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Top Tips For Creating Business Cards Which Stand Out

Business Cards Don’t Have To Be Boring • Business cards are an ever popular form of promotion, handy when networking, meeting with prospective clients/customers and entering the occasional business card prize draw! • Grab a handful of the business cards which you've accumulated recently and you'll notice that they all look pretty much the same. – White background? Check. – No photo? Check. – Rectangular shape? Check.

Business Cards • Anything which defies the conventions of a standard business card is going to stand out. • Consider our top tips before designing your next business card

Add a Photo! • This will help to jog people's memories, chances are if you are at an event or networking etc, you will get lots of business cards. • If you are talking to lots of people and taking their cards, chances are that they are too. So it's important to ensure that you get remembered. People are forgetful, they won't remember your name after meeting you once for a brief time. But faces, they are unforgettable.

Get Noticed! • Make your mark with a professional photograph on your card and you will increase the chances of getting that all important phone call or email!

Add Some Colour! • So many business cards make little use of colour, partly because it'll cost more to print in multiple colours, but partly because it's traditional. Why not use colour to your advantage and spruce things up a little? In a stack of white cards, a bright card is going to get noticed.

Consider Other Shapes • Why stick with a rectangle? Rectangles are not the only option! Think outside the box. Some fantastic inspiration for business cards can be seen here. • Maybe you sell a particular product, brainstorm some related shapes. Sell cars? Why not have a car shaped business card? This visual aid is going to set you apart.

Thanks For Reading! • We have covered just three considerations here. The key message is that no matter what the design, shape or size of your business card, make sure that you are getting the right message across. Everything on that card should encourage people to reach out and make contact.

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Top Tips For Perfect Business Cards  

Top tips for creating the perfect business cards.