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JUNE 2018


PASTOR’S PEN June is here! We are at the half-way mark of the year! This is also Men’s Health Month. This means that Men must eat healthy and make prevention a priority. God is doing great and mighty things in our men.

On Saturday, June 9, at 12:00 noon, First Baptist Church will have the Ordination Service for our own, Minister Jonathan Wade. All praises to Almighty God. Please come out, support and witness this anointed achievement. A reception will take place after our 10:50 am Worship Service on Sunday, June 10th in honor of the Reverend Jonathan Wade.

On Sunday, June 10, we will have our annual Graduation Sunday. We always look forward to seeing what God is doing in and through our youth.

Father’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, June 17, at the 7:50 A.M. and 10:50 A.M. services. We thank our Heavenly Father for the gift of our earthly fathers. We are truly blessed.

Vacation Bible School will be conducted from Monday, June 18 through

Friday, June 22, from 6:30 P.M. nightly. This year’s theme is “Be a Part of the God Squad.” All ages are asked to be present for this anointed learning experience.

We are always delighted to see what God is doing through our “Women of God” in First Baptist Church. A Women’s Bazaar will be held on Saturday, June 23, from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. Come and see what unique things women have brought to enhance our interest.

On Sunday, June 24th, at our 10:50 A.M. service, we will celebrate the

Anniversaries of our oldest ministries in First Baptist Church (The Tribe Reuben, Altar Guild and Happy Warriors). We would be delighted if you come out and help the Altar Guild, Tribe of Reuben, and Happy Warriors to give God the Glory, praise the Name of the Lord, and celebrate these ministries that God has blessed us to have in His vineyard. Page 2

“miSSiONARy miNiSTRy NEwSlETTER fOR JuNE 2018”! (By Missionary President, Colleen Sweatt)

Prayer: God Bless all of the Father’s in the world. May “He” guide them to be good roles models and loving parents to their children. May “He” help them to be caring fathers just as “He” and give them grace and patience to handle all situations in a loving way. Happy Father’s Day To All Fathers! Fathers, you have a loving heart, a caring spirit and you’re quick to forgive. You’re always thinking of others and always willing to give. You’re a loving person who can see only good. You always do the right thing, as you believe you should. A person such as you deserves a special award and recognition. Anonymous On the First Sunday of each month the FBC Missionaries invite you to attend the Stoddard Baptist Nursing Home with them. At the Stoddard Baptist Home, the Missionaries lead the Sunday service and participates in fellowship with the residents, their families and the staff. As Missionaries, we continue to make calls and visit our sick and shut in members, that we can be a source of inspiration and encouragement to the. The FBC Missionaries will also be feeding the homeless during the month of June. The date for this feeding is pending. If you would like to join us in this compassionate endeavor, please contact any missionary, as soon as possible! We pause to thank all of our beautiful mothers, family and friends for making our “Mother’s Day Salute” a great success. Additionally, we thank our FBC Family and friends for the support they gave us. We especially thank Sister, B.J. Washington and the FBC Culinary Staff for the delicious food and desserts that were prepared for us. During this Father’s Day observance, the missionaries will celebrate all of “The Fathers” of First Baptist Church at their monthly breakfast meeting on Saturday, June 16, 2018, from 9:00 a.m. until 11: 00 a.m. Join us as we thank God for the great things “He” is doing in the lives of “Men and Fathers.” Page 3

“HAPPy fATHER’S DAy TO THE mEN Of fiRST BAPTiST CHuRCH”! (Deacon Bruce Roberson and Reverend Donald Robinson)

During the month of June and especially on the weekend of June 16, 2018 many families will be observing “Father’s Day” celebrations. In fact, many people throughout the United States of America and Canada will also be observing “Father’s Day,” as a national day to express love, gratitude and appreciation to “fathers.” As a result, many people will be giving “fathers” presents, cards and invitation to lunch or dinner. “Father’s Day” was started officially in 1910 by Mrs. John Dodd of Spokane, Washington. This custom spread throughout the United States and in 1936 a national “Father’s Day” Committee was formed. This committee was originally headquartered in New York City. This committee now selects a nationally recognized “Father of The Year” in honor of “Father’s Day.” Some of the fathers who won this prestigious award was General Douglas MacArthur, President Dwight David Eisenhower and President Harry S. Truman. On Saturday, June 16, 2018 here at First Baptist Church (FBC), “The Missionaries of FBC” will help us to celebrate and honor FBC fathers during our monthly men’s breakfast meeting. (9:00 A.M. until 11:00 A.M.) Additionally, because “June” is Men’s National Health Month, we will also have some special presentations regarding health. One of those presentations will be delivered to us by our own, Deacon Cecil Dryden. He will share with us his ongoing journey of health and how “The Lord” has made a significant and appreciable difference in his life. He will also share with us salient health tips he has learned over the years. Come, join us on the 16th of June as we honor “Fathers” and learn some exciting and rewarding insights on health and wellness! Please remember to always bring a man, a friend, a son, a neighbor, a father or a friend to the breakfast, when you come.

