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January 1, 2017 10:00 a.m. New Year’s Sunday Worship in the Sanctuary (No Sunday School)

‘Lumberton Ladies’ Labor in the Love of the Lord! Several days after Hurricane Matthew marched across our state, June Yarboro was traveling on Hwy. 74 E and encountered a barricade at Lumberton. Police were directing all traffic onto I-95 S. No one could travel east or north! With her husband Ed at home directing her over the phone on the best route to travel, she traveled via Hwy 9 to Dillon, SC. Stopping for gas at the only station open, June noticed a sense of panic in the town. It was 6:50 p.m., and she realized that there was a curfew at 7 p.m. as a result of the storm. Everyone was hurrying to get what they needed and to get home. There were long lines of cars at the few fast food restaurants that had power. “Since Ed was sure that Hwy 9 was the route I should take I drove around a barricade, hoping that it just hadn’t been moved. After traveling five miles I came to another barricade where the bridge was out. I, again, had to find another route. I was alone. It was dark, and I was traveling on roads I had never been on before. Fallen trees all along the way had been cut down to allow traffic through. In Shelby, we knew the hurricane had hit eastern North Carolina, but that night the situation became a little more real to me,” June said. When June was back home, she asked her Sunday School class if anyone would be interested in going east to do some type of relief. So, in early December, four ladies from the Joy Sunday School Class joined forces with a group of volunteers from Cleveland County to work with the NC Baptist Men’s Disaster Recovery efforts in the eastern part of our state. They were originally scheduled to go to Fayetteville, but the day before they left they were assigned to Lumberton. “It was such a good feeling to be able to turn onto I-95 N at the same place the barricade had been before and to know that we were on our way help in whatever way we could,” June said. Joining June in the work were Susan Beam, Susan Grose and Marie Hendrick. These ladies served in Lumberton “fogging mold” in homes devastated by the hurricane. “We had the most awesome experience working with the Baptist Men,” said Susan Beam. “I didn’t realize the extent of their dedication until this trip. Our guide, Gerald, was a former plumber who was giving his service to the Baptist Men. We sprayed and fogged for mold in and underneath houses, met some amazing residents whose faith was so strong amidst all the devastation surrounding them, witnessed to and prayed with residents, and had our faith restored daily as we ‘put the love of Jesus in our walk’ as Paul, one of the Baptist Men, stated.” Susan Grose, our FBC Director of WMU, agreed saying, “We are looking forward to serving in some capacity again with the Baptist Men, as we received numerous blessings in the gift of our service in Lumberton.“   All four of these ladies are in the Joy Class taught by Dr. Sophia Steibel who interpreted the journey to her class calling the trip “a meaningful act of service in which our friends served as the hands and feet of Jesus!”

January 2 Church Office is Closed January 4 Wednesday Schedule resumes for all. 6:15 p.m. Missions Night in the Gym with Bryan Moffitt of CRU in Sweden January 8 2 p.m. Jail Annex Ministry 6 p.m. Winter Bible Study: Jonah meets in Webb Chapel January 12-16 Faith in 3D youth trip in Orlando, Florida January 15 9 a.m. Deacon Ordination and Commissioning Service in Sanctuary 6 p.m. Winter Bible Study – Jonah in Webb Chapel 7 p.m. First Deacon Meeting of 2017 January 16 8 a.m. Meet to leave for Children’s Snow Tubing Day – No School! January 22 6 p.m. Winter Bible Study: Jonah meets in Webb Chapel January 29 6 p.m. Winter Bible Study: Jonah meets in Webb Chapel January 30 6:30 p.m. ESL Classes resume in C-Building

Pastor’s Corner “Seeking the Peace and Prosperity of Our City”

