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Celebration Sunday - March 31

UPCOMING EVENTS Every Sunday Morning*

After 14 months of construction, we will, by the middle of March, write the last check for the renovations to our Sanctuary, Welcome Center, Youth Center, Breezeway, and Restrooms! On Sunday, March 31, we will celebrate this milestone with:

9:30 AM Worship in the Sanctuary 10:45 AM Sunday School for All Ages

• Morning Worship as we give thanks to God!

5:00 PM Youth Praise Rehearsal 6:00 PM Youth Supper & Discipleship Gathering

• Update by our Future Story Capital Campaign. • Facility Tours of all the renovated areas and enhancement on our way to Sunday School.

Every Sunday Evening*

Every Wednesday Evening* 5:30 PM Fellowship Supper 6:00 PM Youth Group Prayer Time 6:00 PM HeartSongs & FBC Kids 6:00 PM Sanctuary Handbells 6:15 PM Mid-Week Prayer 7:15 PM Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal Sunday, March 3 9:30 AM Elementary HeartSong Choir in Worship 5:00 PM Visitation Night In Parlor 5 - 7 PM Lead Pastor Search Committee Meeting

Sanctuary Before

Sanctuary After

Monday, March 4 4:00 - 5:00 PM Personnel Committee Meeting in Conference Room Tuesday, March 5 2:00 PM Blood Drive in the Gym Wednesday, March 6 12:00 PM Community Lenten Services begin at Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Youth Center Before

Youth Center After

Bathrooms near Sanctuary Before

Welcome Center Before

Sunday, March 10 6:00 PM VBS Leadership Meeting at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Wednesday, March 13 6:15 PM Guest Speaker: Holly Sweat 6:45 PM Budget and Finance Thursday, March 14 8:00 AM Other Side of 50 Transportation Museum, and Tour of Spencer Trip Friday, March 15 6:15 PM Singles’ Bible Study

Bathrooms near Sanctuary After

Welcome Center After

Sunday, March 17 7:00 PM Deacons’ Meeting In Parlor Wednesday, March 20 6:15 PM Faith and Health Ministry Night Sunday, March 24 12:00 - 1:00 PM Brunch Buddies


Interim Pastor’s Corner

Community Staff Anniversaries

Making the Most of March! With the arrival of March, I’ve always been drawn in memory to the assassination of Julius Caesar. The witches in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar eerily chanted, “Beware the Ides of March.” They knew that Caesar’s days were numbered. Other than marking Caesar’s death, in reality the “Ides of March” was March 15, the day by which all Romans had to settle their debts in a given year. In America, of course, we settle our tax debt on April 15. Most people I know aren’t crazy about tax day, particularly when we realize just how many days in a year that we actually work for the government (as some say). Our sacrifice for our state and our country hardly compares, however, to what we remember that happened in March (or in some years April) long ago. We remember that Jesus settled our sin debt for us when he died on the cross. As impressive as it would be that someone would pay our annual tax debt, that hardly compares to Jesus paying our eternal debt—and not just ours but the whole world’s! In other words, while Caesar’s death made history, what Jesus’ death accomplished has even greater significance. His death touches everyone even when we are slow to acknowledge it and may never fully understand it. In truth, Jesus experienced everything that we women and men will one day experience in our future. And while death talk isn’t popular, and never has been, the beauty of the Christian faith is that God used the unthinkable to save us—even death—the death of Jesus on the cross. How His death saved us has perplexed most of us who have thought at length about it. What we know is that He died for us and on behalf of us. He did something that we could not do for ourselves. He gave His life as a ransom for us. He bought us out of slavery from our sins and out of captivity so that we could return to our home land to live again. He gave our lives back to us. What a gift! And as proof that what He did was right and good for us, God raised Him from the dead. (More about that next month!) Meanwhile, let’s live like our lives have been ransomed, like we have been redeemed, and that we were worth the pain that he suffered for us. Truly, Robert


