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4400 m campus


Startup Braga is an innovation hub designed to assist the inception and development of high potential entrepreneurial projects for international markets. In partnership with Microsoft and FLAD we provide business acceleration programs for startups with global ambitions. Startup Braga is run by InvestBraga, the economic development agency of Braga’s municipality, whose mission is to foster the region’s economic development and attract foreign investment. One of its strategic goals is to put Braga on the map of investment, entrepreneurship and innovation. At Startup Braga, entrepreneurs have access to pre-acceleration, acceleration and incubation programs developed in a 4400 m2 workspace located in the city center.

WELCOME NOTE Startup Braga completed last May it’s first year of activity, and it was the day it received the best and biggest birthday present we could hope. The European Accelerator Report 2014, developed by Fundacity, stated that Startup Braga was the 10th most active startup accelerator in Europe, the second nationally. This distinction was the recognition of a year of hard work, constant motivation and tangible ambition that materialized in 4 million euros of investment raised by our startups. Eyes always set on the future, we want to increasingly position ourselves as a reference in acceleration and incubation of startups in the areas of MedTech and NanoTech. We have been establishing partnerships and building a network with institutions such as the INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory - and the Braga Hospital, leveraging our expertise in these areas and opening doors to entrepreneurs to test their business ideas. We are now in the final phase of the second program, which included the indispensable help of our partner Fundação Luso-Americana para o Desenvolvimento. In order to promote cross-border success for our entrepreneurs, we are going to promote a roadshow to the US in October to create ties with potential investors and entrepreneurs, putting Startup Braga and our startups on the international radar. Because our mission continues and we want to support more and more entrepreneurs who aim to internationalize, today, we are launching the applications for our # 3 Acceleration Program.

Carlos Oliveira President of InvestBraga

I was impressed with what I saw last year during the first Demo Day and what I heard from the entrepreneurs, young and not so young alike. I felt that this was the beginning of something good, and shared that perception with my colleagues at FLAD. Acceleration programs are priceless. They allow people to understand what business is all about, to understand that a good idea does not necessarily translate into a successful business. These programs also teach that trial and error is an important part of the process, and that from inception to market is a long, arduous road. We believe Startup Braga is a truly innovative project,capable of making a difference. This is not as common as it may seem, given the mushrooming of all sorts of entrepreneurship initiatives. However, only a few, like Startup Braga, have a holistic approach. And only a few are succeeding in putting together a balanced mix of hands-on approach, mentoring and funding. These are the reasons that led FLAD to establish a partnership with Startup Braga. This acceleration program is part of this partnership. In a couple of months, we will promote a mission to the United States. A handful of these companies will witness what it is to be an entrepreneur in America. We expect this to widen their perspectives and expand their horizons. And if that happens, the commitment we have made will have been worthwhile.

Jorge Gabriel Board member of FLAD


Guest Check-in & Demo Room Opening


Opening by Pedro Gonçalves, Secretary of State of Entrepreneurship and Innovation


Status update by Sword Health and PepFeed


Black Box Doors Open


Intro by Alex Barrera


Welcome by Carlos Oliveira


Keynote by José Epifânio da Franca, former Portugal Ventures President


6 Pitches by the 2015 Acceleration Program Startups


Stellar Portuguese Startups Q&A with Alex Barrera • Miguel Amaro from Uniplaces; • Álvaro Gomez from Tradiio; • Nuno Sebastião from FeedZai;


5 Pitches by the 2015 Acceleration Program Startups


Awards Ceremony: • Roadshow winners by FLAD • Caixa Capital 100k investment


Closing by Carlos Oliveira


After party & networking


José Epifânio da Franca

José Epifânio da Franca is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Portugal Ventures - Sociedade de Capital de Risco, S.A. Epifânio da Franca was the Co-Founder and Chief executive Officer at CHIPIDEA and serves as full professor at the Electronics and IT Department of the IST and Adjunct Professor at the Electronics Engineering School of the Hong Kong Chinese University. Previously, he was a State Secretary for Education in the Government of Portugal.

