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The Chimes adult sunday school

A gora Room 322

In New Testament Greek, the name means “meeting place,” and we are a vibrant, conversational class that discusses a variety of topics, including Bible, theology, current events, and arts. Most of us are thirty something, and many have young children. All of us are friendly and eager for new people to join us as we learn, laugh, drink coffee, and build friendships together. Visitors welcome.

Berean Bible Class Reception Room

The Berean Bible class, joined by the Forum, will continue exploring the Nature of the Church -- the theme chosen for the year. We hope you can join us for the three consecutive Sundays, April 7, 14, and 21, as George Yacoubian speaks: April 7, on The Emergence and Empowerment of the early Church, April 14, on The Expansion and the Ecumenicity of the Church, and April 21, on The Evangelistic and Ethical mission as well as the Eschatological hope of the Church. We will be joined by the Forum in the Berean Room. All are welcome.

Community Bible Study Room B415

With our new Associate Pastor for Community Ministries at the helm, join us as Rev. Connie Lee leads community Bible study and fellowship.

Covenant Class Room 230

On April 7 John Webster and Katherine Davey share photos and experiences from the recent FPC trip to the Holy Land. On April 14, we welcome back Miriam Rosenbaum from The Epstein School. Please join us.

Discovering God’s Word Room 317

Our class is studying Marcus Borg’s book, Reading the Bible Again for the First Time. On April 7, we will discuss Chapter 7: “Reading Israel’s Wisdom Again: Job” (p. 170-179), and on April 14, Chapter 8: “Reading the Gospels Again” (p. 185-205). Please join us!

Emmaus Class Room 227

On April 7th, the Emmaus Class will be led by Meg Granum with a lesson focused on the 23rd Psalm. On April 14th, Rick Bold will begin a three week series on the Book of James. All are welcome.

Faith and Life Room 218

April 7th - George Wirth will teach the class this Sunday. Come get a cup of coffee at 10:05 a.m. and enjoy hearing our beloved Pastor speak. Visitors are always welcome! April 14th - Dr. Margaret Blackmon will review and discuss David Brooks’ book “The Social Animal.” This book, a New York Times best seller, will provide interesting class discussion.

First Foundations Room 323

A laid-back, discussion-oriented class of couples, many in our thirties with young families. We try to maintain diversity in our topics with a combination of Bible study, modern day religious and societal trends, parenting and family issues, movie and video lessons, guest speakers, etc. Our class enjoys good discussion but also likes to keep the conversation light-hearted. This is a great place to build relationships and have interesting dialogue on a number of subjects.

Forum @ First Fifield Hall

What is church? What does “church” look like at its best? What has it been in the past and what might it look lik in the future? On April 7 and 14, welcome Dr. George Yacoubian, Professor of Biblical Studies and World Religions at Westminster Schools as he begins a three week series that explores the nature of the church. On April 7, Dr. Yacoubian will speak on the Emergence and Empowerment of the Early Church. On April 14, he is teaching on the expansion and universality of the church. We’re teaming up with the Berean Class for this series and will meet in the Berean/Reception Room. Please join us!

G alatians 3:28, Room 319

A new Bible Study class, we are open, inclusive, and discussion-oriented. A safe space to discuss a wide variety of issues, including sexuality, we are taught by Emory Ph.D. student Parker Diggory. Join us for historically informed, biblically grounded conversations about faith issues.

Ours for Today Room B308

Our class is designed for parents of kids pre-school~high school. We are an energetic group of 30–50 “somethings” who are seeking spiritual and practical guidance on our journey of faith. Throughout the year we host speakers who share their insight and perspective on parenting, marriage and the challenges facing the modern Christian family. Come join us!

Spiritual Living Room B202

Please join us on April 7th. Bob Kerr will lead the class on the spiritual aspects in several of Salvator Dali’s paintings. On April 14th Jeff Lewis will lead the class on a book review of James Joyce’s classic story “The Dead.” Visitors are ALWAYS welcome!!!

The Upper Room Room 332

Allison Cochran will lead the class in a 2 week discussion (April 7th and 21st) on the book, The Blessing of a B Minus by Wendy Mogul, PhD who also authored The Blessing of a Skinned Knee. Both books are about parenting and raising resilient children from the perspective of Jewish teachings. We, as Christian parents can glean much from these books and welcome all to join us as we dive into parenting discussions for these two weeks.

Sponsored by Forum@First and the Berean Sunday School Class

Internationals Room 327

The Internationals Class welcomes globallyminded individuals of all ages ~ both U.S. citizens and International students and residents. We delve pro-actively into the tapestry of diversity present in today’s world, and we strive to better understand God’s people by learning more about their history, ethnicity, culture, religious practices, and traditions. Together, we explore the problems and challenges of the world, in hopes of becoming better servants of God.

Meditation Group

This year, we are meeting exclusively as a small group, meeting on Thursday evenings at the home of Dottie Hitchcock. We’d love to have you if you’re interested. Please call Dottie at (404) 228-7709 for further information.

Open Door Room 156

On April 7 and 14, April Wayne Hyatt will speak to us on C S Lewis and Scripture-his views on the Bible.

Exploring the Nature of the Church Led by

Dr. George Yacoubian Emeritus Professor of Biblical Studies and World Religions at The Westminster Schools

Sundays, April 7, 14, and 21 10:05 - 11:00 am Berean/Reception Room

April 7 & 14


eChimes for April 7-14  
eChimes for April 7-14  

eChimes for April 7-14