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Maximum safety at minimum cost!

The TELEFUNKEN Semi-Automatic AED is highly advanced, simple to operate and represents great value. · Affordable Reusable AED with Low Lifetime cost · Trusted European Electronics Manufacturer · Low cost replacement parts · Telefunken will replace pads and battery after use * · Very easy to operate · All major approvals · Automatic daily and monthly self tests · Comes with 6 year warranty *(excludes battery cartridge and electrodes) Free replacement Full ECG trace must provided as proof of use. Applies within warranty dates. Contact us for full details The Telefunken AED is a semi-automatic external defibrillator (AED) with an integrated single channel ECG. The defibrillator unit has been optimised to be safe and very quickly ready to use. The loading time for a defibrillation is approx. 12 seconds with a battery capacity of approx. 90 % of the rated value.

Price: 999.00 Euros inc vat each

Trainer for the Telefunken Defibrillator. The very complete trainer Telefunken Defibrillator is designed for ease of use. With the remote control, select the right program to follow. For example, shock advice / opinion or no shock simulation artefacts. You can pause and resume the workout if desired. It is also possible steps in the protocol back or forward. In short: an ideal and budget friendly AED trainer! The Telefunken Defibrillator AED Trainer comes with:       

Trainer. Bag with space for Bundled scissors, surgical masks, gloves, razor . Remote Manual. 3 sets of training electrodes. Cable for connection electrodes training with trainer . Cable for connection to PC, for any updates - Charger

Price: 220.00 Euros inc vat each.

Cabinet for your TELEFUNKEN AED. 125.00 Euros inc vat. Spare key for cabinet. 5.00Euros inc vat.

Wall bracket (only) 15.00 Euros inc vat.

Replacement live pads. 49.00 Euros inc vat per pair

Replacement Battery 73.80 Euros inc vat each

TELEFUNKEN Defibrillator Technical Data: Device Dimensions Weight including battery Device class according guideline 93/42/EEC Operation conditions Temperature range Pressure Humidity Storage Conditions Temperature range (max. 2 weeks) Pressure Humidity Protection class against water and dust Free Drop Electromagnetic compatibility

Applied norms Resuscitation protocol Self Test Interval Time Scope Electrodes Delivery status Cable length Electrode surface Durability Transport/storage Energy supply Type Weight Shock capacity Minimum capacity Monitoring capacity Rated capacity Battery exchange Fuse Stand by time

Value 220 x 275 x 85mm (h-w-d) 2,6 kg IIb 0° C - 50°C 800 – 1060 hPa 30% – 75% -20° C - 60°C 800 – 1060 hPa 0% – 95% IEC 529: IP X54 (splash water protected) IEC 601-1:1988+A1:1991+A2:1995 EN 60601-1-2:2001 CISPR 11(EN 55011) EN 61000-4-2:1995/A1 :1998/A2 :2001 EN 61000--4-3: 2002/A1 :2002 EN 61000-4-8: 1993+A1 :2001 EN 60601-2-4:2003 ERC / AHA 2010 Daily, monthly, at switch on Programmable (service only) Battery, electronic, software, high current self-adhesive disposable electrodes 200cm 125cm2 each 40 month 0° C - 50°C Alkaline 930gr Up to 210 Shocks 100 Shocks Up to 20 hours 3400 mAh Every 3 year 15A 5 year

Defibrillation Analysis Operation mode Waveform Delivered energy Delivered energy at 50Ω Max. Patient Impedance Shock sequence Cycle time (analysis and shock preparation) With full battery After 15 shocks After 6 shocks Cycle time (Switch-on, analysis and shock preparation) With full battery After 15 shocks After 6 shocks Defibrillation System Energy level programmable (service only) ECG analysis Analysis time Impedance control Motion & artifact detection Reaction on implanted pacemaker Asystole threshold Sensitivity VF/fast VT Specificity NSR/asystole Operation Operation control Information Mode


Acoustic signals

Communication Languages

Automated ( 1 button operation) Biphasic, current controlled Low energy (max. 181J at 75Ω) High energy (max. 275J at 75Ω) Low energy: 174J < +/- 15% High energy: 270J < +/- 15% 290Ω Programmable (service only) constant or escalating < 15 sec < 20 sec < 15 sec

< 40 sec < 45 sec < 40 sec Low (168J +/- 10% at 50Ω) High (298J +/- 10% at 50Ω) < 10 sec Control of electrode contact quality Continuous check of signal quality Acoustic warning at motion detection Normal pacemaker rhythms are correctly recognized and identified as non-shockable < ±80µV > 90%, typ. 98% > 95%, typ. 96% On/Of button, flashing shock button, information button Announcement of elapsed time and number of shocks since the device was started by pressing the on/off button -Lit symbols Device status indicators (Ready, battery change, self-test result / service indicator voice prompts Signal tones (in use) Signal tones (in stand-by mode for device failure or low battery power) USB 2.0 (service only) Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish

All price correct as of 28/05/2013. All prices subject to change. All our prices included vat@23% (current rate) E&OE

Pictures used are only for illustration. The product or packaging may differ from those shown.

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Telefunken aed 2013  

price list for the telefunken aed and accessories.

Telefunken aed 2013  

price list for the telefunken aed and accessories.