Alex Barrera

Co-founder and contributing editor of, Chief WOWness Officer at, Agile/Lean trainer & evangelist at Proyectali, mentor in over 12 startup accelerators worldwide, co-founder and curator of Tetuan Valley, Global Shaper at World Economic Forum and Thousand Network ambassador in Madrid.

Miguel Amaro

Global citizen and avid networker, he’s a co-founder at Uniplaces, an international marketplace for student accommodation that has helped thousands of students from over 130 countries booking their accommodation completely online, generating over US$8 million in booking values. Global Shaper at World Economic Forum and graduated from Babson College with a Masters in International Business (Global Entrepreneurship Program) after having lived and studied in five different countries across US, Europe and Asia.

Nuno Sebastião

Nuno Sebastiao serves as Chief Executive Officer of Feedzai S.A. Previously to FeedZai, Nuno led the development of the European Space Agency Satellite simulation infrastructure. Previously to ESA, he was a co-founder at Evolve Space Solutions, a services company working in the Aerospace domain. He holds an MBA from London Business School.


Vasco Pedro

Founder and CEO at Unbabel that is eliminating language barriers by combining machine translation and human post editing. Expert in Natural Language Processing (NLP), he’s a PhD in Language Technologies from Carnegie Mellon and claims to have made all the classic mistakes of an entrepreneur.

Alvaro Gomez

Co-Founder & CEO at Tradiio, a music discovery and gaming platform. With over 15 years experience, Alvaro is specialized in management and IT consulting. He worked in a range of sectors, namely chemical, banking and financial serviçes, automotive, healthcare and telecommunications, leading projects in different geographies in Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Startup Braga Acceleration Program The Startup Braga Accelerator is a 3-month program focused on startups that develop mobile, web, medtech, e-commerce and internet of things products. By providing startups a program designed to help them build, execute and validate their business model, we want to increase their chances of success and facilitate access to international accelerators, markets and funding. We use the Lean Startup methodology, emphasising the business model over the business plan, encouraging a process of customer discovery and development, and iterations to achieve the right product/market fit. During the program, startups receive intensive mentoring, training and guidance by specialist in technical and business aspects.


A marketplace that connects Personal Trainers with both existing and new clients.


We are seeking investment in order to optimize our roadmap, achieve monetization and launch the marketplace earlier. Our team is really straight forward and passionate for what we do. Our vision is to build the platform where all personal trainers want to be. We’re also open to any suggestions and advice, so we would love to hear what you think about fito and our approach.


There are two main challenges for personal trainers: acquire new clients and extend the relationship with the existing ones beyond the session, helping them stay focused and more motivated. At this moment PTs use general tools to do this. On the other hand, it is also difficult for regular users to find the right Personal Trainer for their needs.


A platform where personal trainers can both manage and follow up with their clients and be able to reach more customers. At fito, regular users can also find the right personal trainer for their needs. PTs now have the right tool to monitor and keep their existing clients motivated and reach out to more clients.



There are more than half a million personal trainers in USA and Europe alone. There are over 100M gym members also in USA and Europe. The market of wearables is expected to grow from 7B in 2015 to 13B in 2018.


fito will have a multiple revenue stream model. We’ll have a monthly fee for personal trainers using the app, a transactional fee in the marketplace, a white label sold to health clubs and gyms, affiliate program to wearables.


We’ve launched on July 1st. At this moment, we have over 30 personal trainers and 200 clients using fito.

César Cerqueira (CEO)

Pedro Diogo

Catarina Oliveira

Roberto Sousa

910 406 072

917 313 784

Paulo Soares

963 408 091

912 490 912

919 037 599


The first Gamified Fitness Challenging app using social and charitable forfeits as motivators!


Invest and help us make ForFit a global success.


Charity & social factors of working out are hugely overlooked by the fitness app industry; Lack of Gamification in fitness tracking & challenging apps; Young people & fitness beginners need extra motivation


Gamify Fitness by making it more socially interactive & competitive with badge collecting, social embarrassment, charity donations, races, wagers, league tables and customized challenges and forfeits.


