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MI AE LIPE, Citizen Advocate, Washington State, USA


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Despite our ‘special relationship’, there are plenty of ways we differ on each side of ‘the pond’. How we learn to drive is one, potentially fatal, one PART 1 Three right turns, three left turns, one lane change, parking on a hill, parallel parking, and reversing around a bend. All of this in potentially 15 minutes, and that includes debriefing between instructor and student. This is the practical road test and the last hurdle one has to clear before getting a first-time driver licence in the American state of Washington. There is a theory test, having to answer 32 questions out of 40 correctly, 48 Intelligent Instructor

but no hazard perception component, which seems a little ironic considering the mess on our roads and the obstacles that remain in the way of producing better, safer drivers.


In my opinion, and I’m not alone, this is a major factor in the huge, and rising, number of crashes on our roads, not least amongst young drivers. At the tail end of last year, a group of

us Americans popped over to see how you learn to drive in the UK, and possibly what helps you achieve some of the lowest road casualty figures in the world. The following is my view through the windscreen of driver training in the US, compared to the UK. We may like to be known for doing everything bigger and better over here, but this isn’t one of them. Think about this: If you’re under the age of 18 and want to

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Intelligent instructor issue 19 June 2017  

Intelligent instructor issue 19 June 2017  

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