Ashley Pearson Publication Coordinator March 1, 2017

Shannon Whatley Nursery Worker March 19, 2014

Brunch Buddies Investment into Lives We are thankful for a developing ministry in the life of our church. The Young Adult group (which meets on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings) is reaching out to the youth of our church to give encouragement along life’s spiritual journey. On the last Sunday of the month, you will likely see the young adults dressed in purple t-shirts and sitting with the youth. Following Sunday School, they will host the youth for lunch and fellowship. There are many needs that children and youth have but the greatest one is having caring adults to encourage their steps. Thanks for praying for these Young Adults as they serve. And, consider how we as a congregation can better reach out to Young Adults in our community who are thankful for spiritual conversations and opportunities to serve. Even as this group of young adults invests themselves into the lives of youth, so it is that they themselves are encouraged when older adults invest themselves into the lives of these young adults. We were recently reminded of the movie “Gravity” where, lost in space and losing resource to sustain life, an astronaut, all alone, says out loud, hoping someone might hear her voice: “No one will mourn for me. No one will pray for my soul. Will you mourn for me? Will you pray for me? I mean I’d pray for myself, but I’ve never prayed – nobody ever taught me how. Children, youth, young adults – it is to us, church, to walk with them as, together, we learn to pray that we honor God with the life that he has given us!


Jail Ministry Focus Proclaiming release from darkness for prisoners! For many years, our congregation has participated in the rotation organized by the Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association to minister with “good news” to those who are in jail in our county, either at the Uptown Jail (men and women) or at the Jail Annex (men only) in Shelby. Every week, on Sunday afternoon, there is a church making visits at our local jails. Our First Baptist Church “turn” comes around every 6 weeks or so. Also, there is a teaching opportunity on Thursday evenings at the Annex in which members from our church have been faithful to serve untiringly! We are at a season in the life of our church in which we need more volunteers who are willing to visit folks who are behind bars but who are hungry to hear the good news Jesus has to offer. And, it is a blessing to make these visits! FBC Deacon, Guy Suttle, is part of the jail ministry. “It is a wonderful ministry,” he says. “These men are at their lowest point and we just try to encourage them through the Gospel, and let the Holy Spirit take it from there. Many know Jesus but haven’t committed their lives to him. They are searching and want a better life. The Good News gives them hope for a better day.” Anita Cabiness has been a faithful servant as well and she reflects on the way she sees God at work in the ministry when she says, “I see God working in me.” She explains, “Each time I have had the opportunity to visit the women, I am amazed at the number of women who are eager, ready and waiting, for my visit. Many are reading the Bible when we arrive, some are patiently waiting, and others are witnessing to their neighbors. And yes, some are hiding under their bed covers, letting me know they are not interested in talking, though they listen in. But, those who are waiting are so appreciative of our prayer time together and so willing to share their needs.” Anita has noticed that “they are mostly concerned about sick parents, sick children, children left with relatives or social services, lonely spouses, and upcoming court dates. I see their desire to change but I also see the pull that the world has on them.” And that’s where Anita feels God at work in her heart on their behalf. “You see,” she remarks, “it is only by God’s grace that I or any Christian is not in their same situation. My payer is that my visits reflect God’s love and that the inmates will fully receive Christ, leading to changed lives.” Our FBC Jail Ministry will be active this year at the Annex on April 14, July 28, November 17 and February 2, 2020. They will visit at the Uptown Jail again June 30, October 20, February 16, 2020. Nicole Mosley at the Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association office arranges for the training times with the Sheriff’s Department that is required to be able to enter the jail through this ministry. As Anita shared, “The number of women inmates (and men) continues to grow and it is difficult to give much individual time without additional volunteers who will come with us! Jesus’ words remind us that what we do for the least of our community, we do for him.” Ken Crawley, a long-time servant in this ministry, thankfully comments, “I had an occassion one time when a man recognized me at a resturant and thanked me for coming to his jail cell and sharing Christ with him.” Ken continues, “As someone accepts Christ in their cell, God is physically sitting beisde you. He is there in your presence. It is Him.” 3