In a New Year

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6

There will be many challenges, celebrations, frustrations, obstacles and joys in the coming year. God promises to be at work in every one of them (Romans 8:28). We will be ready for every turn in the road as we follow the proverbial instruction above and trust the Lord. Some things we can see coming already and some things will surprise us. But God will be there in every occasion. For me, I am anticipating surgery on January 10 to deal with damage in my digestive track due to Crohn’s disease. It’s not how I had hoped to begin the new year but you know all about that. Many of you begin the new year with hearts that are grieving the loss of loved ones or relationships or abilities. You have been facing fear and frustration and some have been met with the most difficult news of your lives. As we have prayed for one another, you have encouraged me by the way you have trusted the Lord through what you have gone through. Janet and I will trust Him as well, even as we are thankful for your prayers. The result, I am convinced, will be that we can set our sights on God’s provision for the journey of a new year, and, with Julian of Norwich of the 14th century, declare in our hearts, “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.” Even so, God intends for us to be at work in his Kingdom, even as we trust him to make all things well – regardless of what those things bring our way! So, let’s commit ourselves anew to living into our future so that we can one day look back and tell a story of church life at First Baptist Church that includes: • A Culture of Welcome that invites our neighbors into the Gospel Story of salvation and life that is truly life! • A Culture of Spiritual Formation whereby all our members intentionally take their next steps of growing in their relationship with God and thus becoming like Christ. • Intentional moves to minister to Children and Families and encourage their spiritual development. • Worship as our foundation for life together as community before God and through which we endeavor to connect with people who are not connected to a church. • Responsibility for telling the good news in creative ways in order to engage the 30,000 people who live around us who say they don’t have a relationship with Jesus or his church. • Full engagement with our neighbors through technological tools so as to best communicate the Gospel with them. This “Future Story” is already being lived out in the life of our church and I am looking forward to the way God continues to use it to pull us to become the church he expects us to be in greater and greater ways!


Pastor Tony

Community Missions Night is Jan. 4 at 6:15 p.m. in the gym. Bryan Moffitt will join us to bring us up-to-date on the ministry of CRU in Sweden.

Little of What I Am Learning by Bryan Moffitt

“In Mark 3:1-6, Jesus heals a man with a withered hand, but first he asks him to stretch it out. In doing so, he must put it on display before an on-looking crowd. His hand was this man’s source of shame, insecurity and uncleanness, but Jesus asked him to let it be seen so it could be healed. I’m often afraid to let my withered-ness be seen, so instead of getting to see Jesus heal it, I tuck it away and try to manage on my own. But, I’m learning that unless I’m vulnerable and let what I’d rather hide be seen, I am missing out on seeing Him move, and I’m tired of missing out.” Contact Bryan at to pray for and support his ministry!

Capital Campaign Pledges

Capital Campaign Pledges can now be given to the church using your regular offering envelopes or through our on-line giving portal accessible from the homepage of our website. The more we receive in advance of the construction will reduce our financing needs throughout the project. Find the online giving portal at the top of the home page and on the Connect page. Find the online giving portal at the bottom of each webpage and on the Connect page. Look for the symbol above. Also, notice the “Facilities Pledge” line on the New Offering envelopes!

Winter Bible Study: The Book of Jonah

We are thankful to have Dr. Cal Robertson, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Gardner-Webb’s School of Divinity, joining us on three of four January Sunday evenings as our Winter Bible Study Teacher. Dr. Robertson serves as a Deacon in our church, as well as an encourager of our youth and music ministries. He also is currently serving as part-time Minister of Music for Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. Cal will teach Jonah on January 8, 22, and 29 and we will have a reflective service on Jonah’s themes on Jan. 15.



The Story in Our New Logo: Part 4

The colors of purple and green come right from our sanctuary stained glass. The lead theme in each of our tall, narrow windows is the ‘vine and branches’. We see the clusters of purple grapes hanging beneath the green leaves on the branch upon entrance to the sanctuary. Jesus said, “I am the vine and you are the branches, the one who abides in me and I in him, the same brings forth much fruit. But, without me you can do nothing.” These colors expect from us a growing relationship with Jesus.

Lord’s Supper Benevolence Offerings

One group of carolers visit with Daisy Wiley after caroling.