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Below is a special song about “Fathers” written by a local singing group entitled…… “The Winstons”!

COLOR HIM FATHER BY THE WINSTONS There’s a man at my house he’s so big and strong He goes to work each day, stays all day long He comes home each night looking tired and beat He sits down at the dinner table and has a bite to eat Never a frown always a smile When he says to me how’s my child I’ve been studying hard all day in school Tryin’ to understand the golden rule Think I’ll color this man father I think I’ll color him love Said I’m gonna color him father I think I’ll color the man love, yes I will He says education is the thing if you wanna compete Because without it son, life ain’t very sweet I love this man I don’t know why Except I’ll need his strength till the day that I die My mother loves him and I can tell By the way she looks at him when he holds my little sister Nell I heard her say just the other day That if it hadn’t been for him she wouldn’t have found her way My real old man he got killed in the war And she knows she and seven kids couldn’t of got very far She said she thought that she could never love again And then there he stood with that big wide grin He married my mother and he took us in And now we belong to the man with that big wide grin Think I’ll color this man father I think I’ll color him love Said I’m gonna color him Father

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“iT’S TimE TO SAy, HAPPy ANNivERSARy”! (By Sister Deborah McKethan)

In the Latin lexicon, there is a word which describes something or someone who is near and dear to us… the word is “anniversarius,” which means to return yearly. Another definition for this special word is the annual recurrence of the date of an earlier event. Yes, my friends, what I’m really trying to say is, it’s time to say “Happy Anniversary” again. Of course you’d like to know who’s “Anniversary” are we honoring! Friends, we are honoring the anniversaries of the three oldest clubs in First Baptist Church, “The Tribe of Reuben,” “The Altar Guild” and “the Happy Warriors”! In fact, on Sunday, June 24, 2018 during the 10:50 A.M., worship service, First Baptist Church will collectively honor and celebrate the anniversaries of the three above mentioned groups.

“History of The Altar Guild” The Altar Guild was organized in the year of 1961 by the Late Reverend Dr. R. Lavelle Tucker for the purpose of keeping fresh cut flowers on the altar every Sunday. After the flowers beautified the altar on Sunday, they are sent to the sick and shutin or given to the R.L. Tucker Senior Citizens C enter. Besides keeping fresh cut flowers on the altar for thirty-four years, the group has brought flower stands, scarves, candlesticks, chair cushions, water pitchers and other related floral paraphernalia. The floral arrangements remind us, that we too are “God’s Flowers.” As a result, we therefore, give thanks first to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for His Grace and Mercy and for the many years of service rendered through this organization. We also give thanks to our Pastor, The Reverend Dr. Frank D. Tucker, for his love and guidance, as we continue doing God’s work in “His Vineyard.”

“History of The Tribe of Reuben” The Tribe of Reuben Club was organized when First Baptist Church was located at 703 Six Street, S.W., under the pastorate of the late Reverend William H. Brown. The group desired to do greater works for Christ, and sponsored various activities to help shoulder the responsibilities of the growing church. The late Deaconess Martha Crawford served as its first president. Moreover, “The Tribe of Reuben continues to work together as a dignified, powerful and mighty group of “Ambassadors for Christ.” The group has a deep concern for fellow Christians and always puts Christ first, as they strive to do God’s Will.

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“iT’S TimE TO SAy, HAPPy ANNivERSARy”! (Cont’d) “History of The Happy Warriors Senior Citizen Club” On Saturday, October 13, 1976, a committee of men led by Joseph Burton, Lamar Pearson, and Will Thorpe met with a group of senior citizens for the purpose of organizing a Senior Citizen’s Club.” It was decided at this open meeting that the Senior Citizen’s group would be called the “Happy Warriors,” a suggestion of the late Sister Mattie Matthews. On November 24, 1976, the “Happy Warriors” became chartered members of the National Council of Senior Citizens after Brother Walter Jones presented this idea to the council. Our first president, Sister Helen Anderson had a strong commitment to the club and provided the leadership necessary to keep the organization viable. She also kept the members well informed of the various programs and services available to senior citizens. Under Sister Anderson’s leadership, the “Happy Warriors” sponsored its own activities such as: bowling and dinner theater trips. They also established a public speakers bureau. Brother Ralph Parker served as the first president of the group. He provided us with outstanding leadership. Several persons have served in leadership positions from 1976 until present (2018). We graciously welcome all persons who desire to join any of these three ministries. With your presence and support we believe it will be an even more effective ministry. “Consider the Lilies of the field and how they grow.” Matthew 6-28. Sister Deborah McKethan, President, Altar Guild Sister Tempie Avent, President, Tribe of Reuben Sister Colleen Sweatt, President, Happy Warriors

