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CALENDAR OF EVENTS Weekly Sunday Schedule 9:45 AM Sunday School 11:00 AM Morning Worship 5:30 PM Snacks & Fellowship 5:30 PM AWANA 6:00 PM Evening Worship Weekly Wednesday Schedule 5:20 PM Fellowship Meal 6:00 PM Covenant Groups Children’s Choirs 7:10 PM Adult Choir Rehearsal

Additional Activities Sunday, August 28 9:45 AM “Movin’ On Up!” Sunday >All children move up to their new SS classes >Any Adult that wants to move up to another SS class, please let the church office know Thursday, September 1 6:00 PM Personnel Team Meeting Sunday, Sept. 4 No PM service Sunday, September 11 4:00 - 5:15 PM GNC Volunteer meeting 4:30 PM Deacon Meeting 5:30 PM AWANA starts Tuesday, September 13 6:00 PM Joy Fellowship Sept. 14-18 Alabama Construction Mission Trip Sunday, September 18 8:30 AM Men’s Prayer Breakfast 4:30 PM Budget/Fin Team Meeting Sunday, September 25 4:30 PM Personnel Team Meeting

Dear Church Family, Thank you for your thoughts, cards, visits, and most of all your prayers for us at my sister’s death. We are so thankful to have a loving and caring church family. May God bless our church. Love, Jack & Faye Morgan



ATTENDANCE & RECEIPTS July 24, 2011 Sunday School: 145 Worship: 171 General Receipts: $5,930.30 July 31, 2011 Sunday School: 188 Worship: 204 General Receipts: $14,364.11 August 7, 2011 Sunday School: 191 Worship: 218 General Receipts: $11,736.10 August 14, 2011 Sunday School: 187 Worship: 214 General Receipts: $10,420.80 August 21, 2011 Sunday School: 193 Worship: 192 General Receipts: $6,692.65

BUDGET Budget Needs To Date: $314,514.96 Budget Receipts To Date: $309,684.48

GLOBAL MISSIONS GIVING Goal: $24,000 Receipts through August 21: $17,255

September 4, 2011 Babies…..……..….. Peggy Fogel Nancy Eubanks Walkers……..…....Kathy Ann Crowe Sara Thackston Ones ………....…….Ken Eubanks Alice Farr 2-4 Yr. Olds…...Tony & Kara Gillespie Shuler Bentley September 11, 2011 Babies……....…..Bootsie Harvey Betty Watson Walkers……..………….....Roger Crowe Paulette Bentley Ones….………...Sandra Simpson Tracy Burns 2-4 Yr. Olds……………...Caylie Walker Kelvin & Avonda Mitchem

September 18, 2011 Babies……..…………...Shanda Owens Pat Baldwin Walkers……….…..….... Jordan Crowe Susan Freeman Ones…………...………….....Larry Arms Cindy Pike 2-4 Yr. Olds………...……Tina McMillan Curt & Vicki Hadden

September 25, 2011 Babies………...………….Kellie Burdette Katie Johnson Walkers…….….…… Brandy McDonald Clayton Bradley Ones…………….………..Bobby Bentley Glenda Thackston 2-4 Yr. Olds………….…..Jesse Mabrey Ryan & Vanessa Chavous

Church Information Scott Stancil, Pastor Ext. 101 Ricky Stark, Minister of Youth and Education Ext. 103 Jim Carey, Minister of Music and Senior Adults Ext. 104 Allison Walker, Financial Secretary Ext. 100 Linda Bell, Ministry Assistant Ext. 102 Carol Petty, Director, Child Development Center Ext. 105 Family Life Center Ext. 106 Kitchen Ext. 108 Website

