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The striking employees explained that Hindu delivery boys are uncomfortable handling beef, while Muslim riders said they did not want to deliver pork & held a protest at Howrah



Divya Hemnani


eacting to protesting delivery executives in West Bengal’s Howrah, food delivery giant Zomato said it is impossible to ensure vegetarian and non-vegetarian delivery preferences. It issued the statement after a large number of delivery executives boycotted delivery of beef or pork, saying that it harms their religious sentiments. Zomato delivery executives said they would go on a strike from Monday protesting that the food being delivered by them is hurting their religious sentiments. It is “impossible” to ensure that vegetarian

Twittizen @Upsunson This #Zomato .. is it only sensitive to Islam and Christianity !? Why does Zomato hurt the Hindu staff by forcing them to touch #Beef and #Pork . Zomato is anti-Hindu , it’s working for Christian crusaders and Islamic Jihadis

and non-vegetarian preferences are factored into delivery logistics in a diverse country like India, Zomato said. On Sunday, Zomato delivery executives in Howrah held protest against delivering of pork and beef items, saying that, the company should stop playing with the religious sentiment of their employees. Both Hindu and Muslim food delivery boys have refused to deliver the food that is beyond their religious acceptable guidelines and said they will protest on Monday too. Zomato, reacting to the development, said that delivery partners are “unequivocally made to understand the

Satyaki Mukherjee @ satyalogy #zomato should hire more Christian’s to resolve this issue... Zomato hits another controversy: Hindu, Muslim delivery boys to strike against delivering beef, pork - India News

practical nature of the job as they choose to enter the workforce”. “In a country as diverse as India, it is impossible to ensure that vegetarian and nonvegetarian preferences are factored into delivery logistics. Delivery partners are unequivocally made to understand the practical nature of the job as they choose to enter the workforce. All our partners understand this fully,” Zomato was quoted as saying by news agency ANI. Zomato, however, said they are looking to resolve the issue. “There is a small group of partners in Howrah who have raised concerns and we are looking to resolve the issue,” Zomato said.

Gaurav Pandhi @ GauravPandhi #Zomato isn’t asking its employees in West Bengal (or elsewhere) to do anything illegal. If you don’t like any part of your job, you quit and find another job. Simple. Hindu or Muslim, Sikh or Christian!


First India goes round the town, to get bytes from people about this topic...



ncidents like these is Ienvironment making the country’s sad. One

should not bring religion when it comes to food, because religion is one thing which is beyond everything. One should be allowed to eat whatever they want to and anyone has problem with that they should keep to themselves. —Kartikeya Punj, Chef

company that stood A for diversity, has a few people that see

its liberal practices as discriminatory. We seem to be getting into a vicious cycle of politicizing or communalising everything. Its sad to see the turn of events in our beautiful country. Diversity should not become adversity. —Mohammed Younus, Food Blogger

AUGUST 12, 2019





Jaipur: The Chief Justice bench of the HC has commented on the order given in the Gulab Kothari case connected to Kuchaman city. The CJ bench said that these observations should be reconsidered and consideration should be done as per the situation of each case. The CJ bench also said that judicial decision should not be read as law. There is a special discussion about the topic among UDHLSG officers as they have high hopes from these comments by the HC. Now, the party of the government would become strong on the pending SLP of Gulab Kothari case in the Supreme Court.

Jaipur: The state government has got a big achievement in the Supreme Court, in the case related to Lal Niwas land of Jaipur. The SLP filed by Jaipur Municipal Corporation, the SC has given the order in favour of JMC. As per the order, Jaipur Municipal Corporation does not have to return Rs. 1 crore in the case of the multi-story building near Narayan Singh Circle. The said amount was deposited by the builder under protest at the time of seeking permission for construction fifteen years ago. The High Court had ordered JMC to return the amount to the builder with 6% interest.

COUPLE FOUND HANGING FROM TREE IN AJMER Ajmer: A married woman and her lover were found hanging from a tree in Rajasthan’s Ajmer district on Monday, police said. Farjana (20) and Sanwar (21), who were relatives and residents of different villages, had left their

homes a month ago but returned after some time, Beawar Sadar police station incharge Shamsher Khan said. The two went missing again on Sunday and their bodies were found hanging from a tree in an isolated area in the morning, Khan said.



