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Save the Date For Revival, September 8-10! “Revive us again! Fill each heart with Thy love! May each soul be rekindled with fire from above!” William Mackay Let’s prepare ourselves for Revival! Here’s some ways to do so: 1. Pray daily for your heart to be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit who will meet us in each service. The Lord has great things in store for our congregation here in the Heart of Shelby. 2. Renew your reading of the Bible so that you are fully engaged with God’s Word for us today! Clint Humphrey has written about revival in the Bible saying: “The biblical picture of revival is mapped out in the most unlikely of places and the most unlikely of people. In the book of Acts Chapter 8 Luke records that the lesser-known preacher Philip went north to Samaria, a place infamous for being irreligious and compromised. Just recall how it was a big deal that Jesus would even talk to the Samaritan woman or the irony of the ‘good’ Samaritan in the parable. In this unlikely place with an unlikely preacher, something simple happened. Philip preached the Word of God. Then the people paid attention to the Word of God. When masses of people stop paying attention to their phones and start paying attention to God’s Word, you know something powerful is happening. In Samaria, the people were ‘of one accord’ in paying attention to the Word. That means that they had unity around the Scriptures. No more competing special interests. No more Left or Right. No more dog eat dog. Instead unity around God’s Word. And Luke says that “there was much joy in the city” as a result.” 3. Pray for the preaching of God’s Word and the worship that will surround that preaching that through it all we will be a people who surrender to God’s call on our lives to be formed into the image of Jesus for all of Shelby to see. 4. Sunday School Classes – Be sure to call every member on your roll and inform/invite them to the Revival. These are crucial days in the life of our church as we are seeking new leadership and ministerial presence. This is a great time for us to come together in preparation for the great thing God is fixing to do in and through us!

Interim Pastor’s Corner

With summer months drawing to a close, it’s time to think about what August and September have in store—plenty! Some will return to school. All will settle in to a somewhat familiar routine. Both August and September, like your summer vacation, require preparation. There are school supplies to be bought, clothes or uniforms to be purchased, and travel arrangements to be made for the children. And on and on the list goes, including planning a REVIVAL. Yes, revival is on our calendar, on our hearts, and on our minds—September 8, 9, and 10. When the deacons and I began to discuss revival, I posed a simple question to them: “How will you know when we have had a successful revival?” It wasn’t a trick question. I wasn’t trying to be difficult. I had no hidden agenda. I genuinely wanted every deacon to answer that question. So, how do you answer the question? While you are pondering your question, may I take us back to our Wednesday evening Bible study a few weeks ago? In making our way carefully through the Gospel of Mark, we arrived at Mark 4. A transition in the Gospel occurs at this point when Jesus begins to teach in parables. Up till now Jesus had called disciples, healed the sick, cast out evil from people, forgiven sins, and even reconstituted the family to include new fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers—any who follow Jesus. And with the same authority, He begins to teach. And His very first parable contains the answer to our “Revival” question—frankly the answer to the question of our lives. The hearers of the parable are standing on the “earth,” although most translations say “land.” Jesus stands in a boat on the edge of the shore and begins to throw his words into the lives of the people. In the same way that the sower throws his seeds and they fall onto all kinds of “earth” (same word!), Jesus’ words fall on all kinds of people. Every hearer of Jesus is some kind of earth. There is the packed earth—the path. There is rocky ground. There is thorny ground. And there is good ground. At every moment in our lives, we are one of these kind of ground. Every time we come to church, we are some type of soil. Sometimes we are stubborn, hard-headed, and hardhearted—packed earth. Sometimes we are “surface” people—soil that looks good on the surface, but the rocks are just below the surface. Sometimes we get wrapped up in things, life things, our own work for things, to the point that our spirits gets choked. Sometimes we are fertile soil. But notice that Jesus pays more attention to the questionable soil—because He knows that this is how we are most of the time. Not once does Jesus ever direct His hearers to look left or right, behind us or in front of us, to see what kind of soil anyone else is. We are only to answer one question every moment of every day: “What kind of soil am I right now?” And if I am soft, fertile ground, open to hear Jesus’ words, I WILL be revived. It’s that simple.