February Mission Night Recap

Encouragement from Mrs. Missy In His Service Often times I feel the burden of the needs of my ministry and often times the weight of it seems too much for me to bear. On many occasions when I have done this I have heard God reminding me in his sweet gentle voice that He will provide the people and the strength that I need to carry the heavy yoke of ministering to so many people. I see the hurts, the needs and the numerous time-taking tasks that must be done for the people to be ministered to and I can’t fathom how I will do it all. I do often feel like it is harvest season and I simply do not have enough hands or equipment that I need to tend the fields before the crop goes to waste. Jesus must have felt this on many occasions as he went around serving God, but he knew that God would be faithful to provide. I love the words of Jesus we find in Matthew 9 where he says to his disciples after their full “The harvest is day of ministry, “The plentiful but the harvest is plentiful but workers are few. the workers are few. Ask Ask the Lord of the the Lord of the harvest, harvest, therefore, to therefore, to send out send out workers into workers into his harvest his harvest field.” field.” So, join me friends as we step away from discouragement and into the encouragement of asking the Lord of the harvest to equip and send his workers for the ministry he has set before us to do here on earth. Together we can praise HIS name as he is faithful to provide all our needs as we live into the future that God has called us to do as a church body here at FBC Shelby and beyond.

Children’s Ministry 4

FBC Kids had a fun Mission Night in February. They were able to make Valentine’s and left them in various places through our church so that people that come to Sunday School or work in our church would find them and be encouraged in the love of Jesus.

Children Sharing in Worship 1st – 5th Grade Children Share in Worship on March 3! Our 1st – 5th Graders will be sharing in worship on Sunday, March 3. Please have your child here on Wednesday evenings so that they too may participate in sharing in worship. We are thankful for the beauty they bring as they help us turn our hearts to God through their serving in our worship services.

Journey to the Cross

Ash Wednesday, March 6 On Ash Wednesday, March 6, FBC Kids will be participating in activities to kick off the Lenten season. They will receive devotional journals and Lenten folders that explain the meaning of the season. The children will be able to understand why we focus on fasting, praying and giving to others as we prepare for Easter. It is a beautiful thing to see the children understand the importance of the sacrifice of Christ. Please encourage the children of your life to participate!

Community Vacation Bible School

Informational Meeting on March 10 at 6:00 PM At Mt Calvary Baptist Church We are participating in Community VBS from June 23-27 and FBC will be hosting. It is essential for us all to be a part in serving with our friends from Mount Calvary Baptist church and Central United Methodist Church. At Community VBS we will travel to Africa where we will ROAR for Jesus. At Roar, kids discover that God is good even when life get wild! Kids participate in memorable Bible-learning activities, sing catchy songs, play teamwork-building games, devour yummy treats, experience one-of-a-kind Wild Bible Adventures, collect Bible Memory Buddies to remind them of God’s love, and test out Sciency-Fun Gizmos. Plus, kids will learn to look for evidence of God all around them through something called God Sightings. Each day concludes with the Safari Celebration that gets everyone involved in living what they’ve learned. Come to the meeting so you can learn how you can empower children to ROAR for Jesus!!!

Cuba Mission Trip Silent Auction and Picker’s Sale Donations Needed! April 5, 2019

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to clean out? If you did, we have the perfect place to donate it! The High School youth are going on their International Mission trip to Cuba this summer and need your help. Bring in your items that you wish to donate. We accept new items and gently used items. No clothes please!

Youth Spring Break Retreat Charleston, SC April 15-19 Cost is $150 if you sign up by March 3.

Encouragement from Carol Ann The Valentine Banquet was a huge success! Thank you so much to all those who helped support the Youth. It was a great night, and we raised $8,400! Wow! Thanks be to God for the support!

Cost will be $175 after March 3. “Youth Bucks” are earned for tickets sold for the Valentine’s Banquet and hours worked to prepare the food, the entertainment, the setup and clean-up. The youth can use the youth bucks they earn to help cover their part of any youth trip. Community happens on youth trips as they study the Bible together and grow closer to each other.

Softball Season is here! All youth who want to play softball sign up with Carol Ann! Games will be on Friday nights and Saturday mornings.

Relay for Life May 17 FBC Youth will have a team this year and if you are interested in joining please let Carol Ann know. We will be selling Luminaires in memory or in honor of someone for $10, you can also buy a torch for $100 in memory or in honor of some one. Come and join us as we remember and celebrate lives. Luminaries and torches must be purchased by May 12.

It is time for Summer Camp — Passport Choices June 16-21 Sign up with a deposit of $50 by April 7.

