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WEEK OF JUNE 8, 2011




• 9:45 AM Sunday School • 11:00 AM Morning Worship • 5:30 PM Snacks & Fellowship • 6:00 PM Evening Worship

May 29, 2011 Sunday School: 182 Worship: 183

June Birthdays June 5, 2011 Sunday School: 186 Worship: 200

Dear Church Family, Thank you so much for the book and for the wonderful lunch you provided for me and my family. I appreciate all of your prayers and support over the years. I am blessed to be a part of such a loving church family. Sincerely, Katie Thackston

Childcare Extended Care 6/12/11 Babies: Sandra Simpson / Phyllis Bullard Ones: Jennifer Morris / Sara Thackston Toddlers: Eleanor Tuck / Sherry Rogers 2 - 4 Yr. Olds: David & Amanda Felty / Bobby Simpson

Duncan, SC 29334

Deacon of The Week 6/12 - Bobby Bentley 331 Stoddard Drive Lyman, SC 29365

6/19 - Chris Rogers 111 Moonshadow Court Duncan, SC 29334



FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH · 80 Groce Road · Lyman, SC 29365

Extended Care 6/19/11 Babies: Tiffany Arms / Shanna Hadden Ones: Risa Lewis / Keri Mason Toddlers: Lindsey McMakin / Jonathan Mason 2 - 4 Yr. Olds: Larry Owens / Mark Pike / Ashley Gosnell

6/19 - Doris Cooke 16 Danzler Road


Please wish these individuals a Happy Birthday!

Sunday School Outreach & Prayer Time Adult Choir Rehearsal Children’s Ministry Student Ministry

6/12 - Kathleen Nelson Camp Care Room A-6, Bed 1 59 Blackstock Road Inman, SC 29349

Phone: (864)439-8721 · Fax: (864) 439-8722 · E-mail:

2 Aubree Cannon 2 Cooper Hadden 3 Brooke Allender 3 Ben White 3 Caleb Garrett 5 Keith Martin 6 Irene Eubanks 8 Taylor Eubanks 12 Jimmy Powell 12 Katie Johnson 12 Bailey Crowe 13 Hilda Hix 14 Ken Eubanks 17 Bill Carpenter 17 Emily Chavous 18 Kat Nelson 18 Rhonda Wood 23 Amanda Bishop 24 Wynell Greer 24 Cecil Young 24 Rob Thackston 25 Sherri Rogers 25 Aiker Gillespie 26 Charles Garner 27 Sharon Harris 27 Barry Morrow 27 Lindsay Fulmer 27 Aubrey Goldman 28 Dot Bohrer 29 Patsy Kent 30 Davis Johnson

Wednesday 6:00 PM

Homebound Of The Week


Vacation Bible School June 12 - 16 Sunday: 5:30 - 9:00 PM Mon - Thurs: 6:00 - 9:00

WEEKLY AT First Baptist Lyman


Encourager From The Pastor Church Family, I’ve often said from the pulpit… “If you only have one hour to give on a Sunday, go to Sunday School.” Why would a pastor say such a thing? Well… because I mean it. Sunday School is a crucial part of our disciple-making mission. Let me explain. In an effective Sunday School hour, one-third of the time should be spent in purposeful fellowship, celebrating the Lord’s activity in one another’s lives and discovering ministry needs. One-third of the time should be spent in ministering, praying and organizing to meet needs. The final-third of the hour should be spent studying God’s Word for transformation, not for knowledge only. But do you recognize the difference between the Sunday School class and the ministry of Sunday School? What we tend to refer to when we say, “We love our Sunday School,” is the class. Ministry certainly CAN take place in the Sunday School hour, but the real ministry of the Sunday School takes place outside of the class. That’s when visits are made, calls are placed, cards are mailed, emails are sent, people are invited, meals are delivered, true encouragement is offered, we live out the message of the lesson, and Christ is shared. That’s the ministry of Sunday School. The one hour of the Sunday School class is simply the gathering to prepare to go out and minister. With this in mind, on Wednesday nights during the summer, we have devoted our Wednesday night service for the Sunday School ministry. If you’re not in choir, working with the students, or involved in the summer children’s ministry, come to the fellowship hall at 6pm. Meet with others from your class. Pray over your members and prospects. Identify the needs of those for whom you are praying. Then, go and minister to them. This is what it means to “love our Sunday School.” Just food for thought…and hopefully digesting through application! Let’s not talk about Sunday School. Let’s be faithful to the ministry of Sunday School. I love you! Pastor Scott P.S. Persevere through the 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting! Also, be prayerful for Vacation Bible School, beginning this Sunday night!

