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THE GLOBAL HEALTH & HOSPITAL PLAN The most valuable asset in any company is the workforce, so it is important that their health and wellbeing is carefully protected. Across the world, the demand for private corporate healthcare has never been greater and whilst there are many options available from a wide range of International health insurance providers, the cost can often be prohibitive. With the First Allied Global Health & Hospital Plan you now have an affordable option.

The First Allied Global Health & Hospital Plan provides the essential elements of private healthcare, covering the high costs of hospitalisation and associated treatment. The plan is available to both international and local employees and includes full cover for war, terrorism and kidnap at no additional cost. Covering both Accident and Illness, including ‘work related’ injuries, the Global Health & Hospital Plan provides exceptional value for money – premiums start below $10 per month, per employee.


Area of Cover: Worldwide excluding USA and Canada

The overall maximum limit for each eligible claim

$10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 & $250,000

Plan Benefits

In-Patient and day-patient hospital accommodation charges Medical, Surgical and Specialist fees Anaesthetist and operating theatre fees Prescribed Medicines and Drugs Diagnostic tests and procedures Emergency in-patient dental treatment following accidental injury Emergency Road Ambulance Post hospital treatment & follow-up consultations immediately following a valid hospitalisation Nursing home and Nurse attendance charges Physiotherapy, Massage and Manipulative treatment

POLICY EXCESS / DEDUCTIBLE The excess, or deductible as it is often known, is the amount you will have to pay in the event of any claim. The Global Health & Hospital Plan comes with a standard $100 or $250 excess/deductible, subject to territory of cover.

OBTAINING A QUOTATION Obtaining a quotation for the Global Health & Hospital Plan is a simple and straightforward process. Premiums depend upon the level of benefit chosen, the country of cover, the employee’s occupation and the number of employees you wish to include on the scheme. Quotes can either be obtained online at or by contacting us by telephone or email with the following details. 1. Company name and address 2. Type and nature of business 3. A list of employees (with the following information) 1. Occupation or job type (see below) 2. Nationality 3. Date of birth or Age 4. Location of work 4. The level of Benefit required Employees Occupation should be selected from one of the categories below: Clerical Supervisory (Non manual) Manual Security

24/7 Emergency Assistance

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Global Health & Hospital Plan does not cover pre-existing medical conditions. A pre-existing condition means any disease, illness or injury for which the employee has received medication, advice or treatment, or for which the employee has experienced symptoms, whether diagnosed or not, at any time within the previous 180 days prior to joining the scheme.

FIRST ALLIED LIMITED Registered Office: 1st Floor, 2 Woodberry Grove London N12 0DR Tel: +44 (0)208 123 9704 Email: First Allied Limited is Authorised and Regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.

First Allied Global Health Plan Brochure  
First Allied Global Health Plan Brochure  

The leading global health and medical plan for both expatriate and local national employees