Carolers Bring Music to Extension Members

Throughout the year when we observe the Lord’s Supper, it is also our practice to receive a Benevolent Offering at the door as we are leaving. The money we collect in this offering is used to help meet the emergent needs that arise in the lives of folks in our community. The gifts you give following the Lord’s Supper allow us to share the love of Jesus beyond the table and into hurting hearts. Also, through our Annual Ministry Plan Budget we provide $10,000 to the Greater Cleveland County Baptist Association for this specific purpose as well. This past year we provided $4,665.91 in assistance to help others because of this special benevolence offering. Thank you for your care in this way!

Lay Institute of Religion Classes by GWU

Faithful Service

Music Ministry News

We have been blessed by the faithful service of Dawn Anthony for a long time and you may not have even realized it! Ever since we began First Worship down in the gym years ago and until today with refreshments on the Breezeway, we have had a great team of volunteers who make sure the coffee is ready and the refreshments ready to go. It is a blessing for so much of our members to serve us in this way. For this entire time through this past December, Dawn has, without any recognition or fanfare, single-handedly organized the calendar of hosts making sure we have been cared for. With the beginning of the year, our Fellowship Team is going to take on this role but for quite a while we have been blessed by Dawn’s love for our church in this behind the scenes roll. Thanks Dawn!

Child Care Center Kudos

At the end of this past year Pat Sloan, one of our Child Care Center’s Pre-K teachers, was one of six teachers from across the state to be invited by the North Carolina Division of Child Development and Early Education to help approve curricula for use in the state. Pat and the other teachers worked together to also approve formative assessments for four-year-old classrooms in NC childcare and NC Pre-K. Pat has served on our Child Care staff since December of 1999, and we are so proud of her!

“I was so thankful for the carolers who came to sing for me last night.” Jean Branton, expressing the thanks of our Extension Members to Christmas Carolers.

• Session One (no charge, meets at Boiling Springs Baptist Church): “Islam, ISIS and Other Enquiries” led by Dr. Don Berry, Thursdays, Feb. 2 through 23 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. • Session Two ($40, meets in Lindsay 214 at GWU): “Reading the Bible for Personal and Communal Renewal” led by Dr. Sophia Steibel, Thursdays, March 9 through 30 from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

All State Youth Choir Auditions

FBC will host auditions for the NC Baptist All State Youth Choir on Saturday, Feb. 4. Youth who are currently in the 9th-12th grades and who are active members of Chapel Choir (Jubilate) are eligible to audition. If you are interested, sign-ups and coaching sessions will be offered beginning on Jan. 8.

NC Baptist Singers and Orchestra in Concert

FBC is honored to host the NC Baptist Singers and Orchestra, a group of 150 church musicians from across the state. They will gather to rehearse, and then present an awesome worship concert on Monday, March 27 at 6:45 p.m. Go ahead and reserve the date now!

For the January Music Ministry schedule, please see page 7.


Children’s Corner: A Message from Missy Happy New Year Well, here we are on the brink of a new year! Christ has come, and we have celebrated His birth. Now we start a New Year, and with that New Year comes renewed hope, peace, joy and love. That sure sounds similar to what we just experienced at Christmas. Christ came and brought us His light, which gives us this hope, peace, joy and love. These are the things I want in my New Year. How do we carry those same feelings into 2017? I could make a lot of resolutions for how I want to carry it all out, but for me it truly comes down to a condition of my heart. Am I seeking Him? Am I praising Him in every situation? Am I loving others the way that He would? Am I doing all I can to bring honor and glory to the King of Kings? If I were honest, I would answer “no” to all these questions. So truly in this New Year, I want to keep hope, peace, joy and love! The only way I see fit to do that is by simply doing what I did at Christmas…by celebrating my Savior instead of making resolutions I will not keep. Instead I will celebrate Him by praising Him, loving others, and doing my best to bring Him honor and glory. Thank you Father for the hope, peace, joy and love you give us! May we honor you in our celebration! Hope, Joy, Peace and Love, Missy

Family Snow Tubing Trip

Families are invited on a snow tubing trip on Monday, Jan. 16. The cost is $15 per person, which is nearly half of the normal cost. Sign up now in the Children’s Hall by Jan. 11! We will all meet at FBC Bus Parking Lot at on Monday, Jan. 16 at 8 a.m. to travel together to Jonas Ridge Snow Tubing to tube with our church family. This will be a fun-filled day and worth taking off work to go as your children will be out of school anyway. We will plan to stop for lunch on the way back down the mountain.

