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firstnews Sunday

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February 9, 2014

Membership Sunday  By Paula Russell, Director of Member and Visitor Services It was not a dark and stormy night. It was a cold, windy, snowy Saturday in January. The snowfall was 3-5” and the temperature never went above freezing. Nine Clergy and Program Staff, along with program volunteers, greeted those who attended the winter Membership Seminar to learn more about our church. Hot homemade soups, salads and desserts were prepared and served by the Membership Council. It was posted on Facebook the night before that those who braved the weather and attended this seminar would be “awesome new members” and that they are. They join not only for the meaningful worship experience, but also for the openness and acceptance of others, the “amazing” adult learning programs and the friendliness of our congregation. Please make it a point to welcome and get to know our new members joining your church family today. For the past three years, my husband and I searched for a church that we connected with. Then we visited First Community Church. Immediately we noticed the sincerity and warmth of its members. It was their continued pleasantries, smiles and interactions that made us feel welcome and a part of something bigger. We realized that inclusiveness was not only a part of the weekly message, but it was also practiced by the members. That is when we knew this was a perfect fit for us. — Megan & Dan Cuda The Adult Christian Education offerings are to die for! It is impossible to go to all the classes, workshops and discussion groups I want to attend. But for those I can manage, I learn so very much from the extremely capable leaders and all of the other participants, and I go home feeling blessed, heartened and fulfilled. — Carolyn Leick If you have been visiting us in worship or participating in our programs and would like to learn more about First Community Church, please attend our next Membership Seminar, Saturday, April 12. Contact Paula at 614 488.0681 ext. 228 or or visit to register. If you want to become a member but are unable to attend a seminar, please let us know so that other arrangements can be made.


Pantry Profits from Pics Pete Deihl is exhibiting some of his work at Stauf’s Coffee Roasters. The work will be for sale and all proceeds will benefit Heart to Heart.  The show runs the month of February.

Upcoming Events Visit or email for more information. John Dominic Crossan DVD Preview: Jesus & History - View Dr. Crossan’s 2005 Spiritual Searcher lecture and discover his engaging style and brilliance. With Rev. Hett. Register online at or with Natalia at or 614 488.0681 ext. 113.

Thursday, February 13 7 - 8:30 pm Wicker Room, South Campus

Alternative Valentine’s Celebration: DVD & Dessert - Spend an evening with friends on the spiritual path as Rev. Hett and the Center for Spiritual Search offer a fascinating DVD presentation, Automatic Brain, with coffee and dessert. Individuals and couples are invited. Donation taken at event door. Register online at or contact Natalia

Friday, February 14 7 - 9:30 pm Brownlee Hall, South Campus

Pasta Dinner - Join us for this annual fundraiser for the Mexico Mission Trip. Info and tickets at

Tuesday, February 18 5:30 - 7:30 pm Grace Hall, North Campus

Women’s Guild Get-Together Drop in for refreshments and visit with current Guild members. Learn about the unique role the Guild plays in our church, our history and plans for the future. Contact Estelle Scott at 614 457.1037 or

Saturday, February 22 12:30 - 2:30 pm Auddino’s Bakery and Café 3560 Fishinger Blvd, Hilliard

Crossan Book Group Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography - Rev. Hett will lead this discussion of Dr. Crossan’s bestseller. Register online at or with Natalia. Book available at Searcher table on Sunday mornings or contact Natalia.

Thursday, February 27 7 – 8:30 pm Room 128, North Campus

Youth Spring Retreat - The Olympics are coming to Akita! Compete in ridiculous games, represent your make-believe country and, of couse, spend plenty of time relaxing in between events. All this fun for $100. For Grades 6-12. Registration and details at

February 28 - March 2 Camp Akita

John Dominic Crossan: Is God Violent? How to Read the Christian Bible…And Still Be Christian “Dom” Crossan leads off the 25th Anniversary year of Spiritual Searcher, with new material we will hear prior to publication. Dr. Crossan will revise, enlighten and enliven our understanding of scripture and the nature of God. Register online at or contact Natalia.

Friday, March 7, 7 pm Saturday, March 8, 9 am Grace Hall, North Campus


Early Registration Discount extended through February 16

Church Announcements Mission Trip Info Meetings Back Bay Misson Trip: Wednesday, February 12, 6 pm Rm.113 (Rev. Hett’s Office), North Campus


Rafiki Misson Trip: Wednesday, February 26, 7:30 pm Brownlee Hall, South Campus

First Edition

Life Line Screening

First Edition is now on WWHO-TV (The CW), Sundays at 9 am. For a list of channels go to

Life Line Screening will offer a preventive health event hosting affordable, noninvasive and painless health screenings on March 18.

