work: • 25 local nonprofits received $293,000 in direct financial contributions, in addition to other forms of support in 2019. • $28,000 was designated in 2019 for

in the Inn, the Sandwich Kitchen, and more. • Our full-time Director of Outreach and Mission is working to expand the ways we care for our community.

supplies for programs such as Room

Stewardship 2020

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with this Church Family

Whether we have been here a few months or for many generations, we are family. We break bread together. We serve as witnesses to one another’s marriages and births and deaths. We laugh together and cry together. We pray for and with each other. We learn and grow and serve side by side. When we pledge our resources during Stewardship season, we commit to nurture these relationships. Your treasures strengthen our church family by providing the resources we need in order to: • Create about 100 opportunities to worship together in a year • Offer care during life’s challenges, including meals and companionship and prayer and pastoral care • Inspire and enrich the lives of all who hear and participate in our music • Encourage and support dozens of new members each year (50 adults by mid-2019, for example) • Enjoy fellowship, food and laughter • Offer the support of clergy and staff who give comfort and encouragement; who create learning opportunities; and who lead life-transforming experiences in worship, outreach and fellowship.

• Maintain our buildings and grounds • Employ facilities staff members who make sure our needs are met whenever we gather here • Host speakers with messages that open our minds and hearts • Develop Christian formation classes and programs where we study and grow as disciples of all ages, at every stage of life • Support mission work that creates hope and connections across our differences, both nearby and around the world

Stewardship 2020

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d o G o t g n o l e B Belong to God

So Our Treasures

Since everything comes to us from God and we are God’s people, it is easy to see that through our pledges, we are working with God to care for and continue to build the place where our hearts belong. Thank you for pledging to embrace the call to continue doing God’s work here at our corner in the heart of Charlotte.

Stewardship 2020

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How does your generosity create this place where we belong?

$1.37 a day for a year =

First Church for our young children for a full year

$2.50 a day for a year =

Postage to mail Tapestry magazine and FirstNEWS to homebound members for a year

$7 a day for a year =

Care from our Stephen Ministers for a year

$14.42 a week for a year =

Audio Visual equipment for Adult Formation all year

$19 a week for a year = Bibles for third graders

$50 a week for a year = Conferences & retreats for high school youth

$80 a week for a year = $28 a week for a year = Sanctuary flowers on Sunday

The Easter Sunrise service

$173 a week for a year = Breakfast & lunch for BELLXcel scholars each summer

$123 a month for a year = Confirmation for our youth

$125 a month for a year = Organ & piano routine maintenance for the year

$350 a month for a year = Building our music library

$1,510.00 a month for a year = Benevolences for our friends at Westerly Hills Academy

$1900.00 a month for a year =

Keeping the lights on whenever something is happening here

Stewardship 2020

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Finding Your Level of Commitment

The Finance Committee anticipates a 5% budget increase for 2020 to continue God’s work here. You can use this chart to help you determine how you might increase your pledge to help us not only continue carrying out God’s work, but to do more as a church family to serve God. On the chart, find a monthly income level close to yours. Or look for the amount you typically give and see what percentage you have been giving for God’s work. Then determine if you can do more to support God’s work here at First Presbyterian Church in the Heart of Charlotte.

Annual/ weekly income







$15,000/yr 288/wk

150/yr 2.88/wk

450/yr 8.66/wk

750/yr 14.43/wk

1,050/yr 20.20/wk

1,350/yr 25.97/wk

1,500/yr 28.85/wk

1,800/yr 34.62/wk

$25,000/yr 480/wk

250/yr 4.81/wk

750/yr 14.43/wk

1,250/yr 24.04/wk

1,750/yr 33.66/wk

2,250/yr 43.27/wk

2,500/yr 48.08/wk

3,000/yr 57.70/wk

$40,000/yr 770/wk

400/yr 7.70/wk

1,200/yr 23.08/wk

2,000/yr 38.47/wk

2,800/yr 53.85/wk

3,600/yr 69.23/wk

4,000/yr 76.93/wk

4,800/yr 92.31/wk

$60,000/yr 1,153.85/wk

600/yr 11.54/wk

1,800/yr 34.62/wk

3,000/yr 57.70/wk

4,200/yr 80.77/wk

5,400/yr 103.85/wk

6,000/yr 115.39/wk

7,200/yr 138.47/wk

$80,000/yr 1,538.47/wk

800/yr 15.39/wk

2,400/yr 46.15/wk

4,000/yr 76.93/wk

5,600/yr 107.70/wk

7,200/yr 138.47/wk

8,000/yr 153.85/wk

9,600/yr 184.62/wk

$100,000/yr 1,923.08/wk

1,000/yr 19.23/wk

3,000/yr 57.70/wk

5,000/yr 96.16/wk

7,000/yr 134.62/wk

9,000/yr 173.08/wk

10,000/yr 192.31/wk

12,000/yr 230.77/wk

$150,000/yr 2,884.62/wk

1,500/yr 28.85/wk

4,500/yr 86.54/wk

7,500/yr 144.23/wk

10,500/yr 201.93/wk

13,500/yr 259.62/wk

15,000/yr 288.47/wk

18,000/yr 346.16/wk

$200,000/yr 3,846.16/wk

2,000/yr 38.47/wk

6,000/yr 115.39/wk

10,000/yr 192.31/wk

14,000/yr 269.23/wk

18,000/yr 346.16/wk

20,000/yr 384.62/wk

24,000/yr 461.54/wk


Your personal calculation: My annual income________ X my pledge percentage_______ = my 2020 pledge___________ We are aware that many pledge far more than God’s call to tithe 10%. We are grateful for this ongoing generosity. And we hope others will be called to follow that example.

For none of us lives to himself, and none of us dies to himself. For if we live, we live to the Lord, and if we die, we die to the Lord. So then, whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lord’s. Romans 14:7-8

Stewardship 2020

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Stewardship enables us to carry out the initiatives of our Strategic Plan Life Together

• Honor the Sabbath • Broaden and Strengthen Adult Christian Formation • Deepen Our Relationships With One Another

Welcoming Each Other and Our Neighbors

• Foster a Commitment to Hospitality • Offer Different Ways of Worship Within our Reformed Tradition • Reimagine our Physical Space

Serving Our City

• Embrace and Engage the Needs of Our City • Emerge as an Epicenter of Service • Expand Our Pastoral Counseling Outreach in Charlotte

Sustaining Our Future

• Create a Financial Resource Development Plan • Cultivate Future Leaders • Craft a Campus Master Plan

Profile for First Presbyterian - Charlotte

First Presbyterian Church Stewardship 2020  

First Presbyterian Church Stewardship 2020