Fitness, Social Media & Gaming are 3 of the fastest growing categories on the AppStore. We estimate our total addressable market size to be 200+ mio users worldwide as we are targeting young mobile app users (13-35 Age Group) with interests in Running, Fitness, Gaming, Viral Content, Charity & Social Media sites such as Snapchat & Instagram.



1) Percentage of $4 ForFits/Bailouts 2) $4 Premium Version (alternative 99c monthly subscription) 3) Advertising Revenue on Website 4) 50 cent fee for all Wagers placed between friends 5) Sponsored challenges from within the app from Sportbrands etc.


Our basic MVP was downloaded 700 times but we relaunched with a much improved version at the beginning of July and expect 2,500 downloads by Demo Day.

Niall Mc Dermott (CEO) +353 87 743 4764

Ronan Mc Dermott (COO) 964 391 802

Paulo Truta (CTO) 910 793 763


Glymt is a global marketplace to request tailored short video from everyday filmmakers for original, relevant and competitive content.


Glymt’s App for Fresh Tailored Short Video is now live in the Apple Store and we also offer all our services on our website. We want to build a quality product and therefore still have some tweaking to do, but we would love for you to join our community, give us a try and tell us what you think. We look forward to seeing you soon, and please share with friends. For investors interested in this opportunity, please get in touch.


Digital marketing is transforming advertising. Today’s multichannel, always-on presence and delivery options are putting new demands on brands to improve consumer engagement if they want to remain relevant. Modern informed consumers also have new expectations for brand authenticity and credibility. Meeting and maintaining these demands is time consuming, creatively challenging, expensive and increasingly unsustainable for most. There are also many regions with no content coverage whatsoever.


An open marketplace is needed, where brands, marketers and non-professional video producers can exchange demand and supply for visual footage. A platform where brands can request made-to-measure project visuals, engage the most relevant and skilled producers; manage exacting technical and creative specifications, set costs and deadlines. Where producers can build a portfolio of

GLYMT visual work, reply to market requests, submit and profit from work fitting to their individual creative and technical ability.


Content Marketing is a 44+ Billion industry; its share of the ad budget grew by 54% last year. 91% of companies are resorting to content marketing and ranking personalisation, higher quality engagement, video and visual storytelling at the top of their list, 74% citing video as a key marketing tactic with a next 12 month spend priority. Video improves the conversion rate: 80% and 85% of buyers are more likely to purchase after watching a video. As for our target markets, we are focusing on both travel & hospitality and consumer brands to maximize the credibility and geographical spread of Glymt.


Currently our revenue comes from splitting the licensing revenue with our contributors when a video is licensed royalty free. We are also considering additional revenues from targeted advertising based on searched keywords and profile interests in the near term. Further down the road we will add revenues from a streaming feed API used by large volume clients.


We are following a strategy of acquiring a large and geographically diverse user base of video creators in order to have a sufficient community and stock offer to entice content buyers to join us in a second stage. Since we first launched on June the 18th, we have achieved some very promising initial traction numbers with over 7000 App downloads in over 16 countries, having reached the 6th place on the Photo & Video top in Portugal. We now have over 5000 registered users, 600 Facebook fans, 1000 published videos and our very first sales.

Nuno BĂĄrtolo (CEO) 919 524 333

Carolina Freitas 939 443 127

HĂŠlio Palaio 918 402 168


The API that allows mobile communications even when in airplane mode.


Our goal is to reach the maximum number of developers, startups and companies whose products could be improved with the Hype framework. We’re also looking for someone who shares our vision and our passions, and is willing to invest in us.


Every smartphone in the world was built in order to let people communicate with each other. However, it is always dependent on 3rd party infrastructures and when the internet is down or there is no phone signal, the phone becomes almost useless.


Hype is an easy-to-integrate framework that allows communications and smartphone connections even when there’s no internet access or phone coverage. It uses the technology already available in every smartphone, like the Bluetooth antenna and the Wifi antenna, in order to connect your smartphone to those who are nearby and creating a peer-to-peer mesh network. By being a more reliable and more secure solution, it brings communications to another level.



