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This Fella, My Memory

by Frederick Copperwaite 23 August 2013


his Fella, My Memory takes audiences on a cultural road trip across Aboriginal NSW, through Indigenous and non Indigenous eyes. Toots, Dolly and Colleen have experienced all that life has had to throw at them: abuse, addiction, abandonment. They have survived in spite of the odds. When Toots and Colleen set out from Redfern to drive Dolly back to her country on the south coast of NSW, they naively imagine that it will be a routine road trip to take her home to country and her mob. But it’s not so straight forward. The show is a celebration of

older Aboriginal women and the rich and deep connection they have to people and place. This is a story where the boundaries, kinships and song lines are invisible to the eye, but felt deep within. The show was created over a long period of time by Aboriginal and non Aboriginal professionals working together. This Fella, My Memory reflects the great talents of local Aboriginal and non Aboriginal theatre makers, writers and artists in Sydney. Moogahlin (a Bundjalung/ Yuin word meaning to play or fool around) was formed in November 2007 by a group of Aboriginal theatre artists and community workers in honour of the late Kevin Smith’s request. Kevin was

a founding member of the Black Theatre in Redfern in the 70’s. ABC Radio’s Hindsight Program once said “Black Theatre had a profound impact on the Australian arts scene of today. It was also the place where many well known Aboriginal performers got their break. And its legacy is still apparent in today’s arts scene.” Moogahlin aims to develop community-based stories, create a comprehensive youth performing arts program and mount large-scale community projects. The company supports both emerging and established Aboriginal performance artists and champions work created, developed and performed by Indigenous people for Indigenous people.

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This fella my memory