80 Groce Road Lyman, SC 29365





Mailing Date: August 25, 2011 Church Family and Friends, I write to you with an earnest desire to see our church family growing in Christ. A common point mentioned in our gatherings is that the devil, through his many schemes and devices, wants to keep lost people from coming to salvation, and he wants to keep Believers ineffective as followers and influencers for Christ. We must recognize two very important things. First, the devil is VERY good at what he does. Second, he is a defeated foe - but we tend to let him out of the grave. We believe his lies, join his slanderous ways, accuse others, and fail to love others as Christ loves us. Ouch! Let us repent and trust God and His instruction for spiritual battle. From Ephesians 6:10-20: 1. We must recognize our enemy is a spiritual being, not the people around us. 2. We must put on the full armor of God, not just pieces of it. > Put on the belt of truth…stay in God’s Word and obey it! > Put on the breastplate of righteousness…let the Word transform you! > Fit your feet with peace…you can be confident of God and His Word all the time! > Take up the shield of faith…believe God and His Word - don’t believe the lies! > Take the helmet of salvation…the Holy Spirit is your deposit for eternal life! > Take up the sword of the Spirit…study and handle the Word of God! > Pray in the Spirit…mature past the wish list and pray God’s Word! 3. We must stand firm against the enemy…and there is strength in numbers. I believe in our Lord. He will never leave us nor forsake us…let’s not abandon Him. We are ONE LORD, ONE FELLOWSHIP, and ONE PURPOSE. Let’s love Him, learn His ways, and lead others to do the same. I love you and pray God’s blessings upon you! Pastor Scott

From The Minister Of Music And Senior Adults Musical Notes Children’s Choir – Our children’s choirs have begun work on a great project for Christmas, which we will present to the church on Sunday night, December 11th. The project is titled “I Hope Christmas”. We will be meeting at 6:00 PM every Wednesday evening for a full hour of singing, drama, games & activities, Bible study and just an over all great time. Please encourage your children to participate in this fun, musical discipleship opportunity. Senior Adult Choir – In addition to our regular music, we have a great new Christmas musical to learn and share. There’s a lot of work for us to do in the weeks ahead. You’re going to need doughnuts just to keep your energy up! It’s lucky for you we have them every Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM in the choir room. Come and join us as we work together for His glory! Adult Choir – Our work on the sing-a-long Messiah has begun. We are back on our regular Wednesday night schedule. We meet in the choir room at 7:10 PM. It’s time to get serious about rehearsal. Your attendance and your attention are more critical now than ever. Join us in the commitment to celebrate God’s greatness through this timeless classic. One Final Note – Our daughter and her husband just had a new baby. Jacob Adam Cory, Jr. He’s such a tiny thing. Only 10 lbs. 4 oz. We were blessed to be there for his birth. By the way, after nearly a year on the market, our house sold. Two weeks later we have a contract on a new house. All of these events occurred in a four week span of time, making the last month of my first year with you, well, kind of busy. Thank you for your prayers and your patience as we have scurried around like a tree full of squirrels. It has been God’s faithful hand of provision that has enabled Kim and me to do all that has been set before us. There has never been a dull moment in the Carey family. We have experienced times of great joy, and times of great sorrow. Through every challenge and every triumph, our Savior has sustained us. When we get so busy that we meet ourselves coming and going, it is Christ who provides seasons of rest. Our cup runs over. Everyone is busy. When we are at our busiest, it helps me to remember the promise of Jesus: “I have come that you may have life, and it abundantly.” (John 10:10). A busy life apart from Christ is just busy. A busy life in Christ is abundant.


Our deepest sympathies are extended to Beulah Weaver in the loss of her brother, Hulon J. Smith

