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PASTOR’S PEN Summer has been a time of relaxation and reflection. We experienced rest and unrest, peace and turbulence, hope and despair. The moments of relaxation allowed the body to restore itself and the mind to be refreshed. Strengthening our bodies provides the opportunity for greater spiritual alertness and sensitivity. These moments open our hearts to embrace the love of God and feel close to our fellow man.


o w e v e r , r e f l e c t i o ns on current events cause us much consternation and travail. We are troubled by the discord in the social fiber of our nation. The national sin of racism in America is disheartening and worsened by the unprofessionalism of our President. The discord created by the response of the occupant of the White House to the Charlottesville white supremacy demonstrations has levied a tremendous measure of despair.

The progress we thought was made in the ’60s and ’70s in Civil Rights was clearly shown to be dormant or nonexistent. The devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey is over whelming and disconcerting to the human spirit. Twelve years after the peril of Hurricane Katrina, a massive disruption of human life has been delivered by Harvey. Economic consequences of Page 2

this storm will impact the daily lives of all America.


is times like these that we need to know a Savior. We are compelled to call on the One who has created and sustained us. It is in Him that we find our peace, hope and deliverance. The Gospel of John 16:32-33 reminds us: “But a time is coming, and has come, when you will be scattered, each to his own home. You will leave me all alone. Yet I am not alone, for my Father is with me. I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”


must keep faith and know that our victory is sure. We have a history of trials and trouble… and triumphs. Let us now proceed with our ministry for the Fall with great expectation and enthusiasm. Please be faithful to your duties and commitment to God and your church. To God we give the glory.

Missionary Ministry Report for September, 2017 By Missionary Colleen Sweatt “Delegation And Affirmation” The Holy Scripture indicate……“The Lord now chose seventy-two other disciples and sent them ahead in pairs to all the towns and places he planned to visit…….” Luke 10:1 (NLT) The question for us to ponder this month is this…….Is delegation something that is hard for you? When faced with a choice between letting others do a task or you doing it yourself, do you tend to sigh? “It is easier for you to do it yourself?” Do you give others, such as coworkers, relatives, or friends, not only the responsibility but the needed authority to get the job done----- (even if it means seeing it done their way instead of yours)? Certainly, Jesus had more reason than any of us to avoid delegating His work to others. When it came to proclaiming His kingdom, He had every right to lack confidence in His peculiar band of followers (who were still in training). Jesus had experienced their failings and mishaps firsthand (Luke 9:10-50). Yet He sent out seventy additional workers with full authority to preach, teach and heal on His behalf (10:1, 16). In doing so, Jesus affirmed one of the often heard, but less often practiced concepts, “delegation and training”! Yes, delegation and training is one of the most important tasks of any manager. Jesus gave the seventy disciples detailed instructions before sending them out to do “His” will (19:2-12). However, a study of His discipleship methods shows that Jesus was just as concerned about their personal spiritual growth, as He was regarding their individual tasks to be accomplished. Jesus hardly needed seventy neophytes to help Him! However, Jesus was clear, people mattered and His disciples would grow, if they were given real responsibility and authority. No wonder the seventy returned “with joy” and excitement, regarding their experiences (10:17). Yes, they

were excited because as a result of these experiences, their lives would never be the same again! As we consider training, equipping and empowering people for service. Whom do you need to give more responsibility to, that they can attain greater encouragement? Is it a brother, sister, friend, co-worker, colleague or a neighbor? Pray about it, think about it, and then ask God to lead you to make a decision! Recently in July, “The Missionaries” attended The Baptist Convention of the District of Columbia and Vicinity, Women’s Auxiliary Prayer Brunch. The Theme of the event was: “Growing Spiritually Through The Word of God.” This event was held at The Antioch Baptist Church Washington, D.C., The Reverend Dr. Eric Baldwin, was the Host Pastor. The Guest Speaker was, The Reverend Dr. Kecia A. Hill, Pastor, New Mount Olive Baptist Church, Washington, D.C. “The Missionaries” will resume their outreach to the Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home, the 1st Sunday in September (9/3/2017). We would like for you to join us, that together we can bring joy and happiness to the residents and staff at the nursing home. Meanwhile, we will continue to make calls and visits to our sick and shut in members, that they can be encouraged and blessed! Additionally, “The Missionaries” are requesting canned meats and other nonperishable food items for the food closet. There are many families who are in crises situations, who could benefit from your thoughtfulness and generosity! May God’s Light continue to Shine brightly upon You and bring You Peace…...Amen.