Today there are almost 2 billion smartphones in the world, but we still see that 2/3 of the world population has connectivity problems. We want to help those people and the more than 9M app developers in the world, by allowing their apps to be useful even under those circumstances.


A freemium model only for mesh networking, a licensing model for communications.


Under private pre-beta, expecting ~1M end users using the framework by the end of the year.

Carlos Lei (CEO)

919 962 316

AndrĂŠ Francisco (CTO)

912 436 505


Strong Authentication made Simple!


Networking, Feedback and Investment. If you believe in our quest to “Kill Passwords”, by simplifying the entire Authentication Process, come on and join us! We believe we will disrupt the traditional login / password authentication and text message authorization approach by unified them in one, simple to use, solution!


To keep up with today’s huge amount of online services we all have too many accounts, too many passwords. These passwords, to comply with the needed security requirements, are getting more and more complex, and impossible to remember. What can we do? They are not the future!


We need new, more secure, more integrated and, above all, more simple and more “user centric” authentication mechanisms, that can, meanwhile, coexist with passwords, but able to, completely and progressively, replace them. At Loqr we do just that, we simplify passwords. For us, it’s just (Strong) Authentication made Simple!



The value of the market is 83 billion US dollars in 2014/2015 and is expected to grow to 120 billion US dollar by 2019.


We follow a B2B2C (Business to Business to Consumer) model where, at the end, the Consumers are the users of our solution. Loqr can be integrated by Business, for multi factor strong authentication environments, in a Pay-Per-Use (used Authentication Code) model. For consumers, in single factor authentication environments, Loqr is free of charge.


300+ end users (Consumers) spread by 21 countries and 4 continents in less than 8 weeks (only by word-of-mouth). One of the largest Portuguese Universities (20.000 users) integrated (soon to be launched). Undergoing negotiations with two Portuguese Online Banks.

Ricardo Costa (CEO) 962 189 973

JosĂŠ Miranda (CSO) 968 332 332

Jorge Silva (CLO) 963 667 471


Every moment is better with music. MusicYou is the fastest way to share any moment with music.


We are looking for funding in order to execute our go-to-market strategy and become a reference in the music social world.


Every day people share photos and videos of their life on social networks. They also share music clips. MusicYou combines both worlds and let the users put music on every photo or video.


MusicYou allows any person to easily join music to their photos and videos and make them beautiful and unique.


Social media is becoming an important channel for advertisers: 17.7B ad spending on social media on 2014. Expected 23.6B for 2015 (33,5% of growth in one year). MusicYou is a powerful tool to advertise on social media through User-Generated-Content with music.



1) Advertising platform based on User-Generated-Content. 2) Premium accounts for full track availability. 3) Affiliates for concerts tickets (Agreement with Blueticket).


We are growing fast even without marketing activation. In Portugal we have 1.7K users and growing 32% per month in average. We will start the marketing activation during the summer festivals.

Rui Lopes (CEO)

934 518 292

Simone Pinto (COO)

934 518 967


A service which supports nutritionists by streamlining the appointments workflow, motivating their patients and connecting both sides.


We are focused on the international market, so networking and contacts across Europe, Brazil, US are an amazing boost for our launch. We are also always interested in feedback.


Right now, 40% of the adult population is either obese or overweight, despite that the number of people that attend a nutritionist more than once is very small, mainly caused by the lack of motivation between appointments and the unnoticeable achievements. Not only that but this year, 25% of the world uses a smartphone yet there is still a tremendous technology gap in nutrition. After all, it is more than common for the patients to still receive their meal plan on paper and, what’s most surprising, is the time the nutritionists and dietitians have to spend on complex calculations.


An intuitive software, available anywhere that can be adapted to the user’s demands and, by simplifying their tasks, allows the professionals to focus on their patients. Meanwhile it motivates those patients to follow new goals through a mobile app from which information between appointments is provided to the nutritionist. As such it becomes possible to know where are the

NUTRIUM flaws in the plans in real time, it provides suggestions based on similar patient profiles and connects to several apps and devices which enable several new sources of information for the nutritionist.