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“yOuTH NEwS, yOu CAN uSE” (By sister Kareema Robinson) HOW TO HAVE AN EPIC SUMMER Summer break is in full swing for our students. With all that free time, it can be easy to get bored really fast. So, here’s a few ways to make your summer vacation epically awesome! Read a Book – This might seem totally lame, but you can use this summer to read some great books. Find a book on leadership or read to learn something new about God. There are tons of books out there that can challenge you to learn and grow. Here’s a few we really like: For Ages 14 and up: Barracoon by Zora Neal Hurston Dateable: Are You? Are They? by Justin Lookado and Haylee DeMarco Daring to Hope by Katie Davis Majors Teens Talking Faith by Michelle L. Trujillo For Ages 14 and under

God Chasers by Tommy Tenney Every day with Jesus by Charles Stanley It Couldn’t Just Happen by Lawrence Richards Learn Something New – Take your extra time this summer and invest in learning something new. YouTube “how to play drums”. Ask your grandma to teach you “how to sew”. Read a self-help book on” how to create a website”. Find something that you’ve always wanted to be able to do and learn how to do it this summer. Get to Know God Better – Invest sometime this summer into Prayer and Bible Study. Find a great private place where you can plug your headphones in and worship God to an awesome worship CD. Really invest into getting to know God. Time spent getting to know God is never wasted! Overcome a Fear – What’s something you’re afraid of? Can you overcome it this summer? Can you force yourself to talk to someone you don’t know? Can you ride that roller coaster that you’ve been avoiding because it just looks too scary? Find a fear and decide to overcome it this summer. Give Back – Don’t make this summer just about you. Find a way to give back. Offer to cut the grass for a senior neighbor. Volunteer to help clean at your church. Go on a mission trip this summer. Find a need somewhere and meet it. Give back to those around you. Decide to help others this summer. Page 8

These are just a few suggestions to make your summer one to remember. If you set your mind to it, you can kick the summer boredom blues and make your summer one that is truly epic! GIRL SCOUTS NEWS Several Girl Scouts reached significant milestones this year and received specific awards for their efforts. For instance, Zioyana Braxton and Yasmin Gorham, both members of Cadette Troop 5378 received their Silver Awards along with two other members of their troop. These girls dedicated a total of 50 hours into their project. Going for the Girl Scout Silver Award—the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn—gives girls the chance to show they are leaders who are organized, determined, and dedicated to improving their community. In addition, Senior Troop 2920 member, Baily Pinckney and two other girls received the Gold Award, which is the highest award in Girl Scouts. Open only to girls in high school, the Girl Scout Gold Award is the most prestigious award in the life of Girls Scouts. It is the most difficult award to earn, it’s only available to outstanding Girl Scouts. As a Gold Award Girl Scout, you’re challenged to change the world—or at least your corner of it. Our Girl Scout troops had a stellar year with their cookie sales. They sold a total of 7949 boxes of cookies. Sisters Yasmin and Zuri Gorham sold a total of 2300 boxes making them the top cookie sellers this year. Our troops earned the distinction of being “Top Cookie” sellers and will be rewarded by the Girl Scout Council of the Nations Capital for their efforts. CONGRATULATIONS to the following youth, who continue to strive for excellence: Jahmal Banks, 10th grade, inducted into the German Honor Society and named to the 2nd team all-state for football. Curtis Brooks, 10th grade, received All-State Award for Track. Kendall Brooks, grade 12, voted Most Valuable Player, Griffins Football and Basketball. Zuri Gorham, 7th grade, sang with her school choir at Carnegie Hall in New York and received her Girl Scout Silver Award. Chyna Holloway, 6th grade, received the MVP award from Team Sochi and has been tested to enroll in 9th grade math because of her above average scores. Baily Pinckney, 12th grade, named Head Ambassador for Washington Latin Public Charter School and has received her Girl Scout Trefoil, Silver and Gold Awards. She was also voted Captain of the Washington Latin Public Charter School Cheerleading team and Co-President of the Jazz Band. Laiyla Rae Prather, graduated from Pre-School and received a special award for “Best Manners” Nya Simone Spann, 11th grade, inducted into the National Honor Society, as well as the honor societies for Math and French. YOUNG PEOPLE, PLEASE HAVE A WONDERFUL, FUNFILLED AND SAFE SUMMER VACATION

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To the countless church members who have donated and contributed to the FBC Culinary Ministry, thank you, thank you and May god continue His blessings upon you and your families!!!