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wasted sad that the food will be but it’s also good that such idiots stay hungry and starve... guy/girl someone should tell that before that the food he has eaten from someone by was cooked screw the other religion just to —Chef Harsh Dixit around with their heads. clearly has no religion. In

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it pened with me in the kitchen, concould break my morale and never fidence. But fortunately, I In came across such a situation. from our hotel industries, people different religion work together a barbut this has never became —Chef Latika Hemnani

has only one religion and

that is love.

‘Unity in DiverAll of us should believe in Food sity’. India has a rich culture


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in everything & when it comes to food, options are unlimited. I have travelled almost every country and have tried cuisines But from a different religion. the differentiating someone on and sad basis of religion is really — Chef Vicky Ratnani

an amazing reply from Zomato.

Food has

t e I prepares it with a lot a creator and the creator fund and won't co-operat par kya kar sakte and of love. Social hate is ironically change sahi hai is removing this app they said they can't log hai... sahna am my sprinkling these nasty flavours. on can- hai gareeb discuss the issue with love. sir, I feel hurt will rider and can't refund Haters will hate, lets spread force padega sir (Yes like this. cellation I said you can't I say, when peo- lawyers." month It’s time we take a stand here was a time when I don't but what can Amit said, "this is the during festivals me to take a delivery things...its okay prepared say is such change to to Food talk use ple everyone cancel," of Saavan so wanted want don't refund just do since we are Zomato coz it’s a source of the celebraIndia is a land where arkaar, what I can the rider. I will not use has Amit Shukla @NaMo_S we suffer," Faiyaz tion of brotherhood. Food It was my people of different in Mad- poor and he from now onwards. a resident of Jabalpur united us, not divides us. always paying On one side where was I said. as deny, religions and culShukla ap- right to hya Pradesh tweeted. Blogger food and app was deeply hurt, tures live in harmofor it. I ordered the —Mohammed Younus, Food The restaurant search u rider. I peared unrepentant. ny. The message of hearts by respondAmit they sent a non-Hind was ex- won many In a series of tweets, them to change but love and brotherhood ultimate class on screen- requested times where them religions ing with also shared various eligion comes into food many they refused, so I asked pressed by all the to the customer by non-vegetarian of his conversation with But now, Twitter people troll me for posting or Ramzan. to cancel the order." and cultures of India. doesn’t have a shots Zomato's customer od saying “Food as such in Navratri food nothing was "There the feeling of brotherho relia we religion. It is care, saying he . Some people even said that in my tweet, but a seems to be fading away got would take up religious Twitter gave it a reZoma- gion.” which will unfollow you if you don’t on Food delivery service of I’ve s the issue with section on social thousand stop posting non-veg, but ligious angle", he added. to has been praised and his lawyers. to to a likes never mixed food with religion. Basically, Amit wanted media for its response only He posted a Zomato’s response was not refused retweets. the order because he Hindu customer who how The company's second tweet of cancel savage, but also showed a driver want a non-Hindu pernot did to take delivery from our ion Deepinvalue his conversat if he they as a company Muslim founder to touch his food. As who appeared to be of with customer son to der Goyal also —Sarah Hussain, Food Blogger constitution. the religion of the perheritage. Zomato refused to service asking knew food and 's com- took to Twitter son who prepared his resolve the customer the exand support rider a to change the the religion of the person plaint about being assigned stating that: "We are have shravan later expression, culture in executive stance, - and plaining: "We ood is a form of love, art, who packed his food. non-Hindu delivery proud of the idea of India stoop so low to critia holy month devoted Amit received massive my opinion. It’s sad that people like this with for his food order. of our esteemed which guy the diversity for a Lord Shiva and I don't mention something The act from the Hindu cism online for asking partners. We to the live in many over customers and a delivery from a Musregards to their food. We Hindu delivery boy, and made many go furious to lose any busi- need like burst aren't sorry a secular country and things asked Zomato to of lim fellow." spreading hate and they (Amit ) people even that comes in the way ness the idea of seculararkaar medestroy this social @NaMo_S him. their anger on the a it would cost 237 block same our values." ism, which is sad. I started Twitter users reZoma- was told that Many with dia platform. On the . working Faiyaz, to cancel his delivery business of selling fresh vegetable from the to the original tweet, time, the reaction delivery execu- rupees me seeing someone arkaar (Amit ) sponded trust well to was the food and rubbish. was ly @NaMo_S giant stating: "Absolute task of delivfood delivery happy. his followers: "@ so- tive assigned the smile over food makes me are so particular about by Amit then told you If appreciated on the various placed take order to an us ering don't Sabji Wali ZomatoIN is forcing Shravan, cook at home, —Trysha Bhattacharya, cial media platform. from people we on Shukla. hai. Ab deliveries "Just cancelled an order won't re- order outside." "Han sir hurt to hue a don't want else they @ZomatoIN they allocated jab log jaisa bolenge.. my food kya bole, we are deviding our world non-hindu rider for t is actually pathetic that

