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Would you like to generate tons of traffic for FREE? Would you like Google to send you visitors everyday automatically? Hi, my name is Alex Liu. Welcome to this video on “3 easy tricks for Massive SEO Traffic”. In this video you are going to get proven methods and powerful strategies that you can use to gets a lot of SEO traffics. Ok! So let’s start with the first trick.

SEO Trick #1: Create More Webpages I discovered this tricks accidentally while I’m doing keyword research. I realized that there is a website with more pages ranking higher even they have less backlinks. I began to think if it’s possible that I can use this as an advantage for my SEO strategies and I did some experiments on it. Well,it is a success. Without much backlinks my websites are able to rank higher on Google by just adding a few more pages. So why does Google do that? Why does it rank websites with more pages higher?Actually I don’t really know why Google did that, but these are my assumptions: Google might think that these websites are more serious. They are not just building a few pages and trying to take advantage of their search engine to generate traffic. These websites are probably much more serious in providing information and long term values. So, Google thinks that this kind of websites should rank higher. My second assumption that I have is Google might think that people can get more values. Just imagine if you have a website about weight loss and you have 100, 200 or even 1,000 webpages about different weight loss information. By sending people to those websites, people could actually get more value because they could find lots of information on that websites. If these users always get more value from the websites Google ranked, they are happy to use Google in the future and stick to it. And Google is able to

get more visitors and make more money. So, Google actually rank this websites higher because they could actually deliver more value. So,more webpages means higher ranking and more traffic from untargeted keywords. So, how to apply the first trick on your websites? To do the first trick,you need to use a CMS such as Wordpress. CMS stands for Content Management System which is a software you could install on your webhosting account and create webpages easily from your browsers (such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). Unlike normal websites which you need frontpage or dreamweaver to design your websites and upload it to your webhosting, you could just log in your admin area from your wordpress site and you start generating webpages from there by easily using “blog post” or “blog pages”. Next, get ideas from “Google Keyword Tool”. By going to Google Keyword Tool, you are able to find what people are searching for on the internet and you could get ideas to write a better piece of content. Use these information to create your webpages. Next, you could get ideas from News sites. If you go to Google News and search for news that are related to your topic, you are able to generate the latest news to your visitors and you could actually rank high for news keywords as well. News keywords are very easy to rank since it is a new piece of content and not many people talks about it.

The next tip is to get ideas from bloggers. Just go to visit a few blogs that are related to your topics and you could lots of great idea for your webpages. You can do that by getting their idea, write a short summary and link back to them. To search for blogs that are related, just go to Google Blog Search and enter your main keywords. So, the last tip is to remember not to create your own original content. It’s because creating 100 of 200 pages extra pages with your own original content and ideas can be very exhausting. By brainstorming, researching, waiting for inspirations and writing, it might take one whole day to get one piece of article. There are already lots of information on the Internet. Those content could be much better than the ones you created yourself. The key is to organize and combine them in a way that it is useful to the visitors. You can start with summarizing others people content and link to them/those webpages or you phrase it with your own writing styles.

SEO Trick #2: Use Subpages For Ranking Ok. Let’s go to the next trick. The next trick is about using subpages to rank for keywords. If you have decided to use the first trick, the second trick will bring the first trick to the next level. Instead of using 1 website to rank for 1 keyword, you can use A Single Website to Rank For Tons of Keywords by using other webpages. I discovered this wonderful trick while I’m doing keyword research. I found a few websites ranking for many keywords with all their different pages. One website itself could actually rank for 10 to 20 or even 100 different keywords. So by doing that, they are able to get a lot more traffic with the same websites. And the best part is they could actually leverage the link juice of each pages. Imagine this: “If you have 10 pages with each of them Pagerank 2, do you think ranking for another keyword with a new webpage would be easy?” It could be very easy by just creating a new webpage and get those 10 pages to link to this new page. You are able to rank for that keyword very easily. This is what I call leveraging the link juice of each pages. Imagine if you have 20 pages or 30 pages with such page ranks, you are able to rank for keywords easier and easier in the future. So, ranking will be easier in the long run.

And some of the examples that use this technique to generate lots of traffics, includes EzineArticles, Youtube and Squidoo. Some smart marketers will even go to this websites to create pages and trying to use these pages to rank for different keywords. The reason why they do this is because they know that this websites have millions of pages and they are able to rank much easier without using backlinks. So, how to apply this trick on your websites. It’s actually pretty simple. First, you need to create pages or posts with the keywords you are trying to rank as your “title”. Try not to add other words, other than your keywords. Next, write a long article with images and videos. Write articles around 300 to 1,000 words and add some pictures, videos from YouTube in it. It will help these pages to rank higher. Next, link to these pages from your sidebar. If you are using wordpress for your content management systems, you could actually use the blogroll widget to link to these pages. Are you excited with the second tricks? If you are, let’s move on to the third trick.

SEO Trick #3: High Quality Backlinks So, the third trick is building high quality backlinks. It is not the normal stuff that you heard about link building, because this is something really weird on the search engine. I saw websites with 1,000 backlinks are ranking higher than websites with 10,000 backlinks. Both of them have similar amount of webpages. Well, it doesn’t make sense at all, until I check where they get those links. I realise that websites with 1,000 backlinks are getting their backlinks from high quality websites, websites with lots of pages and with high page rank. The 10,000 backlinks, the other website are getting from are from online directories, articles directories and many other places that most SEO marketers get their backlinks. Low quality backlinks does helps in rankings, but it helps a little because Google give a lot more value for high quality backlinks. Why is that? First, the links look more genuine because high authority websites wouldn’t link to other websites with low quality content. Secondly, these websites have lots of backlinks and high PageRank pages. It is able to pass more “link juice” to your website. High quality backlinks are able to increase your ranking very quickly and reduce the risk of being sandboxed or penalized by Google. So, let’s have a look how you could apply this for your websites in reality.

How to get high quality backlinks? The first technique is called Guest Posting. Some bloggers on the internet are willing to accept articles from other people and publish them on their blog. By doing that, they are able to add more value to their readers and to the internet. So, all you need to do is just provide very high quality content to this bloggers with a link back to your website. Once they publish that piece of article, you are able to get high quality backlinks and some traffic to your websites. To look for bloggers that are willing to accept guests post, all you need to do is just go to Google search for “guest post� and your keyword. So the next technique is called Review Exchange. What you do is you write a review about the other blog and you request their blogger to write a review of your websites as well. Before sending such request, you need to build relationship with that blogger by doing a few comments over a couple of weeks. The third technique is Sponsored Review. Go to website search as, or to pay bloggers to write a review about your websites. And by doing that, they review your website and you get a backlinks from them. But you have to pay for the service. Another place to go is

You could Buy Links as well. Well, some websites or blogs actually allow people to buy links from them. You could actually even go to DigitalPoint forum under “Buy, Sell or Trade” to see what are the websites that sell links. The last technique is called Do Follow Blog Commanding. By commanding on dofollow blogs, you could actually get a link back to your websites. Thank you for reading and I have something special for you.

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