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WEEKLY AT First Baptist Lyman Sunday

Welcome To Our New Members: Matthew & Diana Wofford Felicity Brook Wofford

• 9:45 am Sunday School • 11:00 am Morning Worship • 5:30 pm Preschool & Children’s


Homebound Of The Week


12/06 - Nora Peace Camp Care, Room A7-1 59 Blackstock Road Inman, SC 29349

Activities • 5:30 pm Evening Fellowship • 6:00 pm Evening Worship

Attendance November 22, 2009 Sunday School: 215 Worship: 242 November 29, 2009 Sunday School: 192 Worship: 244

Offering Budget Needs To Date: $481,381.82 Budget Receipts To Date: $438,091.16 Budget Receipts November 22: $5,605.37 Total Receipts November 22: $7,848.47

• • • • • •

5:20 - 5:45 pm 5:45 - 6:30 pm 6:30 - 7:00 pm 5:50 - 6:00 pm 6:00 - 7:00 pm 7:10 pm

Fellowship Meal Children’s Choirs Children’s Missions Praise and Prayer Covenant Groups Adult Choir

Childcare Extended Care 12/06/09 Babies: Alice Farr / Peggy Fogel Toddlers: Nancy Eubanks / Ken Eubanks 2-4 Yr. Olds: Bruce Petty / Elizabeth Petty

Deacon of The Week 12/06 - Larry Arms 61 Ridge Road Lyman, SC 29365 12/13 - Matthew Arms 104 Scenic Drive Lyman, SC 29365

Extended Care 12/13/09 Babies: Kellie Burdette / Katie Johnson Toddlers: Tina McMillan / Norma Mullinax 2-4 Yr. Olds: Kelvin Mitchem / Avonda Mitchem

Lyman, SC 29365




Please wish these individuals a Happy Birthday!

From The Pastor



Dear Church FamilyThank you so much for honoring me on my retirement, and also for the gifts. Remember us in your prayers. Much love, Doris & Elbert

1 - Wylie Crowe 2 - Kelvin Mitchem 4 - Hazel Drake 4 - James Babb 4 - Bootsie Harvey 5 - Jerry Dowis 5 - Jessica Link 6 - Markus Gattner 8 - Bunt Nelson 10 - Scott Stancil 10 - Brian Dailey 11 - Bob Fogel 14 - Haley Cannon 15 - Abigail Whitener 16 - Marc Owens 16 - Susan Smith 17 - Lawrence Eubanks 18 - Julianna Whitener 19 - Alice Farr 21 - Ann Powell 22 - Betty Babb 24 - Jarred Smith 25 - Chris Walker 25 - Tyler Cannon 28 - Glenda Thackston 28 - Gina White 30 - Stephanie Garrett 31 - Donna Duncan 31 - Brooks Bentley 31 - Emily Bentley

FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH • 80 Groce Road • Phone: (864) 439-8721 • Fax: (864) 439-8722 • E-Mail:

Budget Needs To Date: $491,939.78 Budget Receipts To Date: $448,057.02 Budget Receipts November 29: $9,965.86 Total Receipts November 29: $12,181.86

December Birthdays

12/13 - Mary Sue Walker 10 Crescent Street Lyman, SC 29365

Merry Christmas! We have an exciting month ahead as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. Each Sunday evening beginning at 6 PM we will worship through music in the sanctuary. These Sunday nights can be described as the “Splendor of Christmas.” Come and join us. This past Sunday evening we had our First Joy Celebration. Our church family came together to pray and sing. We heard moving testimonies from Josh & Julie Massey and Cindy Pike. We also made several important decisions, one of which was to amend the by-laws of the church. The most significant amendment was in regard to the nomination and election of deacons. Secondly, we approved the 2010 Ministry Plan (church budget). We refer to it as a ministry plan because of the prayer and planning that goes into the preparation. Our teams have worked hard to be strategic, carefully considering what God is leading them to do in the upcoming year. I want you all to know how much I love and appreciate you. This is an incredible church! God is truly showing off in our midst. I am praying for you and hoping that this Christmas will be the most amazing encounter you’ve ever had with your Savior. I can’t wait to see you on Sunday. God bless,

Pastor Scott

Church Staff Rev. Scott Stancil Pastor Ricky Stark Minister of Students & Education Brian Dailey, Minister of Music & Senior Adults Carol Petty CDC Director Hayley Smith Ministry Intern

From The Minister Of Music & Senior Adults Well, December is here! We began Advent this past Sunday, and that means Christmas is quickly approaching! We’ve got so many wonderful opportunities of worship and fellowship here at First Lyman during the month of December. This Sunday night will be a beautiful time of worship as we enjoy instrumental solos and duets, vocal solos, and we will be singing many of our favorite Christmas carols together. Then, on December 13, our Children’s Choirs will present a short program in the Sanctuary before we move to the Fellowship Hall for our gift wrapping party. And on December 20, we will have an incredible day beginning with Home for Christmas in the morning service, followed by the adult choir’s musical presentation in the evening service. Wow! Plan now to be a part of all of these exciting events- you will be blessed!