Think Trading Post This Valentine’s Day

Five screenings will be offered that scan for potential health problems.

Imagine this pretty little glass filled with chocolates from Pure Imagination Chocolates, our neighbor on Grandview Ave. Buy one for $10 to benefit Heart to Heart and Tri-Village Trading Post just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Register and receive a $10 discount off any package over $129 by calling 888 653.6441 or visit community-partners

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For further information on events and programs, visit Online registration is available for many events.

We are again selling $10 or $25 gift certificates to benefit Heart to Heart clients. Trading Post has been able to clothe many people with warmth this winter from the sale of these certificates. See us after worship today.

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The Social Gospel –– The Reverend Ms. Katherine H. Shaner, Minister of Mission Friends, it’s time to talk about a subject that makes many of us uncomfortable. Before you turn the page, just take a deep breath and hear me out. It’s time for us to talk about religion and sexuality, religion and abortion and religion and justice. It’s time to talk because recently the narrative on these issues has been dominated by an extremely conservative agenda that does not encompass the entirety of the thought or theology of this country’s faith-based communities. The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice began a new campaign this week entitled: It’s Time to Talk. Here is their statement about the campaign: It’s time to tell the truth: most people of faith, like the majority of Americans overall, support access to contraception, sexuality education, and reproductive healthcare including abortion. We hold this view because access to education and services accomplishes two vital goals that are deeply grounded in both religious and democratic values:

• Empowering individuals, couples, families and communities to have a healthy

and fulfilling relationship–indeed, a sacred relationship–with sex, sexuality and reproduction.

• Respecting the right and moral agency of each person to make personal reproductive health decisions according to their own beliefs and values.

As people of faith, and as Americans, we are called to seek justice for all. Restrictions on access to sexuality education and reproductive healthcare are unjust because they disproportionately affect those already struggling – most often low income communities and people of color. Silence is no longer an option and it’s time for a change. I am ready to change the conversation and I invite you to join me. I will pledge these things: 1. To speak up and take action when religion is being used as a tool of judgment and shame rather than a positive force for compassion, health and healing. 2. To help change the perception of religion by sharing the truth whenever I can: The majority of people of faith – in keeping with their religious values, not in spite of them—support access to contraception, sexuality education, and reproductive healthcare including abortion. 3. To model a different kind of conversation, creating space for a more honest, thoughtful and mutually respectful dialogue on matters related to religion, abortion, sexuality and justice. For more information on this campaign look here: I look forward to our conversations,

The views expressed in the recommended websites do not necessarily reflect the views of First Community Church.


Give Please take this opportunity to review the many ways you can provide for your church and your community. We welcome your gifts of time, talent and financial support.

Support Missions

Purchase Giant Eagle grocery gift cards or enroll in the Kroger Rewards program. Visit the Mission page at for information or visit the tables after worship.

Lend a Hand Heart to Heart

Looking to volunteer in a fun, caring environment? Join us at Heart to Heart. Tuesdays:

8 - 11 am or 11 am - 1:30 pm

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We need a minimum of 20 ushers each week to cover all of our services. Contact Jennifer Morrison at or Lois Zook at for details.

Furber Books & Gifts

Volunteers needed on Sunday mornings at both campuses. Please contact Emily Rogers at 614 488.0681 ext. 223 or

fundraisingisis fundraising f as easy as fundraising is fundra as easyaas ordering pizza!as or or as easy asa pizza! ea ordering ordering a pizza! ordering Come join friends and supporters for

Firstjoin Community Church’s “DOUGH” Come friends and supporters for Day tH Community Church’s SUnDay, FebrUary Come join First friends and supporters for “DOUGH” Day9

Come join frienS tH belowFirst Community First Community Church’s C From 11 a.m. to“DOUGH” Midnight, theDay Donatos locations listed From

SUnDay, FebrUary 9


will donate 20% of all Dine-In, Pick-Up, & Delivery orders to help will dona SUnDay, FebrUary 9tH SUnDay, From 11First a.m. to Midnight, the Donatos locations listed belowtrip. From Community Church raise money for their mission FirsF

