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WEEK OF JUNE 22, 2011


WEEKLY AT First Baptist Lyman Sunday

Memorials Given In Memory Of Mr. & Mrs. C.F. Mullinax (Parents): Irene Brown Given In Memory Of Richard Mullinax (Veteran & Nephew): Irene Brown

Attendance June 12, 2011 Sunday School: 184 Worship: 191

Childcare Extended Care 6/26/11 Babies: Tina McMillan / Katherine Bradley Ones: Matthew Arms / Lisa Eubanks Toddlers: Debbie Young / Rhonda Wood 2 - 4 Yr. Olds: Tony & Kara Gillespie / Shuler Bentley

6/26 - Larry Arms 61 Ridge Road Lyman, SC 29365

7/3 - Matthew Arms 104 Scenic Drive Lyman, SC 29365



FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH · 80 Groce Road · Lyman, SC 29365

Extended Care 7/3/11 Babies: Peggy Fogel / Nancy Eubanks Ones: Thomas McDonald / Alice Farr Toddlers: Kathy Ann Crowe / Ken Eubanks 2 - 4 Yr. Olds: Tollie Gosnell / Sara Thackston / Elizabeth Petty

Deacon of The Week


Please wish these individuals a Happy Birthday!

Sunday School Outreach & Prayer Time Adult Choir Rehearsal Children’s Ministry Student Ministry

7/3 - James T. Laws Greenville Living Center Room 101 809 Laurens Road Greenville, SC 29607-1914


Dear Church Family, Your words of encouragement, the visits and cards have been a blessing during this illness. God always answers prayer. All of you are on our side there. Thank you. God Bless, Bonnie & Charles Clayton

3 Linda Stansell 4 Betty Freeman 4 Chanla Eubanks 6 Ryan Effler 7 Shanna Hadden 7 Shuler Bentley 7 Newman Rogers 8 Chris Rogers 9 Janet Harvey 10 Sue Carpenter 10 Kay Brown 10 Mark Link 11 Karol Eubanks 12 Doris Cooke 12 Faith Tehan 14 Hazel Hall 14 Jessie Dover 14 Judy Smith 15 Lisa Gentry 17 Rhonda Fulmer 20 Virginia Huskey 21 Meredith Atkins 22 Maylon Millwood 23 Megan Burrell 23 Annamarie Garrett 24 Wilson Whitener 26 Margarette Martin 26 Cindy Pike 28 Sara Cannon 28 Freddie Whitener 30 Bob Phillips 31 Tim Freeman 31 Matt Wofford 31 Matthew Bishop 31 Nathaniel Clyburn

Wednesday 6:00 PM

6/26 - Dessie Cannon Dogwood Building, Rm. 11 119 Cottage Creek Circle Greer, SC 29650

Phone: (864)439-8721 · Fax: (864) 439-8722 · E-mail:

June 19, 2011 Sunday School: 179 Worship:

July Birthdays

• 9:45 AM Sunday School • 11:00 AM Morning Worship • 5:30 PM Snacks & Fellowship • 6:00 PM Evening Worship

Homebound Of The Week


Encourager From The Pastor Greetings! As I write to you we are finishing up Vacation Bible School and preparing for the Lord’s Day. We’ve had a great week of sharing the Good News with the children. Thank you so much for your faithful prayer support. Also, thanks to Brian and Lindsey McMakin and the team of servant leaders for your hard work, the creativity in sharing, and most importantly, for loving the children entrusted to your care. You guys are awesome! As you read this letter, the ministers and I will be away on retreat, or just returning. This is a big retreat for us. Our number one priority is to pray and listen. You know as well as I do that listening is more difficult than talking. But, we’re hoping to “put a sock in it” and really hear the heart of God for First Lyman. We truly believe that the time is now. What does that mean? I can’t say. But for the past three-and-a-half years God has been preparing us for “now.” I do know that the community around us is changing, and while there are plenty of new faces around the church, we must ask the question, “Do we look like our community?” If not, we have a major spiritual issue on our hands. “Now” is the time to move beyond our walls, ourselves, our preferences, and exist for God, rather than anything or anyone else. Scary thought, huh? I know…but it’s a matter of obedience. With obedience come the blessings of God. This church knows the blessings of God. Generations before have prepared the way for us. We’re just following their example. In the months ahead I will be sharing more and more with you. And, I’ll be asking you to step up in your prayers, your participation, and maybe even your giving. I’ll ask nothing of you that doesn’t originate with God. That’s always safe! Until then, please know how excited I am. The future is a little uncertain, but God is not. I can’t wait for us to experience what He has prepared specifically for First Lyman. Keep praying! God bless, Pastor Scott

