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Your handy guide to First Aid One can find a good first aid eHandbook at Watch out a synopsis about our handbook here.

About Our eHandbook : This electronic version of the award winning First Aid Emergency Handbook, 4th edition (eHandbook) provides a quick summary of first aid for a range of every day emergencies whether at work, in sport or recreation, or at home. The eHandbook does not attempt to replace the need for medical advice but gives an outline of what to do in the first few minutes after the onset of sudden illness or an accident. The first aid management recommended in this eHandbook is correct at 1 March 2012 and in line with the 2011 guidelines of the Australian Resuscitation Council, Poisons Information Centre and other professional bodies concerned with emergency care. Because these recommendations change as a result of medical research and new knowledge, it is vital to update this eHandbook and your first aid training at regular intervals, approximately every three years. When there are new changes we will send you a email reminder. Keep a comprehensive first aid kit available for immediate use in an easily found location. If it is for workplace use, check that it meets the relevant legislative requirements. Record all items used and keep spare stock available to replenish the kit as needed.

How to use the eHandbook : The tabs at the side and the Index provide a quick link to each topic. The Glossary gives a simple guide to the terms used in the eHandbook. Resuscitation for an adult, child and baby is dealt with separately. Where roller bandages have been used to illustrate a technique, the bandages are marked with a dark edge as an aid to learning.

The Skills and Procedures section covers the following topics: • Principles of first aid • Assessment of a sick or injured person • First aid and safety • Emergency procedures • Infection control in first aid • Dressing and bandages • Systems of the human body. About the author : Ella Tyler is a Registered Nurse and Midwife with two degrees in Adult Education. She has been involved with first aid teaching and instructor training for over 30 years and was a former Deputy Chairman of the Australian Resuscitation Council. In 1985, Ella was awarded the International Florence Nightingale Medal. Currently Ella works in her own business as a first aid training consultant. She is author or editorof 18 first aid books. More Information: Check various first aid procedures for abdominal injuries, Asthma, Allergic Reaction, Bites and stings, bleeding, burns and scalds, chest injuries, Childbirth/Miscarriage, choking, drug/alcohol overdose, Eye Injuries, Head injuries, Heat Illness, Mouth/Tooth Injuries etc.

Your Handy Guide to First Aid  

This electronic version of the award winning First Aid Emergency Handbook, 4th edition (eHandbook) provides a quick summary of first aid for...

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