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MI AE LIPE, Citizen Advocate, Washington State, USA


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Despite our ‘special relationship’, there are plenty of ways we differ on each side of ‘the pond’. How we learn to drive is one, potentially fatal, one PART 2 As I mentioned last month, my interest in traffic safety began from personal experience. I underwent driver education through my California high school, and after triumphantly getting my licence, I promptly got a job delivering and collecting rental cars, travelling up to 100,000 miles a year. I soon discovered that practically nothing I had 46 Intelligent Instructor

learned in my driver training had properly prepared me for real-world roads, especially multi-lane freeways, night driving, very tight parking spaces, and roadside emergencies. What a licence really meant was that now my real learning could actually begin—mostly by trial and error, with a few fenderbenders and a lot of speeding

tickets thrown in. Over the next 25 years, when I moved to different states and needed to apply for new driver licences, or take their written tests, I’d always glance at their driver guides. These contain the content one is tested on; the UK equivalent of which would be the Highway Code, Traffic Signs, Driving Essential Skills, and Hazard

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Intelligent Instructor July 2017  

Intelligent Instructor July 2017  

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