Please give this flyer to your delivery driver. willtodonate 20% all Dine-In, Pick-Up, & Delivery orders to help will donatt From 11 a.m. Midnight, theofDonatos locations listed below From 11 a.m. to Midnight, Community Church raise money First C will donate 20% of First all Dine-In, Pick-Up, & Delivery ordersfor totheir help mission will trip. donate 20% of all Dine-In Grandview 1612toNorthwest Gra First Community Church raise give money their mission trip. Blvd. First Community Church Please thisfor flyer your delivery driver.486-5363 Please give this flyer to your delivery driver. Please give this fly Upper Arlington 3000 Northwest Blvd. 340-0905 Upp Grandview 1612 Northwest Blvd. 486-5363 Gran Grandview

1612 Northwest Blvd. Mill Run 3703 486-5363 Fishinger Blvd.

Mill Run

Grandview 921-1800

1612 MilN

Upper Arlington 3000 Northwest Blvd. 340-0905


Mill Run

3703 Fishinger Blvd.



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3817 N. Main St.



Upper Arlington 3000 Northwest Hilliard North Blvd. 3817 340-0905 N. Main St.

Upper Arlington 3000 876-4444 Hill

3703 Fishinger Mill Run Hilliard SouthBlvd.1730 921-1800 Hilliard Rome Rd. 529-7200

Hilliard North

3817 N. Main St. Kenny & Henderson

876-4444 4515 Kenny Rd.

Hilliard North 459-9523

Hilliard South 1730 Hilliard Rome Rd. 529-7200 Hilliard South 1730 Hilliard Hilliard South Bethel RoadRome Rd. 2522529-7200 Bethel Rd. 442-8666

3703 Hill

3817 KenN

Hillia 1730 H


Kenny & 4515 Henderson Kenny Rd. Kenny & Henderson Kenny Rd.4515 459-9523

459-9523 Kenn4 Kenny & Henderson

Road 2522 Bethel Rd. Bethel Road Bethel 2522 Bethel Rd. 442-8666

442-8666 Bethel Road


Bethe 2522

Receive First Community Church provides many opportunities for learning, spiritual growth and fellowship, as well as material and spiritual assistance to those in need.

Care & Prayer

All prayers are held in confidence. Please contact Kathy Weatherby in the Pastoral Care Office at 614 488.0681 ext 239 or


Providing dignity, compassion and respect.

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral Care is intertwined throughout all the programs and the business of the congregation as we explore life together. Contact the Pastoral Care Office at 614 488.0681 ext 239 or

Choice Food Pantry open Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8:30 am - 1 pm Lamar A. Graham, Director 614 488.0681 ext 203

Transitions Support Group

1st/3rd Tuesdays of the month, 7 pm Library, South Campus For those experiencing divorce or a broken relationship. Led by Dr. Dan Davis and Vickie Jean Murphy, Spiritual Director. For more information, contact Kathy Weatherby in the Pastoral Care Office at 614 488.0681 ext 239 or

The Benefit Bank is the registered trademark of Solutions for Progress, Inc. and that TBB, OBB and The Benefit Bank logo are the trademarks and service marks of Solutions for Progress, Inc.

Heart to Heart has an Ohio Benefit Bank counselor available as needed. For an appointment, call 614 488.0681 ext 155

Women’s Guild

Akita Retreat Opportunities

For information about the Women’s Guild, please contact Estelle Scott, Chair of the Guild Membership Committee, at 614 457.1037 or

Church members receive a discount on rentals. For individual or group retreat opportunities, visit or call 740 385.3827 ext 222

Parent Retreat

Interfaith Lecture Series

Save March 8-9, 2014 for the Parent Retreat at Camp Akita. Stay one day or overnight. Child care available this year on Saturday with pre-registration.

Dr. Geoff Barstow, professor at Otterbein University will present Buddhism in a Multi-Faith World February 21 – 22 at Church of the Master UMC Westerville at this year’s Amy Family Interfaith Lecture Series. For more information go to