AWANA will begin again Sunday night, Sept. 11

Joy Fellowship Tuesday, September 13 6:00 PM Special Guest: Sheriff Chuck Wright

Homebound Of The Week September Birthdays 1 Jewell Mullinax 1 Buddy Smith 1 Tammy Morrow 1 Presley Mabrey 1 Natalie White 2 Mary Ann Adams 4 Kyle Simpson 4 A.J. Simpson 5 Bill Harris 5 Judy Knight 5 Tina McCune 6 Carla Hall 6 Bryce Morrow 6 Kinsley Morrow 8 Barbara Forrester 8 Diana Wofford 9 Mary Ann Solesbee 9 Craig Harvey 10 Barry Morrow, Jr. 11 Ronnie Ryals 12 Gabbi Goldman 13 Helen Wade 13 Alexander Eubanks 14 Erin Frost 16 Allie Wright 18 Ashley Gosnell 19 Joann McKinney 22 Frances Stewart 22 Joe Mullinax 23 Betty Watson 23 Kellie Burdette 24 Scott Traynham 26 Harold Cooke 26 Elbert Wright 26 Katherine Bradley 27 Kathy Ann Crowe 30 Traci Traynham Please wish these individuals a Happy Birthday!

9/4 - Tressie Shaw Laurelhurst, Apt. 303 1064 W. Mills St. Columbus, NC 28722 9/11 - Juanita Kirby Ashlan Village 415 Brenda Way Lyman, SC 29365 9/18 - Juanita Taylor Oakmont Nursing 709 Rice Ave. Ext. Union, SC 29379 9/25 - Ruth Dobson Rosecrest/Woodland Ridge Room 131A 200 Fortress Dr. Inman, SC 29349

Deacon of The Week 9/4 - Mark Link 2509 Freys Drive Spartanburg, SC 29301 9/11 - Greg Wood 81 Ridge Road Lyman, SC 29365 9/18 - Bobby Bentley 331 Stoddard Drive Lyman, SC 29365 9/25 - Chris Rogers 111 Moonshadow Ct. Duncan, SC 29334

From the Minister of Students and Education: It’s hard to believe that summer is over (corporate sigh). School is back in (sigh again). Homework (sigh), projects (sigh), books (sigh), and scary teachers of death (sigh, sigh, sigh). Got the new school year blahs?? Well, blah no more! If you thought this summer was awesome, just wait until you see what God has in store for the fall! Students, I want you guys to be aware of 3 upcoming opportunities for you to grow closer to Jesus and to be used by Jesus to advance His kingdom! •

Covenant Groups. Guys, this is where we get to apply what we learned on Sunday mornings to our own lives. We get to encourage each other in our walk with Jesus, and we get to hold each other accountable. Girls, Lisa and Allison are coming back as your fearless leaders, and fellas, Tyler and Chavous are ready to knock your socks off with God’s Word. It’s going to be a great year, and you do NOT want to miss out on this! Sunday Nights are kicking off again beginning September 11. We’ve had some great upperclassmen step up to make Sunday nights even better. Jess is going to make sure we have some good stuff to eat in our lounge area at 5:30. That’s right: CRAZY GOOD FOOD ON SUNDAY NIGHTS! And Hailey is heading up our Student Prayer Team, so if you are interested in praying for God to do big things in our Student Ministry, see Hailey! We’re also starting a new series on September 11 called “Jerry Springer Goes to Church: Crazy Stories You Won’t Believe Are in the Bible and How They Reveal Our Need for Jesus.” And since that is the most self-explanatory title that has ever existed, I’ll leave it to you to figure out what it’s about! But seriously, God has big things to teach us on Sunday nights. So be there. FALL RETREAT! October 14-16. Look Up Lodge. Crazy Ridiculous Gigantic Superman Swing, ziplines, waterslides, canoes, paddleboats. This is going to be one beast of a retreat. Our theme this year is “Mu.” That’s right, like the sound a cow makes. It’s the Greek letter for our letter “m,” and we’re going to see that there are 3 very important words in the New Testament that start with this letter. This is going to be one incredible weekend that you do not want to miss. Registration begins this Sunday. Sign up by September 11 to receive a discount, but the big daddy deadline to register is September 28. God is going to do HUGE things, so SIGN UP NOW!!

Guys, I’m honored to be your student minister, and I am so excited about what God has in store for us. I hope you are ready for the journey of 2011-12 because it is going to straight up blow our minds. Love you guys — see you Sunday and Wednesday nights!


Encourager 2011.08.25  

Encourager 2011.08.25