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The Anger of the Other Child (By Brother Kevin Shamlee, Christian Education)

During the month of May, we learned about a number of important happenings such as the blooming and blossoming of colorful flowers, the honoring of those who sacrificed their lives for this great nation and our love for mothers everywhere. We traveled through the story of a woman in Matthew Chapter 26, who poured some very precious ointment on the head and feet of Jesus, as “He” sat and dined with the disciples and others. The lessons learned were that women are of great value and standing wherever God is. Even when our sisters, daughters, aunts, grandmothers and mothers may be misperceived as not having great wealth, or having media recognition, in the sight of our Lord and Savior they are all precious in His sight!

This summer during month of June other wonderful happenings will occur, such as the growth of flowers and vegetables. June is also a month when we set aside time to honor those who have completed their education and moved on to another phase of life. In addition, June is a month that we honor our fathers. In this story, our lesson from Luke Chapter 15 we will focus on a father who has lost two sons. One son is lost and has left home to run the streets in a far country, and, the other son is lost at home and filled with anger because his brother has learned a valuable lesson and asked their father for forgiveness and permission to return to the family (so that he can be no longer lost). During this month we honor our fathers therefore, us dads still must learn from the humility of the woman we honored in last month’s newsletter. This month’s story of a returning son is a lesson to keep us on the pathway of obedience and humility which leads to God’s grace and mercy. The son’s decision to leave his father’s house is very symbolic of what is wrong in our world today. The son’s decision was influenced by his selfishness, a sense of entitlement, a lack of patience and respect for parental authority. From this lesson we must remember, without the Lord’s direction, nothing good ever comes out of leaving a place of support, safety and purpose. In fact, nothing good ever comes out of our anger which is aimed at those who are seeking forgiveness from the Lord. Making emotionally driven rash decisions rarely amount to a good outcome. Too many times, we make emotionally driven trips down the roads of failure and loss, again and again because we’re too impatient! The question is, what is Jesus saying to us today at First Baptist about the angry disciples of Matthew Chapter 26 and the angry brother of Luke Chapter 15? Perhaps the message for us is that forgiveness is waiting for us when we return to the Lord’s plan for our success. Just as the woman in Matthew was treated with anger by Jesus’ disciples and the son in Luke by his brother, mercy, acceptance and forgiveness is always there when we seek our heavenly father. Jesus gave us this parable about this son not only as an illustration of forgiveness and restoration offered in the Kingdom of Heaven, but, also as a barometer of how similar we are in many ways to the angry son in this story. This month enjoy the graduations, the flowers, the Fathers’ Day events and above all experience the forgiveness of others and the Love of our Lord and Savior, Jesus The Christ!

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of the elevator. Do yard work. Play

vegetable to every meal.


First Baptist Church 712 Randolph Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20011 (202) 541-5000 ~ Fax: (202) 291-2565~Email: fchurch@1fbc.org

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~ JUNE Events 2018~ Communion Sunday Sunday, June 3, 2018 ~ 7:50 A.M. and 10:50 A.M.

ORDINATION Saturday, June 9, 2018 ~ 9:00 A.M.

Baby blessing/graduation Sunday Sunday, June 10, 2018 ~ 10:50 A.M. fATHER’S DAy Sunday, June 17, 2018 ~ 7:50 A.M. and 10:50 A.M.

Vacation bible school Monday, June 18 through Friday, June 22, 2018 (6:30 PM until 8:30 PM) WOMEN’S MINISTRY BAZAAR Saturday, June 23, 2018 ~ 11:00 A.M.

Altar guild anniversary Tribe of Reuben ANNIVERSARY The happy warriors ANNIVERSARY Sunday, June 24, 2018 ~ 10:50 A.M.

First Baptist Church 712 Randolph Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20011 (202) 541-5000 ~ Fax: (202) 291-2565~Email: fchurch@1fbc.org

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FBC June 2018 Newsletter

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