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Jesus, The Best Friend To, The Despised, The Lost And The Rejected (Luke 19:1-10) By Reverend Donald D. Robinson and Deacon Bruce Roberson

During the month of September and October “The Men’s Ministry of First Baptist Church will be engaged in an aggressive campaign to motivate “The Men of FBC” to be more committed to “Evangelism and Discipleship.” In other words, we’re going to reach back, reach down, reach out and reach forward to rescue those who are still, “Lost Outside The Ark of Safety”! Therefore, we’re inviting all men and boys to join “the Men’s Ministry” on Saturday, September 16, 2017 (from 9:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m.) as we launch these “Life Saving Efforts”. Too many young men, as well as, older men are being lost to the world. As the body of Christ, we’re commanded to reach out to rescue the lost (Mathew 28:18-20). Speaking of the lost, I’m reminded of a familiar story about a man named Zacchaeus who once was lost. He was rich and had many of the financial and material blessings of life. However, he was so ungrateful until one day he met Jesus. Then his whole life changed for the better! In the 19th chapter of Luke, we find this lost man is named Zacchaeus, who is a rich tax collector. Zacchaeus was not lost geographically, but morally and spiritually, because of his greed, rebellion, disobedience and selfishness. God had blessed him with accounting knowledge and tax code expertise to help people with their taxes. However, he misused his talents and abilities to steal, rob and exploit people! As a result, Zacchaeus was disliked, ostracized and rejected by his own people. Yes, Zacchaeus wasn’t a run of the mill tax collector; he was “The Chief Tax Collector.” As “The Chief Tax Collector,” Zacchaeus also encouraged other unscrupulous tax collectors to mistreat many of their own people. Sometimes tax collectors would impose the equivalent of a “surcharge” or “users fee” on the people they collected taxes from. As you can well imagine, this transaction was ripe with corruption and greed. However, in the midst of all of this corruption and exploitation, Jesus came in town! Unlike Zacchaeus, Jesus was a good friend, spiritual leader and a moral example. Through “His” example, Jesus demonstrated how we should reach out to “rejected and despised persons. Jesus also showed us what happens to despised and rejected people, “when they have a spiritual encounter with Jesus! The streets were jammed with people waiting to see Jesus. Therefore, Zacchaeus, this very short, diminutive fellow, couldn’t see or hear Jesus clearly. Therefore, he climbed up into a sycamore tree, that he could better see and hear what Jesus was saying! Despite his physical limitations, you get the sense, that Zacchaeus was very serious and very determined to see and hear Jesus that day. I wonder how serious are you, about getting closer to Jesus? The reality is that each of us has some limitations or challenges which hinder us from getting to Jesus. However, if we’re serious, we’ve got to work harder to overcome these limitations which hinder us. You might not have a physical limitation like Zaccheaus; it could be spiritual, emotional, psychological, moral or financial. However, whatever your limitation or challenge, the question is, are you willing to let Jesus help you to overcome these limitations? Let’s look further at Zaccheaus and what he did to overcome his limitations. First, Zacchaeus Took The Initiative To Get Closer To Jesus Zacchaeus took the initiative to position himself to hear and see Jesus better. You get the sense that rather than except his limitations of height, Zacchaeus decided he would elevate himself that he could better hear and see Jesus. Sometimes in life, we have challenges, limitations or obstacles in our way, which prohibit us from being closer to Jesus. If we’re serious, we have to be determined like Zacchaeus to take the initiative to do whatever is necessary to be closer to Jesus. In other words, get to Jesus….”by any means necessary”! Are there some adjustments or some changes you need to make in your life, that you might be closer to Jesus? Page 4