Calendar - August 2019 Sunday, August 4 5:00 PM Deacon Call Center Outreach Monday, August 5 4:00 PM Personnel Committee Meeting Tuesday, August 6 12:00 PM Stewardship Committee Meeting Wilderness Trail Team Returns Sunday, August 11 9:30 AM Baptism During Morning Worship 6:00 PM Churchwide Picnic Friday, August 16 6:15 PM

Singles’ Bible Study

Sunday, August 18 9:30 AM Blessing of the Backpacks during Worship 5:30 PM

Sunday School Matters Session #3

7:00 PM

Deacons’ Meeting

Wednesday, August 21 6:00 PM

FBC Kids End-of-Summer Party at Ruby Hunt YMCA

Thursday, August 22 5:45 PM

Weekday Ministries Orientation

Sunday, August 25 9:30 AM Morning Worship with Parent/Child Dedication 10:30 AM

Regular Quarterly Church Conference

12:00 PM

Brunch Buddies in the Gym

5:00 PM

Back to School Prayer Walk

Monday, August 26

So, see you at the “Revival!”—this coming Sunday.

8:00 AM


Friday, August 30


3:30 PM

Prayers for students back to school

Youth Depart for Camp Awanita

Capital Campaign Update Celebrating Our Future Story Space Goals

We are a blessed congregation by the generosity and faithfulness of our membership. Thank you for your pledges toward our now-completed construction goals and for making your gifts on time during this year. Remember, this year, 2019, is year “4” of the 5-year pledges we made so let’s be sure to complete our pledge promises by the end of the year to keep us on track – so far, so GREAT as you have been up-to-date! You’ll remember the last report we received from the Capital Campaign Team helped us to see that we were $196,000 short of having the entire project funded through our pledges. They challenged us then to consider either extending our pledges for one year OR making a one-time gift to make up that difference. Here’s a report on how that challenge has been received. If you have not had a chance to respond, feel free to see a Capital Campaign Team member or call Donna in the church office and she can receive your challenge contribution. This is a wonderful report! Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord and his church! Shortfall in Pledges as of April 2019 One-Time Gifts Received to Reduce the Shortfall One-Year Pledge Extensions thru 2021 Pledges Extended thru 2025 NEW CHALLENGE TOTAL Needed to Reduce Shortfall

$196,000.00 -$ 41,489.81 -$ 48,180.00 -$ 40,000.00 $66,330.19

Sunday School Matters – Session 3

Assimilation and Transformation We continue our strategy/training sessions for Sunday School teachers, leaders and members on Sunday, August 18 at 5:30 PM in the Webb Chapel. This month our topics will be “Assimilation” and “Transformation.” Researchers have found that Sunday School is “unrivaled” in assimilating people into the life of the church. While churches have many wonderful ministries and missions, none of them, including corporate worship, are as effective in encouraging people to be the part of the body they are intended to be as the Sunday School does. Plan now to be part of this training time as we strategize together to encourage those whom God places in our body: “God himself has set the members in the Body as it has pleased him.” 1 Cor. 12:18

Quarterly Church Conference – August 25

Thanks for praying for and responding to our Nominating Committee!

Following worship on Sunday, August 25, we will have our regular August Church Conference. We will receive a report from our Nominating Committee regarding places of leadership in the coming year. Thank you for your prayers for our Nominating Committee (Jennifer Burnette, Chair, Tracy Harper, Lucy McDaniel, Susan Snyder, and Dawn Price) as they enlist our members to serve on committees and teams and as deacons. Please give them your input about those members you would recommend to serve as deacons.

And….Save these dates!

Once this year’s committees and teams are elected we will have a series of training times so that they are well-briefed about their responsibilities for the coming year. Watch for these training times on Sunday, September 15, 22, and 29.