Register online at


This Week at First Community Church Sunday, February 9 - Membership Sunday 11:30 am Middle School Vocal Ensemble Rm. 118 (NC) 12:15 pm High School Vocal Ensemble Rm. 118 (NC) 12:30 pm Mexico Full Group Meeting Grace Hall (NC) 12:30 pm Mexico Steering Committee Rose Wing Conference Rm. (NC) Monday, February 10 9:30 am Parent Growth Guild Rm. (SC) 4:00 pm Refugee Task Force Library (SC) 5:30 pm Friends of the Homeless Kitchen (SC) 5:30 pm Chillicothe Ministry Gathering/Closed Group Guild Rm. (SC) 6:00 pm Beneficiaries Committee Meeting Library (SC) 6:00 pm CPC Committee Brownlee Hall (SC) 6:00 pm Guild Group RSZ Guild Rm./Kitchen (SC) 7:00 pm Women’s MASS (Middle Age Solutions) Lincoln Rd. Chapel (SC)  7:00 pm For Moms Only Parent Group Library (SC) 7:00 pm Adult Learning Council Wicker Rm. (SC)  Tuesday, February 11 8:30 am Heart to Heart Food Pantry Open (until 1 pm) Annex Rm. 103/104 (SC)  10:00 am Tuesday at Ten: The Fourth Gospel Wicker Rm. (SC)  12:00 pm We Love You Staff Luncheon Brownlee Hall (SC) 3:00 pm Foundation Executive Committee Library (SC) 4:30 pm Grants Committee Meeting Guild Rm. (SC) 6:00 pm Whitechapel Ringers Rehearsal Rm. 111 (NC) 7:00 pm Akita Council Rose Wing Conference Rm. (SC) 7:00 pm For Dads Only Parent Group Guild Rm. (SC) 7:00 pm K-12 Council Rm. 128 (NC) 7:00 pm Tuesday PM: New Testament Personalitie Rm. 125 (NC) Wednesday, February 12 7:00 am Men’s Fellowship Brownlee Hall (SC) 7:00 am Men’s Study Group: Epistle to the Romans Wicker Rm. (SC)  9:30 am Women LIving the Questions: Daring Greatly Wicker Rm. (SC)  9:30 am NC Staff Enneagram Workshop Rm. 111 (NC) 5:30 pm Midweek Missions Rm. 115 (NC) 5:30 pm Kindergarten Choir Rehearsal Rm. 118 (NC) 6:00 pm Cherub Choir Rehearsal Rm. 118 (NC) 6:00 pm Back Bay Informational Meeting Rm. 113/Rev. Hett’s Office (NC) 6:00 pm NCDC Story Telling Meeting Library (SC) 6:00 pm Spiritual Searcher Committee Wicker Rm. (SC)  6:30 pm Junior Choir Rehearsal Rm. 118 (NC) 6:45 pm Middle School Midweek Missions Rm. 125/Rm. 130 (NC) 7:00 pm Wednesday Evening Bible Study Rose Wing Conference Rm. (NC) 7:00 pm Guild Group D Guild Rm. (SC) 7:15 pm Youth Bell Choir 1 Rm. 111 (NC) 7:45 pm Youth Bell Choir 2 Rm. 111 (NC) 8:00 pm High School Impact Rm.128/Rm. 130 (NC) Thursday, February 13 8:30 am Heart to Heart Food Pantry Open (until 1 pm) Annex Rm. 103/104 (SC)  11:45 am Contemplative 1: Teresa of Avila Wicker Rm. (SC)  4:15 pm Older Adult Council Brownlee Hall (SC) 6:30 pm Grandview Candlelight NA Lincoln Rd. Chapel (SC)  7:00 pm Jesus & History DVD Presentation Wicker Rm. (SC)  7:30 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal Sanctuary (SC) Friday, February 14 7:00 pm Valentine D's Celebration: DVD & Dessert Brownlee Hall (SC) Saturday, February 15 10:00 am Contemplative 3: Julian of Norwich Annex Rm. 105 (SC)  NC = North Campus, 3777 Dublin Road SC = South Campus, 1320 Cambridge Blvd.

 = Wheelchair inaccessible


8:30 am 8:30 am 10:00 am 11:00 am

Rev. Lindsay preaching (Burkhart Chapel, SC) Rev. Shaner preaching (Grace Hall, NC) Rev. Shaner preaching (Grace Hall, NC) Rev. Lindsay preaching (Sanctuary, SC)


Second Annual


& Barbeque

Sunday, February 23 • 5 - 7:30 pm Grace Hall, North Campus • 3777 Dublin Road, 43221 The evening will highlight the exotic culture and people of India and celebrate First Community Church’s involvement with Deep Griha. • Barbeque Dinner • Bollywood Dancing Instruction • Religious Lecture • Henna Hand Painting • Yoga

Tickets: $10 adult $5 children (12 and under)

Please make reservations in advance after Sunday worship services or online at

2 9 14 firstnews Sunday  
2 9 14 firstnews Sunday