It is estimated that, in the world, there are over 1.5million nutritionists and dietitians and that 2 trillion dollars are spent every year just in diseases related to obesity, this during a time where 40% of the adult population is either obese or overweight. As such it is predicted that within the next decade, there will be not only a growth of 20% in those jobs but also over 50% of the population will be overweight .


A free trial followed by either a subscription or by appointment model on one of three options: Nutrium Meal Plans, Nutrium Follow-up and Nutrium Pro. Each of these has increasing features, and is adapted to distinct clients. For instance the first option is focused on the nutritionist and simplifies the complex tasks, the second also provides connection to patient, and the third offers not only all of the previous ones but also data mining and integration with medical devices and invoice systems.


Right now we have 30 nutritionists to test the beta, some of which from Brazil, and over 50 in line for the first version, this number is in constant growth. We have also been validating the product next to over 10 entities such as local clinics, hospitals and online nutritionists.

AndrĂŠ Santos (CEO)

Pedro Carneiro

Diogo Alves

Pedro Maia 919 200 815 932 224 394 919 235 968 913 511 785


Combining a unique oncology EMR with a powerful statistics engine in the cloud.


We are looking for seed investment and strategic partners.


Oncologists register clinical information in archaic, free-form text. Because it’s not parametric, what we can do with it is limited, which is a shame because information in Oncology is extremely valuable: #1. The ability to attract clinical trials often depends on the ability to quickly respond to a list of inclusion and exclusion criteria based on patient characteristics. #2. Governments and drug regulatory agencies are increasingly demanding pharmaceutical companies for real-world evidence on the performance and safety of their new oncology drugs — the quality of the evidence affects the value of the reimbursement and ultimately the overall sales of the drug. #3. Clinical performance indicators are the main differentiator when hospitals compete among themselves to become certified as Excellence or Reference centers in treating a certain type of cancer: this means more patient referrals, increased reputation and the ability to attract more clinical trials and financing opportunities.


Quality clinical data is the solution. But in order to obtain it, we needed to find the perfect context and provide a fantastic tool that fills an existing gap (generating Multidisciplinary Team Consultation reports). We found a way that

ONCOSTATS allows OncoStats to integrate and coexist perfectly with any existing EMRs and health IT systems, while also becoming an essential part of the practice of any Oncology service. The benefits from having robust databases are numerous and we’re excepcional in providing them: powerful automated statistics tools, advanced graphical visualizations, indicators of clinical performance, pharmacoeconomics and pharmacovigilance.


We are focusing on the European and South American markets. These are markets that characteristically have rudimentary EMRs and are limited in collecting parametric clinical information.


TWO FOLD. For Hospitals: SaaS on a B2B model. We start with breast cancer and expand later. Each cancer type will be a different module and represents an increment on the base subscription. For the Pharmaceutical Industry: We provide a service that consists on producing quality clinical evidence reports.


We accomplished landmark scientific partnerships with 3 hospitals (and growing) in the north of Portugal (CH Guimarães, CH Vila Nova de Gaia and Pedro Hispano). We are partnering with SPMS (Serviços Partilhados do Ministério da Saúde) for integration with the government’s standard health IT systems (Sclínico, SAM, SONHO).

Miguel Silva (CEO)

969 887 942

Roberto Machado (CTO) 916 748 994

Firmino Machado (CMO) 910 961 236


Real-time monitoring system that allows the management of mental fatigue in a non-invasive way.


We are looking for networking and feedback. We also seek investment, to make sales, for marketing partners and additional motivated team members.


Until recently, the majority of job offers were, essentially, physical. However, this paradigm has changed and in a few decades a significant part of this offer became mostly mental and cognitive. With this shift in the paradigm, mental fatigue became one of the most concerning health issues currently affecting society. This is aggravated by the growing competition and precariousness in the workplace, the overload of information as well as the general increase of the pressure felt by employees. Fatigue is one of the main causes for human error. Its symptoms are however often ignored and seen as normal. They are nonetheless important for a good mental and physical condition and elementary for human performance and health. It is currently very difficult to recognize and reliably determine our own level of fatigue.