Secondly, Zacchaeus Didn’t Get Distracted By The Murmurings Of The Crowd There were doubters, nay sayers and murmurers in the crowd, who questioned Jesus’ Judgment and discernment. They wondered why is Jesus honoring these sinners by fellowshipping and breaking bread with them. To break bread with another person was an honorable and ennobling experience, which esteemed people. Perhaps the religious leaders didn’t want Zacchaeus friends to believe they were really respectable and honorable people because they were with Jesus! Obviously, “the murmers and naysayers,” forgot that they too were once sinners, who had been cleansed, healed and delivered by Jesus! Zacchaeus was really demonstrating his keen awareness of repentance! He knew repentance was not a random series of events, but an ongoing lifestyle of humility, gratitude, selflessness, sacrifices and suffering! Zacchaeus was also reminding us that, repentance is also the willingness to demonstrate our gratitude to God by the way we are concerned about the well being of others. In fact, Zacchaeus stated….I will give half of my goods to the poor. “Further, he said, “if I have taken anything from anybody by false accusations or taken more than I was due, I will restore that person four times the amount I stole from them”. Perhaps we need to ask ourselves, are we practicing an example of repentance”. Am “I” in the appropriate spiritual alignment with God and humanity? Do “I” try “my” best to treat everyone right? Or am “I” distracted by the crowd? Am “I” busy trying to keep up with everything people are saying about “me” on “face book,” twitter, snap chat, or instagram? Thirdly, Jesus Wants Us To Be Closer To Those Who Feel Rejected If Jesus had passed by that sycamore tree and never looked up, perhaps we would not know Zacchaeus the way we now know him. However, because Jesus was also looking for Zacchaeus, Jesus found Zacchaeus also looking for “Him!” If Jesus came to your neighborhood would “He” find you looking for “Him” and caring for those who are despised, lost and rejected? When Jesus looked up and saw Zacchaeus trying to get a better view of “Him,” Jesus paused and said….”Zacchaeus hurry, come down, for I must stay at your house today”! This text tells us that….Jesus extended the hand of salvation, love and redemption to Zacchaeus! Jesus didn’t say…I would like to stay in your house or I’m thinking about staying at your house. No, Jesus said emphatically…”Zacchaeus, I am going to stay in your house today”! In other words, it was already on Jesus heart to do something special for Zacchaeus regarding his sin problem. That’s why Jesus went out of “His” way to be where Zacchaeus was! Today, Jesus wants you to know….Just as Jesus got closer to Zacchaeus, that he might feel Jesus warmth, friendship and love. Jesus wants each of us to get closer to a stranger and be a friend to “The Despised, The Lost And The Rejected”! Jesus could have stayed with any number of people that day. Anybody would gladly have accepted Jesus’ dinner invitation. But Jesus didn’t just ask anybody, in fact “He” didn’t even ask the Chief Priest, The mayor of Jerusalem, a cardinal, a bishop, a president of a bank, a rabbi of the largest mega synagogue, the Chief of police or the Chairman of the Jerusalem Board of Trade, to let “Him” be their dinner guest. No, to the contrary, Jesus reached out to Zacchaeus who was, once among the rejected, the despised and the hated! Because of Jesus, Zacchaeus is no longer a despised person, a hated person or a lost person. He is a giver, a contributor and a blessing to society! Don’t forget to come to “The Men’s Ministry” breakfast on Saturday, September 16, 2017 and by all means, bring a friend, that they too might meet Jesus! Additionally, please mark your calendars for these important dates, Saturday, October 14th (9:00 am to 12 Noon) and Sunday, October 15, 2017 from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm (these dates represents the beginning of the men’s celebration, two Sunday worship services and the Sunday School Class). All of these dates comprise our ANNUAL FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH MEN’S DAY CELEBRATION. We look forward to seeing you on that weekend of celebration.