FBC Kids Camp Caraway Reflection During Mission Time at Camp Caraway this summer FBC Kids learned about the importance of being missionaries where we are located. Our speaker used the Great Commission as his reference. “Make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Matthew 28:19. He used this as encouragement for us to go be missionaries, and also to challenge us that as we go through life, we represent the love of Jesus in everything we do. Saying that we should be living in a way that our actions are ones that make disciples of Jesus. The kids were challenged to not just “fit in Jesus” in what they do but “to do Jesus” with everything they fit into their daily lives and everywhere they go including, sports, school, video games. Wherever they live, work and play show Jesus there. This way when people see them they will know there is something different about them. At recreation they played a game that is similar to dodge ball; through this game we were able to see by the people that were eliminated the large amount of people in the world that have not been reached with the love of Jesus. After recreation we took time to talk about ways we could reach these unreached people with His love. I was blown away by some of the answers these kids gave in showing Christ love to people in their lives and around the world. After hearing the children tell of their plans to share the love of Jesus the thought came to me…. “What if we as adults had hearts like these kids????” Taking the challenge to share Christ’s love everywhere we go. I can’t imagine what HE would accomplish through us if we did. I feel certain there would be many less unreached people groups around the world. May the challenge from the little children ignite the flame of a torch within all of us to shine the light of Jesus to people that do not know him.

Mega Monday

Wacky Wednesday

Mega Mondays have been a fun part of our summer! Our kindergarten through 5th graders have been able to learn about walking with Jesus as they have learned who JESUS is. As they traveled to amazing locations such as Discovery Place and Lazy 5 Ranch, they learned that Jesus is, Savior, Rescuer, Giver and Helper. Thanks for supporting them!

The youngest members of our congregation learned wonderful truths about who Jesus is this summer. They have learned: God promised Jesus, Jesus can do all things, God had a plan for Jesus, and God also has a plan for them. It has been beautiful to see their excitement each week as they learn more about Jesus.

FBC Kids and Families Water Night

Baby Dedication August 25th at 9:30 AM

Join us at the Ruby Hunt YMCA on Wednesday, August 21 at 6 PM for our Back to School Bash Family Water Night! We invite all FBC Kids and their families to come. We will serve pizza and celebrate all that God has done this summer through FBC Kids and get excited about walking with him in the new school year. Sign up on the FBC Kids Hall, by email to, or, on the link below.

We are so thankful for the families God has placed within our church. As there have been several new babies born within the past year we are planning a baby dedication. In this, we will demonstrate our love and encouragement for these children and their families as we dedicate them to the the Lord. If you know a family of a little one in our church that would like to participate please have them contact us today at Thank you for encouraging the spiritual growth of the little ones in our congregation.

Children’s Ministry 4

Cuba Reflections - 2019 This trip was a humbling reminder that relationships are the most important treasure in life – far more than any material item, for that, I am truly grateful. – Jon

I’ve changed the way I look at things because we may not think we have a lot but we have so much more. Lots of things we take for granted, like walking to a store around the corner. I’m so happy and thankful I got to go to Cuba and experience that lifestyle. – KK

I saw God working in every aspect of this trip and am so grateful and thankful for the many ways he blessed it. - Linh

The people of Cuba blessed me with their heartfelt expressions of praise to the Lord, their openness to foreigners in their homes and churches, and their welcoming spirit. Tara

This trip gave me the opportunity to use my gifts of service and compassion in ways that I don’t normally get to back home. Trey

I had to completely trust God this week. God was my right foot! - Annmarie

I’ve been claiming the scripture that “the joy of the Lord is my strength” and I am so thankful that I felt that joy and strength this week. Our time in Cuba brought me great joy in the Lord as we shared Christ’s love with each other. - Becca

Awanita - Back to School Retreat August 30 - September 1

Sign up by August 11 and pay $140 to go! Use Youth Bucks after you make a $50 deposit!