Church Staff Rev. Scott Stancil Pastor Rev. Ricky Stark Minister of Students & Education Rev. Jim Carey, Minister of Music & Senior Adults Carol Petty CDC Director

From The Minister Of Music & Senior Adults

Churc Church News

Musical The Senior Adult Choir meets for rehearsal on Tuesday, at 10:00 AM in the choir room. We will be leading the morning worship service on Sunday, July 3rd. We will be scheduling return trips to sing and share with our friends at Ashlan Village, White Oak Estates and some other locations very soon. Join us as we lift our voices while the Lord lifts our hearts. Summer is here and the Wednesday evening schedule has changed. The Adult choir will begin rehearsal at 6:00 PM in the choir room. We will not rehearse on Wednesday, July 6th, due to the holiday week. Our Christmas music has arrived and we will begin working on it very soon. It will be a challenge but with God’s help we will “Handel” it. Don’t miss the blessing. Come, join the choir.

FBL Student Ministry Summer Camp CHILDREN’S MINISTRY Summer Activities All events are 1PM - 3PM

Orange Beach, AL

July 5 Dodgeball (Grades 11-6 only) July 12 Waterpark July 19 Kickball (Grades 11-6 only) August 2 Monkey Joe’s in Spartanburg August 14 Back to School Bash (Sunday night church)

Senior Adults We are planning a day trip on Thursday, July 14th to the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC. The cost for the trip will be $25.00 per person, which will cover the transportation. Admission to the library is free, but we must make large group reservations. If you are interested, please sign up by Sunday, July 3rd. One Final Note We’ve had a lot of grandchild birthdays recently. When shopping for children’s gifts Kim & I always read the labels and steer clear of the toys with certain phrases… “contains lead paint”…”possible choking hazard”…”under adult supervision.” The one that just makes me mad is, “Batteries not included.” But the phrase I most fear is, “Assembly Required.” In other words, “Before this gift can be fully enjoyed there is going to be a little effort!” Truth is, those are usually the best gifts. The best stuff always takes work. But it’s always worthwhile. Take church, for instance. Everyone enjoys love, encouragement, and good deeds, right!?! Well, in order for that to take place, “Assembly is Required!” That’s why the author of Hebrews wrote, “…and let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, [25] not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more, as you see the day drawing near. Hebrews 10:24-25 (NASB). The church always functions best when all its parts are present. We don’t need batteries. When we’re assembled, loving, encouraging, and working we have the full power of the Holy Spirit. Wouldn’t that be a great gift to the lost and dying world as the day draws near? The fully assembled and Holy Spirit powered body of Christ is the gift that keeps on giving!

From the Minister OF Students & Education

*Parent or designated adult must accompany preschoolers to all events For info, call Tyler at 864864-439439-8721 Or email him at

We are so excited about this year’s summer camp! We’ve been counting down the days and can’t believe it’s finally here. This trip has been prayed over since this time last year, and we’re counting on God to do big things in our lives this week! Please join us in praying for us to… Have incredible times of worship Dive in deeper as we study God’s Word Grow closer to Jesus Represent Jesus in everything we say and do Get a Kingdom vision for our lives See students and adults saved and transformed Have good weather and safety Be unified and grow closer together as a group Have fun and to walk away from this week forever changed for God’s glory Please pray for the following students and adults by name this week for God to work in their lives and for them to grow closer to Jesus or come to know Jesus for the first time this week:

Mobile Meals needs driver who could deliver meals in the Lyman area on Wednesdays. If you are interested in this ministry opportunity, please call Mrs. Campbell at 439-3188 or Mrs. Fisher at 877-7311.

Student Ministry


SUMMER EVENTS July 6 July 15 July 20 July 2424-30 August 3 August 9

El Mex after church Underground Church LockLock-InIn Outdoor Movie / Pool Night New Orleans Mission Trip Marble Slab after church White Water Rafting


Student Ministry Event Moving to Wednesday @ 6 pm

Quinton Baker Hayden Brown Katelyn Chavous Jordan Crowe Griffin Eubanks Joseph Eubanks Mary Catherine James Hannah Link Jessica Link Logan Marlow Maylon Millwood Hailey Mitchem Hayden Mitchem Barry Morrow Drew Ryals Addison Stancil Jessica Stancil Caylie Walker

Kevin Crowe Lisa Eubanks Tyler Finley Monica Link Avonda Mitchem Jarred Smith Ricky Stark


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Encourager 2011.06.22  

Encourager 2011.06.22