Divya Hemnani & Mohit Mohanan


Uber Eats India@ UberEats_IND .@ZomatoIN, we stand by you. Chandral@


Chandral_ Seriously? What if the chef was a Muslim and the one who packed your order was a Sikh? What if they bought ingredients from a Christian? From the farm to your doorstep, the food could’ve been touched by anyone. You shouldn’t be ordering online if you are so concerned about it.


AUGUST 1, 2019


kskiyer @kskiyer Absolutely rubbish. Cook at home, don’t order outside

Boy dies as overspeeding Mewar royals too claim car hits his motorcycle to be Ram’s descendant pigs, goats & ood has a religion. The cows, The Hindu will not camels will vouch for that. touch pork. Pigs will eat beef, Muslim will not blood spilt on the be thrown in mosques and in temples and streets. Cows will be thrown that we have never people killed. The fact is never kept our counbeen Indians first. We have have never voted for try ahead of our religion. We a caste or a religion. We India. We always voted for of a million innocent foundation the on birth took partition only Indians, slaughtered during not want to be because the Muslims did




First India goes round the town, to get bytes from people about this topic...

country where people don’t Theonlyfoodthing in ourdiscriminat e. If this situation hap-

SamSays @samjawed65 Well said! Rare to find corporate voices publicly rejecting the growing hate and bigotry.



2, 2019




n a country where Sikhs serve Langar to all, Muslims distribute Kheer to all, and Hindus keep bhandara to feed the hungry and needy, without asking the religion of the person, creating a divide on food, is totally unacceptable. As unemployment is high, I feel such people should quit and give a chance to the people willing to work efficiently but can’t find jobs. —Sarah Hussain, Food Blogger


of writing . I made a grevious mistake year and I- onIslamideologies tweet last instead of Invasions on my feeling

did not want a 40% Muslim a minority and the hindus and everything that highpopulation in India. Anything is kept alive by politicians lights this maddening hatred trying circumstances, if a and social media. Under such the hands of a man that from food eat to Hindu refuses one that trades in Pork, is sells beef or a Muslim from been too brutalised into subwell acceptable. We have any other way. I think we it see to years the mission over others feelings & religion should all be sensitive to each ones house. Be an Indian should not be allowed outside you want in your house. on the streets and be whatever cricketer —Saad Bin Jung, Former

I know how horrible faced a massive backlash. being alienated. Why are it is to be treated badly and our faiths & colour of skin? we polarising the world by the world with love for We should be trying to unite food without & beyond humanity and gospel of good This man should borders. religious and the political and aways or out of his home actually stop eating take —Chef Atul Kocchar start growing his own food. FI doesn’t take any responsibility

for the views expressed

Boy and girl found hanging ict from tree in Barmer distr e prob her furt rs orde rt Cou :



Insult to national flag 

First India News

Jaipur: A 17-year-old boy was killed and his friend critically injured when a car hit their motorcycle, police said on Monday. The accident occurred at 4 am on Sunday when Vaibhav Singhal (17) and his friend Prajjwal Dangayach (20) were on the way to Brahmpuri area on the rented bike. They were hit by the car coming from Raja Park area while crossing the Trimurti Circle, Gajnand Kumar, ASI posted at Accident Police Station (East) said, adding that the duo was seriously injured in the accident. Singhal succumbed to injuries while on the way to the hospital while Dangayach is un-

Boy was hit by the car coming from Raja Park area while crossing the Trimurti Circle.

dergoing treatment at the SMS Hospital, police said. Head constable Dilip Singh said the driver fled from scene leaving behind the car which is registered in the name

FIVE ARRESTED FOR RAPING 20-YEAR-OLD WOMAN Banswara: Police on Monday arrested five people for allegedly abducting and raping a 20-year-old woman last month in Banswara district. They also said that the accused thrashed the victim’s boyfriend before committing the crime. The incident took place in a village in the district on the night of July 13. The

victim’s boyfriend had also committed suicide following the incident. Deputy Superintendent of Police, Banswara, Prabhati Lal said that three accused stopped the victim and her boyfriend, who were travelling on a motorcycle. They then dragged the woman to a secluded place and took turns raping her.

of one Vimlesh Jain, a resident of Daher Ke Balaji area. The car has been seized and we are searching for the accused driver, a police officer said.