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2017 Annual Men’s Day Celebration “Strong Men Seeing God’s Vision in Challenging Times”

Prayer Breakfast Saturday, October 14, 2017 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Worship Services Sunday, October 15, 2017 7:50 a.m. & 10:50 a.m. First Baptist Church 712 Randolph Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20011

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First Baptist Church Men’s Ministry Fellowship Breakfast Saturday, September 16, 2017 9:00 am – 11:00 am First Baptist Church 712 Randolph Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20011 (Lower Auditorium)

All men and boys are welcome to join us for this occasion of fellowship, feasting and fun. Please bring a guest, because the more the merrier! Reverend Dr. Frank D. Tucker, Senior Pastor Deacon Bruce Roberson, President Reverend Donald Robinson, Spiritual Advisor

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Applying the Lessons Learned From Sunday Morning Church School (Part #1) Brother Kevin Shamblee for Christian Education

During this past summer, there were a number of wonderful lessons learned in the Sunday

morning Church School classes. This summer we studied the struggles and triumphs of the many noted biblical personalities during the Old and New Testaments period. There were numerous points of interests covered in each of these lessons. The Biblical stories of Moses, the Old Testament Judges and Prophets were of great enrichment. There were also Biblical stories of New Testament individuals to include Philip who was called to serve the less fortunate, Ananias, Peter and Cornelius. The collective hopes and prayers were that, as we continue to study the lives of these individuals, our own lives would be greatly blessed. Therefore, during the next few months, it is with great commitment and prayers, that your faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be strengthened by the sharing of these lessons.


First lesson for this month of September begins with the call of Moses in the Old Testament Book of Exodus. Many have read this story or saw movies of Moses. We are so familiar with this story of babies being cast into the river and in bulrushes. We are also aware of Moses’ departure to the land of Midian after news of him killing an Egyptian became known to many people including Pharaoh. Additionally, while in the land of Midian, Moses was tasked with a special assignment from God. He was asked by God to return to Pharaoh and demand the release of God’s children. How often do we welcome a monumental task such as this? This was not like starting at the bottom and working our way up. This was a major task for a man who fled in fear from Egypt, only to return with major demands. Moses knew of the might of Pharaoh’s army. After all, he grew up in the royal house. Thus, Moses had firsthand knowledge of the mighty nations already conquered by the great army of Egypt.

Yes, Moses was called to challenge the very powers which enslaved God’s

people. With this in mind, Moses was to demand freedom for God’s people and lead them many miles across waterways, deserts and lands, where they were not welcome. To make this picture even more challenging, the question of where would the food supplies and water in the desert come from to feed all of these people, as God’s people were traveling to freedom. In my own journey, I often wonder sometimes, how to acquire the resources and supplies needed to complete my journeys. The answer for Moses then and to us today is the same, in God’s way of thinking, there are unending spiritual budgets for the things we will need to finish the work that God will have us to do. In fact, when we trust God, we can anticipate all we need to do “His” will, will be provided. Yes, God will give us what we need, when we need it!


as we continue on our journey of worship at First Baptist Church, let us be reminded, God will call on us to take individual and collective journeys, which may appear to be more than we can endure. We may even be uncertain of our abilities to tackle what God has for us to do. Perhaps, there may be times when we question our abilities and whether or not it is really God calling us to do “His” will? Even Moses had periods of hesitancy and doubt. However, no matter what the challenges are which are before us, do know this, God, will always show up and give us the strength to finish, what we must do. In next month’s newsletter we will look at the challenges encountered by the Old Testament Judges and Prophets. Page 8

“Youth News, You Can Use� By Sister Kareema Robinson and Minister Reggie Williams Welcome Students September is here And so is fall. So welcome children Welcome all. I hope vacation Was real fun. And that you're glad School has begun. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF Opening Your Wings At the very beginning, I couldn't tell myself that I could do a particular thing. I thought even by trying I wont be able to do it, but then after sometime, I started trying new things, like choosing new subjects, trying out different adventurous things and especially overcoming my fears. I was pretty much scared of everything that is why I couldn't explore my inner self. But with time I began to trust God, I started knowing myself. I then started exploring things. That was the beginning of my self belief and now when I look at myself in the mirror I can proudly say, "IS THIS ME"? Just keep on reminding yourself, trust in God, never lose hope and always believe that with God on your side you will be able to make it through, no matter how hard it gets. This is what we want all of our students to remember, as they begin this new school year. We hope every one of our students will start the school year focused on doing their very best and strive to achieve the academic excellence, we know they are all capable of.