Performetric aims to support context-aware leisure and work environments that can improve both the quality of life and the performance of its users. In the organizational context, Performetric has as main aim to improve the performance of employees as well as to increase the availability and applicability of fatigue

PERFORMETRIC management initiatives, contributing towards more friendly and efficient workplaces. Moreover, it also aims to support a better management of the employees and their work time. This translates into a positive impact on the organization’s productivity and an increased quality of life and better health of the employees.


The world has more than 3 billion computer users for both work and personal use. There are still more than 50 million users of fitness and wellness apps. The necessity of fatigue management tools becomes clear in a study on the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine which concluded that workers with fatigue cost U.S. employers an estimated $136.4 billion per year in health-related LPT, an excess of $101.0 billion per year when compared with workers without fatigue.


B2B (Multi-sided platform): Monthly subscription for companies to make it available to their employees, with the aim of improving the productivity and welfare of employees. Additionally, to provide the company with a data analysis tool for the company with the data resulting from the monitoring system of its employees. B2C (Blades-and-razor model) Commercialization of welfare and health applications running on Performetric.


We have 4 companies and 80 individual users testing our prototype. We are in contact with some big companies to implement pilot tests in their workplaces, we are also in contact with human factors experts in seeking to improve our technology.

AndrĂŠ Pimenta (CEO)

Davide Carneiro

Serafim Pinto

Adam Fletcher

917 575 395

916 591 115

934 335 822


STICKET.IN is a social platform for the secondary market of event tickets, with a powerfull search engine and personalized recommendations, where users can also securely sell their tickets and make awesome deals.


We are seeking investment to grow into the US and BRAZIL markets. Join us on our mission to empower users to easily sell, swap and buy secondary market event tickets and make the best deals. Networking and feedback are also very important to us.


Primary ticket sellers do not have a refund option, which means that buyers do not have a way to recover the money invested in their tickets. It is also hard to find the best deals because there are multiple places online to look for and also recommendations are not accurate.


A secondary market ticket search engine where users can browse and compare sports, festivals, concerts and theater tickets from all the major providers in one place. STICKET.IN users can also easily sell, swap and offer tickets on a social environment increasing sales opportunities and revenue.



US Market – $15B UK Market – $3B Portugal – $120M


AFFILIATES - We get 7-10% from each deal. SOCIAL TICKETS - We charge 10% of the ticket offer to unlock the communication between seller and buyer.


More than 1.1% growth per day. More than 22.000 active registered users 5600 facebook monthly active users More than 1514 tickets added, 430 marked as sold. Only 400 euros spent on Advertising Biggest Secondary Ticket Selling Facebook Group in Portugal with 60.000 active members

Afonso Barbosa (CEO)

Fabio Ferreira

Michael pimenta

Gil Fonte

964 257 862

910 938 511

916 058 159

963 846 623


The app that creates opportunities for people to swap the things they no longer need. A novel and frictionless experience and a different approach to e-commerce.


Do you love simple and beautiful solutions aimed at a large number of people? Then invest and help us becoming the top-of-mind platform for swapping.


It is frequent for people to accumulate things that sooner or later stop being of any use. Selling these things online is a way of getting rid of them in a useful manner. But many times, the existing platforms available to do so demand too much effort on the users’ behalf. They often see them as complex, timeconsuming and boring.


Swappflow is designed to be fast, minimalistic and addictive, presenting swapping as an alternative form of commerce. Because swapping doesn’t require people to spend their money, their predisposition to do it can be much higher. This, combined with the magazine-like interface of Swappflow contributes to make it a more relaxed form of commerce. With Swappflow, 20 seconds and a smartphone is all it takes for one to make something available for swapping.



The total addressable market (TAM) for this platform is constituted approximately by 500 million people. In 2015, the growth of e-commerce in mobile devices in Europe and in the USA is expected to be 88% and 60%, respectively. Adding the fact that global smartphone penetration is quickly increasing, the TAM size is expected to exceed the 1B mark in the next few years.


Working on the basis of a freemium model using bait and hook elements, Swappflow offers many monetization avenues to be explored like advertising, transaction fees, paid functionalities and partnerships with shipping companies.


