Sketches of Europe and Beyond | Andrew Hood

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Andrew Hood

Andrew Hood has always documented his travels abroad through drawing, filling sketchbooks with snippets of the scenery and day-to-day life he encounters along the way. Whether it’s people strolling through the sun-drenched piazzas in Sicily or the buzz of crowds at the souks in Marrakech, Andrew is adept at capturing the energy and feel of a location. Closer to home, views of the Thames and the iconic London skyline emerge from abstract marks and washes of ink. Although Andrew often seeks out an aerial viewpoint from which to sketch, many of his drawings also capture towns and villages such as Punta Secca and Taormina from ground level. Figures emerge from the sketches head on and we are drawn into the hustle and bustle evoked by Andrew’s energetic and expressive mark making. By positioning himself in amongst the people and everyday activity. Andrew’s observational drawings offer glimpses into the possible narratives of tourists and locals alike. Throughout the Coronavirus lockdown Andrew has been using old photos and sketches as reference for new interpretations of his travels.

Hyères 32 x 32cm £295

I TALY ____________________

Sicily • Tuscany

Tuscany 35 x 32cm £325

Punta Secca 40 x 32cm £365

Tuscany 35 x 32cm £345

Tuscany Road 32 x 32cm £365

Sicily 35 x 34cm £365

Tuscan Farmhouse 31 x 28cm


FRAN C E ____________________

Antibes • Hyères • Provence • Vannes

View from a Bridge, France 30 x 30cm £295

Pool, Antibes 35 x 30cm

Orange Car 32 x 32cm



Grasse 32 x 32cm

House at Granville 32 x 32cm



Road in Provence 34 x 29cm £295

S PAI N ____________________

Costa Brava • Mallorca

Costa Brava 35 x 30cm £325

Spanish Beach with Three Parasols 33 x 28cm £295

Beach and Pine Walk, Mallorca 33 x 28cm ÂŁ295

LO N DO N ____________________

Bankside • Waterloo

London with Steeple 32 x 32cm £295

Figures, London 34 x 33cm

Tate Modern View 30 x 30cm



Central London 36 x 32cm £345

Waterloo Bridge 40 x 35cm

London 35 x 30cm



I N DI A ____________________


Old Delhi 32 x 32cm £295

Archways of Delhi 20 x 20cm


Paharganj 25 x 25cm

Delhi Sun Rising 32 x 32cm


Delhi 38 x 34cm £365

MOROCCO ____________________


Marrakech 25 x 25cm


Marrakech II 30 x 30cm ÂŁ295

Marrakech 30 x 30cm ÂŁ295