Udaipur: A day after BJP MP and member of the erstwhile Jaipur royal family Diya Kumari claimed to be a descendant of Lord Ram’s son Kush, another erstwhile royal family in the state has made a similar claim. Mahendra Singh, a member of erstwhile Mewar-Udaipur royal family claimed on Monday to be a descendant of Lord Ram saying “I got to know through media that Supreme Court has apparently asked whether there were any descendants of Lord Ram in the world. If this is the case, then the Supreme Court can directly contact us and all the evidence and documents will be produced in the court following proper legal pro-

YOUTH COMMITS SUICIDE BY SHOOTING SELF Alwar: A youth from Behror committed suicide by firing on his head with a countrymade pistol. The deceased was identified as Sheeshram Gurjar, a native of Jainpurbas village and was employed as a driver in the state roadways.

The incident occurred late on Sunday night and the family members brought his body to the mortuary. The deceased was the son of sarpanch of Jainpurbas village. The police have however initiated an investigation in the matter.

Judge Komal Motyar has ordered for further investigation on the points raised by the complainant

First India News

Jaipur: In the matter of related to the insult the national flag during the Tiranga rally held by the BJP in 2016, MM17 court Judge Komal for Motyar has ordered on further investigation Thursthe Park police on the points raised by Along day. complainant. In this regard, Conwith this, the court has Suresh re- gress leader closure rejected the istMishra had filed an port presented by Bani

First India News

dered Bani Park police gasa on August 31, 2016, e for- to further investigat in the court against Ra- the matter. mer Union Minister Advocate AK Jain Singh jyavardhan presented the protest Rathore, Piyush Goyal, petition and informed Arun Chaturvedi, Mothe court that the police han Lal Gupta, and few rehas made the above others. port without any invesThe court, after extigation. The BJP govt amining the libel itself, pohas pressurised the later ordered the police such a on lice to present to conduct research ofreport. So, top police the police station. After ficials should further examining the come the matter. investigat orhad court plaint, the

in Jaipur: Panic spread the Setrau area of Barmer district Rajasthan early on Thursday morning when the bodies of a man and a girl were found hanging from a tree. post-mortem, the SHO Boy (20) and the said. The news about 14-year-old girl were like Se- the incident spread found hanging in wildfire and people trau village. The bodies The the rushed to the spot. were handed over to the police suspects that family members after

duo were in a relationship and owing to fear to of the society chose

end their lives. A group of villagers was headed to nearby fields when they saw a the bodies hanging to ely tree and immediat alerted the villagers who rushed to the spot and then dead bodies were brought down. SeThe girl was from the trau village while boy was from Bijasar.

Arvind Singh Mewar wrote on Instagram, “It is historically proven that my family is direct descendants of Shree Ram.

cedure.” The claim comes a day after, BJP MP Diya Kumari on Sunday made her claim to be a descendant of Lord Ram. “When the Supreme Court questioned whether there is any descendant of Lord Ram in the world or not, then

I replied that we (Jaipur royal family) are descendants of Lord Ram’s son Kush. I also said that just like us, there are many more people in the world who come from his lineage. It is a matter of pride that we are descended from him,” Diya told reporters here. —ANI

POLICE ARREST CONMAN FOR DUPING OVER FIVE DOZEN PEOPLE Jaipur: The Jaipur police arrested a conman who conned over five dozen people on the pretext of providing them with a sustainable business model and earning over Rs 33,000 per month. The man had handed ut pencil making machines to his targets on the promise that every month one machine

would fetch them over Rs 33, 000. “However, the man closed his office on August 1st after working for some time. When he closed his office, he conned people off crores of rupees and thus the victim approached the police and after an investigation, the Vidhyadhar Nagar police nabbed Himanshu Jaiswal.

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First India is Rajasthan’s own English Newspaper. We bring you the most exclusive news of Rajasthan interspersed with the best of national,...