Brian Home For Christmas is a celebration of Christ and His work through the body of believers at First Baptist Lyman. This year we will be bringing in many of our precious members who can no longer attend church for a special worship service on Sunday, December 20 at 10:30 AM. We will be organizing our Sunday School classes to provide transportation for those who are able to be a part of the service. If you have questions or would like to be Home For Christmas, please call the church office at 439-8721. Our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering goal this year is $8000 and will be taken up during the month of December. Please pray and give as the Lord leads.

Extended Care Workers NEEDED!

Churc Church News This December will be like none other at First Lyman. Sunday nights in December will be filled with activities that celebrate the birth of our Savior. We call it The Splendor of Christmas. Make plans NOW to be a part of this wonderful fellowship.

Sunday, December 6 - 6:00 PM We will gather in the Sanctuary for a time of worship as we sing lots of our favorite traditional Christmas carols together, and will also feature soloists and instrumental music. Sunday, December 13 - 6:00 PM Come and worship together with all of our children’s choirs as they present some of their favorite songs of Christmas. Sunday, December 20 - 6:00 PM This will be a glorious evening as our Sanctuary Choir leads us in a very special Christmas presentation. It will be a beautiful time of worship, and a great way to put the entire Christmas season in perspective! Plan now to be here and join with our church family as we celebrate The Splendor of Christmas! The Lottie Moon Post Office is back in business! Let the Lottie Moon Post Office deliver your Christmas cards this year to friends and family at First Baptist Lyman! Postage is only .25 cents per card and all donations will go to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. Just place your cards in the Lottie Moon mailbox before Wednesday, December 16th and they will be available for pick up on Sunday, December 20.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Avonda Mitchem for the passing of her grandfather, Bill Crenshaw

Student Ministry

Please prayerfully consider volunteering to help in Extended Care. We need help rocking babies, watching toddlers and herding 2's, 3's and 4's! There is a desperate need in this area. Please contact Paulette Bentley, Hayley Smith or the church office if you can help.

PRAISE! We filled 178 shoeboxes this year for Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child! Thank you First Baptist Lyman for your generosity!

Don’t forget to pray for our adopted Missionary Alissa Stewart, who is serving in Uganda!


As most of you know, I am not a fan of Christian boycotts. I don’t think they accomplish much, they give a bad impression of Christianity in general, and they usually turn out to be pretty absurd in the end. Plus, I don’t see Jesus boycotting anything in the New Testament—apparently, he was too busy loving and saving what was lost. Nevertheless, if Jesus were to boycott something, I would think (judging by His track record) that he would boycott self-righteous people and institutions who are blind to their own sin and who trust in their own “goodness” for their salvation instead of trusting in the work of Christ on the cross. And that is why, friends, I am seriously contemplating boycotting a local Christian radio station—yes, you read that right, a Christian radio station. Not all Christian radio, mind you—I love Christian music and am thankful for stations that will play it. No, I am not against Christian radio in general—just one station in particular. This station, which shall remain nameless, is the one that I have woken up to for years. Recently, however, I have been more and more annoyed by the phoniness and the self-righteous banter that has occurred in between its “family-friendly” programming. But what occurred on their airwaves on Monday of this week could very well be the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back for this listener. The male co-host mentioned a recent scandal about which an editor of The National Enquirer had said that everyone has something in their past that they’d like to hide, but some people just have the money to cover up their secrets. The female co-host jumped back, “I totally disagree with that statement. Not everybody has something bad in their past. I know so many people who live good, holy, godly lives.” [Induce vomiting here.] I don’t quite remember what I did at this point, but I (alone in my room) may or may not have begun yelling at my alarm clock radio, “Are you stinking kidding me?!? Then why are you on Christian radio??? You obviously don’t need Jesus! I mean, if you have absolutely nothing in your past! In fact, maybe you could save some souls for Him! I’m sure He’s pretty busy and could use your holy help.” But again, these moments are fuzzy to me. See, this is the problem with so many Christian circles these days—they don’t get the gospel. They think we’re saved by being really good. Except there’s one problem: we can’t be really good. Romans 3:10 says that there is none righteous, no not one, and Romans 3:23 states (despite what this radio station wants you to believe), “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” All means ALL! That’s you, that’s me, that’s all of us! And if you don’t think you’ve got anything in your past, well then you are only deceiving yourself and calling God a liar. I don’t care if you’ve been in church your whole life, it’s time for all of us to come to grips with the fact that we’re pretty rotten sinners—because it’s only then we can receive the good news of the gospel: “while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom 5:8). So I just might pick up my picket sign, by golly, not to protest some lame cartoon character but rather to defame the false gospel of self-righteousness and promote the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Who will join me?


Encourager 2009.12.02  

Encourager 2009.12.02

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