Children’s Wednesday Night Activities

We will start back with our normal Wednesday Night activities on Jan. 4 at 6 p.m. with HeartSongs and and HeartScriptures and Mission Friends. Please plan to come to participate and encourage your child’s spiritual growth.

HeartSongs Ministry Leads Us in Worship

We are thankful for our Pre-school and 5-year-olds and the Elementary School HeartSong choirs led us in worship with their songs this past December. Thank you to all who helped!

Children’s Ministry 4

Preschoolers Bring Joy

Our children visited residents at Brookdale to deliver cards and joy during this Christmas season.

January Youth Schedules

Regular Wednesday night youth activities will resume on Jan. 4! Sunday night youth activities will resume on Jan. 8!

Faith in 3D in Orlando

Faith in 3D Youth trip to Orlando is January 12-16. The balance is due by Jan. 8. Watch your mail for your packet of information!

Youth Mission Day

Youth Mission Day is Tuesday, Jan. 24. We will meet at the church in the youth room at 10 a.m. before we serve the community in love.

Valentine Banquet

The annual Valentine Banquet is Feb. 18. Tickets will go on sale on Jan. 18 and will be available at the church office or on the breezeway after worship! Look for the big red hearts. We need all youth and leaders to come on the Wednesday nights to prepare for the banquet.

Bible Facts to the Forefront

A story from Carol Ann, Minister of Students Carol Ann recently reported that it is obvious that her son, Will, has been spending a lot of quality time studying the Bible at First Baptist Church. Will was given a test at school on which he was to fill in the blanks to describe the cycle of water on the planet. When he came to the place where he was to write the name of the process by which water vapor emits from plants, which is “transpiration,” he wrote “transfiguration.” One small mistake on a science test – one giant leap in keeping Jesus ever on our minds! We thank God for Sunday School teachers engaging our children in God’s word each week!

We are thankful for our FBC Youth who led the church in Worship on the first Sunday of Advent, with the Hanging of the Green Service.

Youth Ministry 5



Adult Ministry ESL Ministry

The ESL Ministry resumes on Monday, Jan. 30. Please pray for this ministry, and help us connect with those in our community who can benefit from this ministry.

A New “Face” For Our Adults

Our former Senior Adult Ministry will now be called “The Other Side of 50”, as we plan for this new year. Coming next month will be a luncheon in the gym on Thursday, Feb 9 at 12 p.m. We will enjoy a catered meal and special entertainment with the Chickband. One of our own, Brenda Costner, is a member of this music group. Call the church office and sign up this special event.

Jail Annex Ministry

The next Jail Annex Ministry is Sunday, Jan. 8 at 2 p.m.

Encouragement Wins the Day

When we first unveiled our new church logo, Gwen Smart remarked to Teralea Moore that she didn’t like it because the black and white were just too stark. She thought it to be cold and unwelcoming. Teralea informed Gwen that it was purple, green and white. This was news to Gwen, who is color-blind. Upon leaving the Sanctuary and walking out to the breezeway, Gwen could tell the shirt displayed there was purple but still could not make out the green in the logo. “Being color blind is worse than one might imagine,” Gwen noted. A nice lady tried to point out the colors, and Gwen just shook her head. She went back up to see the logo before leaving the church that day and met a little girl standing before the display. The little girl said to Gwen, “I’m just learning my colors, too!” It’s always a great thing when we encourage each other along the way!