Church Staff Rev. Scott Stancil Pastor Rev. Ricky Stark Minister of Students & Education Rev. Jim Carey, Minister of Music & Senior Adults Carol Petty CDC Director

From The Minister Of Music & Senior Adults

Calling All Men! Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19th. Let’s fill the choir loft with men that morning. Meet me in the choir room at 10:45 AM and we will prepare to lift our voices and lead our families in a song of praise! Senior Adults We are planning a day trip in early July to the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC. The cost for the trip will be $25.00 per person. Watch for dates and other details coming in the days ahead. One Final Note I hope you are praying for Vacation Bible School. It is one of the most significant outreach events of the church. Most of us either know of, or have experienced for ourselves, a testimony of salvation that came as a result of VBS. It is helpful for us to remember when children get noisy, wild, and out of hand, that children who have never been in church often don’t know how to behave in church. But it’s those who have never heard or understood the Gospel that need to hear it the most. The same is true for adults. Don’t expect lost people to act like saved people. They can’t do it. Jesus told His disciples, “…I will make you fishers of men,” (Matt. 4:19). Fish don’t get cleaned till they get caught, and people don’t change till they get saved. It’s hard enough for saved people to act like saved people. The difference is grace. We are saved by grace and cleansed by Truth. Those of us who have been given grace are the only ones who can really show grace. Let’s show grace to others, remembering that we are still a little “fishy” ourselves, and still being cleaned by the Truth each day.


Churc Church News Summer Supply Suggested List: Breakfast

Helping Children with a Summer Supply of Food We are once again partnering with District 5 Family Ministries, other local churches and businesses to provide a summer supply of food to children in our community.


All food donations are appreciated! Please bring your food donations to the collection sites in the church by June 12th.

For more information please contact: Kathy Ann Crowe 439-2020 Tommie Sutton 439-6767

Cereal Oatmeal Pop Tarts Granola Bars/Cereal Bars Pancake Mix/Syrup Muffin Mix Instant Grits Canned Ham Canned Milk Canned Juice

Peanut Butter & Jelly Crackers Canned Fruits Ravioli/Pasta Meals Macaroni & Cheese Canned Soups Ramen Noodles Vienna Sausage Pork & Beans Apple Sauce Cookies Pudding Cups or Mix

I’m sitting here looking at my empty hands. I’ve got a lot of stuff. So much stuff that it kind of makes me sick. I complain about my poverty, but I guess mainly that’s just code for “I wish I could have even more stuff.” Yep, I’ve got a lot of stuff. But my hands are still empty - at least when I approach the throne of God. I’ve got nothing to offer Him. He created everything, so really what am I thinking that I have something to offer? I have no gift that would benefit Him. He’s the maker of every good and perfect gift, remember? Even my worship is not something I have to offer - I owe it to Him, and more than that I wouldn’t even desire to worship Him had He not begun a good work in me. Come to think of it, I can’t even make it to Him. I can’t even meet Him halfway. No, He had to come to me. He did not wait for me to come to Him. While I was a sinner, Christ died for me. When I had empty hands . . . John Piper once gave the following analogy. How do you honor a river? You do not honor a river by going to the river and pouring buckets of water into it and then rejoicing over how much you gave to the river. No, you honor the river by falling on your knees and drinking from the river and having your thirst satisfied. It’s the same with God. We don’t honor Him by thinking we have something great to offer Him - that would just be like pouring buckets of water into the river. No, we honor God by coming before Him with empty hands and recognizing that He alone can satisfy. Leave all your stuff, talents, giftedness, and your so-called merit at home. They are meaningless to the Giver of all good things. Instead, go to the only River who can satisfy and thankfully accept the gift He alone can give. God is honored by our empty hands - by our acknowledgement of our need for Him. Will you bring Him your empty hands?



CHILDREN’S MINISTRY Summer Activities All events are 1PM - 3PM June 23 July 5 July 12 July 19 August 2 August 14

Beef Stew Canned Tuna, Salmon & Chicken Spaghetti Pasta Spaghetti Sauce Rice Instant Potatoes Hamburger Helper Tuna Helper Boxed Dinners Canned Vegetables

Scavenger Hunt Dodgeball (Grades 11-6 only) Waterpark Kickball (Grades 11-6 only) Monkey Joe’s in Spartanburg Back to School Bash (Sunday night church)

*Parent or designated adult must accompany preschoolers to all events For info, call Tyler at 864864-439439-8721 Or email him at

Student Ministry SUMMER EVENTS June 22 July 6 July 15 July 20 July 2424-30 August 3 August 9

Sonic after church El Mex after church Underground Church LockLock-InIn Outdoor Movie / Pool Night New Orleans Mission Trip Marble Slab after church White Water Rafting

COME OUT FOR SOME SUMMER FUN!!! Student Ministry Event Moving to Wednesday @ 6 pm

-Fo rc urr -$1 en 00 t 6 th Ba -12 th lan ce gra du de eJ rs un e1 2

Musical Notes The Senior Adult Choir meets for rehearsal on Tuesday, at 10:00 AM in the choir room. We will be leading the morning worship service on Sunday, July 3rd. We have a chance to go back to visit with and sing for our friends at Ashlan Village and some other locations very soon. Keep coming as we prepare our hearts and voices for worship and service. Summer is here and the schedule has changed for Wednesday evening. The Adult choir will begin rehearsal at 6:00 PM in the choir room. We will not rehearse on Wednesday, June 15th, because of VBS, or on Wednesday, July 6th, due to the holiday week. We will begin working on Christmas music in July. What a great time to join the choir!

From the Minister OF Students & Education

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Encourager 2011.06.08  

Encourager 2011.06.08