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Micah 5:2-4; 6:6-8 Pew Bible: p. 756, Spark Bible: p. 1016

FOR WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12 Matthew 25:1-13 Pew Bible: p. 806, Spark Bible: p. 1090


For Kyle Svennungsen, seminary graduate from Luther Seminary, who has been assigned to our synod and is currently waiting for his first call as a pastor Please contact the office if you have any prayers to be lifted up: or 608.783.2236


Members and visitors: a nursery available for children newborn through age 4. The nursery is staffed Sunday mornings during and between services, and on Wednesday evenings during service and programming. Please bring your diaper bag. It will also be staffed during some church events and will be advertised as such when available. We hope you take advantage of our services while here at First.


For Gundersen: be sure to alert the hospital of your church affiliation when they ask and they will then release your room number to us when we call. For Mayo/Franciscan Healthcare: it is important that you or a family member to contact us directly at the church office: 783-2236. Mayo no longer gives out that information. Please make every effort to keep food and beverages in the narthex. Thanks!

SERVING: Pastor Jason Stanton, Pastor Karyn Bodenschatz Organist: Gabe Hicks; Nursery Attendant: Crystal Miller; Bread Baker: Lori Greiner; Treat Providers: Lowell & Mary Meier, Jim Olson; Coffee Servers: the Lass & Weber families SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 8:00am Acolytes: Parkerjay Mannel, Dakota Mannel ; Communion Servers: Mary Ann Redfearn, Bridget Crave; Reader: Bridget Crave; Ushers: Dave and Barb Skogen; Nursery: Ben Tracey; Puppet Volunteers: Nicole Garbers; Projectionist: Steve Klingemann SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 10:30am Acolyte: Larsen Birdsong; Communion Servers: Joel Miller, Terry Wrolstad ; Reader: Lori Lunney; Ushers: Stutesman family; Nursery: Emma Keenan, Macy Hoeft; Projectionist: Mitch Thies WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 6:30pm Communion Server: Brian Zach; Reader: Peggy Daleki; Nursery Attendant: Crystal Miller FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH 410 Main St, Onalaska WI 54601 • 608.783.2236 • Fax: 608.783.3741 Office hours: Monday–Friday 8am–4pm Senior Pastor: Jason Stanton • 608.386.6431 Associate Pastor: Karyn Bodenschatz • 608.433.6002 Director of Servant Ministries: Kathryn Pedretti

Sunday, Nov. 9 & Wednesday, Nov. 12



We a t F i r s t L u t h e r a n a r e g l a d y o u h a v e c h o s e n t o w o r s h i p w i t h u s t o d a y ! We understand that visiting a church can be overwhelming as everything is unfamiliar and unknown. All the baptized are welcome to fully participate in worship, including Holy Communion, and all are welcome to participate in church programs, activities and events. If this is your first time at First, we’d love to have you stop at the Connecting Point table in the narthex entry where you may ask questions, share your contact information and receive a gift from us. We hope worshiping with us today will bless you as much as your visit blesses us! Baptismal blessings are extended to Claire Morgan Mielke, daughter of Michael & Emilee Mielke and Tyson Scott Trussoni, son of Shane & Elisa Trussoni and Brielle Lee Heineck, daughter of Brooks & Roy Heineck

Office Manager: Jane Frick Passing on Faith Coord.: Carla Stanton Sunday School Superintendents: Sheri Betz & Tawni O’Rourke Young Youth Coord.: Katie Everson Communications & Marketing Coord.: Andrew Stutesman, Head Custodian: Mike Peper

Wedding blessings are extended to Whitney Welch & Nolan Schmidt

PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE Please take time before worship & go to the narthex to write down any prayers you want to lift up, so we can be certain to include them in worship today!

COMMUNION CARDS Communion cards are not required to participate in Holy Communion, but they help us know who is worshiping with us. Please fill one out and hand it to an usher just before Communion, or place it in an offering plate. Thanks!


This Sunday, November 9 First is taking a special offering as you leave worship to support HALOS, which is a program that First has adopted as part of our Church in Society Ministry. The Mission of HALOS is to improve the quality of life for child victims of abuse and/or neglect who are involved with La Crosse Human Services.

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Announcements for Sunday, November 9  

Announcements for Sunday, November 9  

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