New Members

Join us in welcoming our new members into the fellowship of FBC. Angie Littlefair PO Box 681 Boiling Springs, NC 28017-0681

Louis and Susan Snyder 1271 Victoria Park Drive Shelby, NC 28150

Staff Anniversaries

Join us in celebrating and thanking our staff for their years of service. Jan Swartzbaugh January 2, 2015

Gene Booth January 2, 1997

Emily Monroe January 3, 1993

Recognition of Appreciation for Bryte Warrick


Donna Dryden January 9, 2012

After 11 years serving as our Keyboard Accompanist for our Worship Ensemble and Chapel Choir, we will recognize Bryte Warrick and extend our thanks and prayers as she ends her tenure with us to begin serving in music ministry at Beaver Dam Baptist Church as their Church Pianist. On her last Sunday with us, January 22, we will say a more formal “thank you” and provide an opportunity for the church to share personal words of thanks and prayer. Bryte will begin her service at Beaver Dam BC on January 29. We say THANK YOU, Bryte for your years of faithful service in God’s Kingdom through the Music Ministry of FBC, and we say CONGRATULATIONS on your recent engagement to marry Jeff Scism!



In the Sunday School Spotlight: By Reggie Ledford I have been teaching for 28 years, all of them here at FBC.

Why Do I Teach Sunday School?

This “assignment” led me to some major soul searching as I try to communicate the answer to the question that comes into my mind, “Why do I teach Sunday School?” Simply put, I feel that being asked to teach the Bible on a weekly basis is indeed a privilege chocked full of an amazing amount of responsibility. Think about this: every week the members of a Sunday School class give their teacher thirty to sixty minutes of their time to teach them how to live their lives. That’s astonishing! A teacher may have a wide variety of learners coming from many walks in life, living under varying circumstances, yet these individuals come to you on a weekly basis so that you can teach them and encourage them to live a godly life. Remarkable! What may appear to be a simple, straightforward Sunday School lesson on any given Sunday, week in and week out, may in reality be a life-changing lesson that could quickly impact or slowly mold a Sunday School member’s life as well as the lives of the next two or three generations that follow them. Everyone connected to those special members, including spouses, children, extended family, neighbors, coworkers, fellow church members and others can be impacted by any particular Sunday School lesson. Now that is true responsibility! It is Monday as I write, but I’m going to start preparing for next Sunday’s lesson right now!

Join Us for Wednesdays at FBC

Music Schedules for January

Supper begins at 5:30 p.m. Donation suggestion: Adults $5 and Children $2.50.

FBC Music Groups Back on Schedule in January

January Menu Jan. 4 Creamy Baked Chicken over Rice Pilaf, Vegetable Medley of Broccoli Florets: Green Beans, Yellow Carrots and red pepper strips, Yeast rolls, Wendy’s Pineapple surprise cake, and Salad Bar. Kids: Gluten Free Chicken Tenders/with adult veggies Jan. 11 Virginia Ham, Fried Okra, Candied Sweet Potatoes, Buttermilk Biscuits, Georgia’s Cherry Crunch Cobbler. Kids: Served same meal.

Children, Youth and Adult Music groups will resume normal schedules on Wednesday, Jan. 4 and Sunday, Jan. 8.

HeartSong groups (preschool & elementary), Sanctuary Handbells, and Sanctuary Choir resume on Jan. 4.

Youth Handbells and Jubilate (formerly known as Chapel Choir and Envision) resume on Jan. 8.

Jan. 18 Angus Hamburger Steak smothered in mushroom gravy( Perry’s Favorite), Baked Sweet Potato, Peti-Pan Roll, Wendy’s Peach Cobbler and Salad Bar. Kids: Gluten Free Hamburgers on Gluten Free Roll and Sweet Potato Fries Jan. 25 Grandma’s Turkey and Dressing with Giblet Gravy, Gluten Free Baked Macaroni and cheese, Green Peas, Wendy’s Coconut Cake and Salad Bar. Kids: Served same meal.


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