Youth Ministry 5

Interim Music Minister’s Corner Final Thoughts Well, as the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end. I’ll be ending my time of service with you in August, just a couple months short of two years (wow, how time flies). Some notices have said that I’m returning to my full-time responsibilities at GWU, but that’s not quite accurate. I’ve been doing my full-time duties there all along, but, beginning this academic year, my responsibilities will increase greatly due to a reaccreditation the music department will be facing, and so any extra time I have will be given to that instead of being able to serve in a music position in a church. It’s been a pleasure leading worship and working with the Worship Ensemble and Sanctuary Choir these many months. You have made Jeanne and me feel very welcomed – thank you. I hope I was able to help you come to the throne of our Lord during those times of worship. Let me encourage you to be more conscious of your actions during the worship services – joining the choir or worship ensemble is a great way to do that, but even more importantly is knowing why you are there in the first place. Is the audience of One pleased with your actions/thoughts/focus during that time? Will the Lord be saddened if you are not participating in some way? If there is one thing I hope I’ve accomplished while being here, it’s stressing how important is YOUR worship – the church as a whole, yes, but, more importantly, you as an individual. Merely watching and listening is not worship. But, you already know that – yes? May the Lord bless you as you continue this journey with our Lord! Thanks again! ~ Dr. Paul Etter

Have you been obedient to the Lord’s call? Even as Jesus submitted to the baptism that John the Baptist was offering in the Jordan River, so it is that he expects us to be as submissive. Since Jesus was tempted in every way as we are yet without sin, He was not in need of a baptism of repentance. Even so, he stood in the waters of baptism in order to identify himself with all those who are in need of repentance! He identified himself there for all of us for whom he would go to the cross in order to reconcile us to the Father. So, when it comes to our baptism, we have the opportunity to express our obedience to God’s call upon our lives by identifying ourselves with Jesus as Lord and Savior. Like putting on a uniform before taking the field with the team, so it is that our baptism signals to all that we are walking with Jesus now. Have you been obedient to follow Jesus in baptism? On Sunday, August 11, we will be having baptism as part of our worship service. If you need to talk with our ministers about being baptized in preparation for that service, please call the church office!

Parent/Child Dedication August 25 We are planning for a parent/child dedication service on Sunday, August 25. If you would like to participate please email us at children@fbcshelby. org as we are preparing the service.

Baby Bottles on the Tables Supporting the Ministry of Pregnancy Resource Center


Remember to place your spare change, and the folding money too, into the baby bottles on the tables at Wednesday Night Fellowship Supper on the first Wednesday of each month. This collection of donation will be sent to help the work of Pregnancy Resource Center in Shelby. To learn more about their ministry go to:

Church Picnic August 11 at 6:00 PM in the FBC Gym Featuring: Youth Praise Team and Cuba Mission Celebration 5:30 PM Gather for Games 6:00 PM  Fellowship Supper 6:30 PM  Community Celebration with Youth Praise Team Plan to bring either chips or desserts to share!

The Stew There was a recipe circulating on Instagram featuring thirteen ingredients, including chickpeas and coconut turmeric, and touted to be the greatest wintertime meal. While you will not be reading that recipe here, we do hope to highlight “the stew” of discipleship by discussing the biblical ingredients of “stew”-ardship in the life of followers of Jesus. Your Stewardship Committee has begun meeting and has set a pace for ourselves that will encourage the hearts of our congregation as we look together into the spiritual dynamics that result in generosity of time, talent and treasure surrendered for service in God’s kingdom.  Thanks for your prayers for us and please be ready to interact with the foundational lessons from Scripture that we will examine together! Dawn Anthony, Chair, Lee Gilliatt, Danny Hawkins, George Hall, Eduardo Steibel, Tina Still.

Welcome New Member

Robbie Ann Frasher By Statement of Faith

Prayers for Our Search Committees Thank you for your consistently faithful prayers for our Lead Pastor Search Committee and our Interim Minister of Music Search Committee as well. They are giving of themselves on our behalf and dependent upon us all holding them up in our prayers.

FBC Child Care and Mother’s Morning Out

Parent Orientation Thursday, August 22 at 5:45 PM in the Gym At 5:45 PM we will greet and eat. At 6:15 PM we will meet. RSVP by August 12 to or call 704-482-3460. Register for door prizes. Must be present to win.

We Are Thankful for our Foster Grandparents! First Baptist Church Child Care is so thankful and grateful for our Foster Grand Parents. Front row, left to right:  Cathy Oliver, Patricia Black.  Back row, left to right:  Edna McCluney, Mattie Wilson, Edna Wright. 7

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