Youth on the Move


Andrews, the daughter of Cynthia Andrews is currently a junior at The Ohio State University. Because of her outstanding scholastic achievements and dedication at Laurel Senior High School, she was awarded a 4-year academic scholarship to Ohio State University. Before leaving to matriculate at Ohio State, Madison received an honorary award from the Mayor of Laurel and from the Laurel Council.

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“Youth News, You Can Use” (Cont’d) In keeping with her history of academic excellence, Madison has been on the Dean’s list at Ohio State every semester since she’s been there. She is also currently serving as a Resident Adviser and has been promoted to manager of one of the four food courts at Ohio State. Madison is a double major in International Relations and Arabic, studies with a minor in Middle East Studies. Her goal is to work in the law enforcement/data analysis field. We congratulate Madison and look forward to witnessing more of the bright future we know God has in store for her.


Thomas recently completed her first year at the University of Tampa on the Dean's List with a 4.0 grade point average. She was also inducted into the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. Michaela recently performed in two plays at the Falk Theater in Tampa. She played the part of “Rosalee” in the Children's Hour and “Kassandra” in Blood Guilt, a Greek mythology. In addition, Michaela was voted “Best Newcomer” to the Theater, while also working part time in the school’s Theater Department. This summer she worked as a Social Media Intern for “Envision” and is presently a Cashier for Kmart. Congratulations to Michaela for continuing to stay on the path of excellence, which will help her to succeed in whatever endeavors she pursues.

--Special Thanks FBC and to all who donated school supplies for our students in need. Because of your generosity we were able to make sure that all youth who needed school supplies had ample supplies to start the new school year. --All FBC members and friends are invited to come out and support our youth, who will competing in the upcoming Bible Jeopardy contest at Edgewood Baptist Church, 3408 C Street, SE, Washington, DC on Friday, September 8, 2017 at 7: 00 PM. Let’s not send our children there without our moral support. --In November, our Youth Ministry will host a Thanksgiving Fellowship. Details will be forthcoming.

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FBSC FUNDRAISING LUNCHEON SEPTEMBER 14, 2017 * 11:30 A.M. First Baptist Church Senior Center 715 Randolph Street NW Washington, DC




Are you a DC Senior resident (60+) who sits at home with nothing to do?


Why be bored at home when you can have lots of fun with other Seniors at

The First Baptist Senior Center 715 Randolph Street, NW Washington, DC 20011, (202) 723-4313 This is the place to be for free entertainment, fun trips and fellowship 

2017 Upcoming Events: 

September – Tuesday(9/12) Senior Line Dancing Class

September – Thursday(9/14) Fall Open House & Lunch Fundraiser

Daily “mini” trips

Walking Club

On and Off Site Bingo

Poetry, Reading & Story Telling

Games (Word games, Puzzles, Trivia, etc.)

Daily Mini Breakfast and Daily Nutritional Lunch

Visit to the Market and other Shopping Trips (Dollar Stores, Thrift Stores, etc.)

Art-n-Crafts, Crochet and Card Making

Body Toning and Sit-a-Cize Exercising

Blood Pressure, Water and Weigh-In Monitoring and Screening

Intergenerational Activities

Field Trips (Museums, Restaurants, Site Seeing, Plays, Bowling, etc.)

Free transportation available to and from the Center

Volunteers are always welcome! For more information on how to enroll and register please call (202) 723-4313

Part of the District’s Senior Network supported by the Office on Aging Page 12




TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12, 2017 10:30 A.M. UNTIL 11:30 A.M. CLASS LOCATION: First Baptist Church, Ida Clark Hall 712 Randolph Street N.W.

FBSC * 715 RANDOLPH STREET NW * WASHINGTON * DC * 20011 * 202-723-4313 Part of the District’s Senior Service Network supported by the Office on Aging Page 13


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FBC September 2017 Newsletter

FBC September Newsletter 2017  

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