Youth Ministry 5

Carrie Forgas

Interim Music Minister’s Corner By Baptism

Community Lenten Worship at 12:00 PM Wednesdays Beginning on March 6 Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Heart of Worship I can’t make you worship. None that are up front leading can. Hopefully the music that is played, the songs sung, the prayers lifted, and the Word preached help to draw your heart’s affection and your mind’s attention to Him, but, ultimately, it’s up to you. I’m always encouraging those that lead to make sure they themselves are worshiping (that’s really what worship leaders should be doing). I hope seeing someone worship inspires you to join in. Sometimes that happens spontaneously, but more times than not, it is intentional, where you enter the sanctuary resolved to worship Him, no matter what is sung or said. I often pray on Saturday night for the Lord to begin preparing my heart for worship. During this season of Lent, let me encourage you to go to the service with a worshipful heart before you ever enter the building. ~ Dr. Paul Etter

Followed by a soup and sandwich lunch, as our friends from Aldersgate invite our community to worship together.


Calvin Wortman

Carrie Forgas

Kay Greene

By Baptism

By Baptism

By Transfer of Letter

Faith & Health Night March 20 6:15 PM

Living in Victory Not Defeat Wednesday, March 13 at 6:15 PM Guest Speaker: Holly Sweat in the FBC Gym, following the Fellowship Supper. Holly recently lost her husband due to cancer. You will be inspired as she shares her unique insights of struggle, pain, and overcoming!


Come find out the facts about Colorectal Cancer on Wednesday, March 20. The speaker will be Tiffany W. Crank, MPH Cancer Program Development Specialist Disparities and Outreach Levine Cancer Institute – Cleveland, Rutherford Atrium Health.


Volunteers Are The Heart of Hospice! Our Cleveland County Hospice helps families know peace at a time of crisis in their lives. Part of the work is through the time given by volunteers who give a piece of their hearts to encourage families. For a small amount of time, volunteers make a BIG difference in someone’s life. Right now, Hospice has a great need for volunteers. Would you consider being trained to share the love of Jesus with your neighbors? The next training session will be at Hospice’s 951 Wendover Heights Drive, Shelby location on Monday, March 25, Tuesday, March 26 & Thursday, March 28 either from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM OR from 5:30 PM-8:30 PM each day (all days but at only ONE of the offered time slots). For more information or to register for the training call Krista Haynes at 704-751-3547.

Red Cross Blood Drive March 5, 2019 2:00 - 6:30 PM FBC Gym Call Mary Jones for an appointment 704-472-1729

Please Join Us for Wednesday Night Fellowship Supper! Adults $6 Children $2.50 Menu for March March 6: Hamburger steak with mushrooms and gravy, baked potato, rolls, salad bar, and dessert. March 13: Chicken alfredo over pasta, garlic bread, salad bar and dessert. March 20: (Breakfast Supper) Livermush, eggs, biscuits and fruit. March 27: Turkey and dressing, green peas, rolls, salad bar and dessert. Gluten-Free Options are available upon request.

Bereavement Ministry Focus “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” Romans 12:15 During days of grieving in the lives of members of our church family, we are blessed to be able to encourage our brothers and sisters by providing a meal for them on the day of the funeral (or the day before). We have organized ourselves with group captains who respond to the notification of a coordinator so as to call on our members to help provide a meal. When a member of our congregation dies, Bereavement Team Coordinator, Jennifer Burnette, contacts the family to determine their need. Jennifer then calls on the next group in the rotation and the captains make their plan. These groups are organized around the alphabet so that that our church membership makes up the groups in alphabetical sequence. This means that each of our church members may be called on to help with the preparation of the meal. Now, please know that we understand that due to work schedules or travel schedules, our members may not be able to prepare a dish for the meal when called – so no problem. However, if you are able to do so, then thank you for responding to the call to prepare a dish when a group captain calls for you to serve in this way. Time after time, families are so thankful for this ministry to their families during the difficult days immediately following the death of a loved one. And, we are thankful for everyone in our church who has been so faithful to prepare these meals in the past even as we make preparation for the future. While we are thankful for Jennifer’s creativity and leadership for the days to come, we are also thankful for the long-standing faithfulness of Lynn Moss and Linda Gammons who have served as Co-Coordinators for the past “many” years! They have been anchors in this ministry of care to our church family.


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