In a matter of weeks, Swappflow has been able to get hundreds of active users. A great part of these users show high engagement levels. For instance, there have been days when the total number of seen swapping opportunities is greater than 3800. During those periods, on average, users who opened the app have seen more than 70 opportunities per day. Also, the average number of swapping proposals made by each user is approximately 0.92, an impressive number at such an early stage.

João Macedo (CEO)

917 175 014

Tiago Carção

932 823 790

Hugo Neto

936 077 521


FINDSTER THE TWEET PITCH: Findster is a new and innovative GPS tracking system working towards the safety of your loved ones, finding them whenever you want. Compared to other systems, there are no monthly fees! STATUS UPDATE: Things keep moving forward on all fronts. Our crowdfunding campaign is still growing, with new backers supporting us on a constant basis. As we get closer to entering the market, optimization is the word – at this stage we’re testing and improving Findster’s features every day in order to achieve a better overall product. We’re also looking to expand our team, and are currently hiring new developers to help us on our mission. At the same time, we’ve started to develop our next solution, dedicated to elder care: Findster Senior Living. We recently gave the world a small preview at the Aging2.0 Global Innovation Summit, in San Francisco, a very reputable and inspiring event which focus on innovation in aging and senior care.

PEEKMED THE TWEET PITCH: A game changer in the surgical planning process. The orthopedic surgeon can analyze the surgery’s impact using a powerful 3D environment. STATUS UPDATE: PeekMed is now working on a national and international pilot study. Worldwide, we have more than 80 orthopedic surgeons. We have already closed a partnership with the biggest player in this market, Johnson & Johnson, and we are working hard with other prosthetic multinational companies to update all our materials.

PEPFEED TWEET PITCH: PepFeed helps consumers shop wisely through mobile and browser apps that deliver relevant information about products effortlessly. UPDATE: Doubled the team size. Established new partnerships. On track to release the mobile app this September.

NUADA THE TWEET PITCH: Unique support system that seamlessly improves hand function. It additionally measures hand activity to provide natural interaction and new services. STATUS UPDATE: The Nuada project grew along with the team. The integration of new materials and improvement of core features is going great and the product is set to be ready by the end of this year, as planned. The distribution channels are set in place and the industrialization and certification phases are being prepared. All in all, we are going through a very productive phase with a bright future in the horizon.

SHAIR TWEET PITCH: One click away from unique and affordable art. STATUS UPDATE: 1 month after the release of our new and optimized platform, we are focused on having new Art Galleries from Europe selling their artworks through our website!

SWORD HEALTH TWEET PITCH: SWORD Health is bringing the Gutenberg moment to the motor rehabilitation industry STATUS UPDATE: SWORD Health was selected as one of the most innovative companies in Europe by the European Commission. Due to this selection we received a 1.3 Mâ‚Ź grant to accelerate our time to market. Right now, SWORD Health is preparing 3 pilots in 3 different continents in order to be able to demonstrate the global potential of the SWORD system. In terms of investment, we are now preparing a series A that is going to take place in the first quarter of 2016 in the US.

CO G IN M X NE T Startup Braga Incubation Program Pitch sessions in September

• Medtech

• Nanotech

• Web & Mobile

Partnerships with

• Hospital de Braga - School of Health Science of University of Minho

• International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory

• Microsoft

Startup Braga Pre-Acceleration Program


STARTUP BRAGA ACCELERATION PROGRAM The 2015 Startup Braga Acceleration Program is starting early 2016 and will run for 4 months with a limited number of teams. Our focus will be on Mobile, eCommerce, MedTech and Nanotechnology.


Startup Braga Acceleration program is a great opportunity to push your startup forward. Teams from the two previous editions managed to raised a total of over 4 Million euros in funding, that includes the 100k convertible note investment by Caixa Capital at the Demo Day. We connect you with over 50 entrepreneurs, investors, industry experts and executives and we also provide office space 24/7, access to a network of startup providers, top-notch workshops and a community of over 50 startups. In the end, you also have the opportunity to participate in our USA roadshow. No equity is taken.

Applications open 15th July

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