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Boomerang – Profile Q&A – Tammy Anderson doesn’t want to play house

by Chryss Carr 21 July 2013 Q. Describe Tammy Anderson in 20 words or less. A. Tammy Anderson is a fun loving, cheeky, compassionate, kind, beautiful human being! Full of energy she is a woman of many talents! Mum to 3 beautiful children, a career woman who loves life!! Q. How has your involvement in telling stories, through writing and acting, impacted your life? A. To have a voice, to tell stories through writing and acting is freedom. I am passionate about the human condition and through storytelling and acting, I have found a way to relate and communicate.

Through writing and performance I take the audience on a journey, touching the emotions. Truth is powerful. Q. What were your thoughts when you first heard about Boomerang festival? A. I was very excited to hear about Boomerang Festival! This is a new festival, presenting artists of high calibre from around the country and to be a part of that is a great honour. Set in the most beautiful place, Byron Bay, with a very enthusiastic team with vision and drive, this festival will certainly attract audiences with a curious passion and support for Aboriginal Arts. The line up is truly magic!! I am so looking forward to sharing my

stories and listening to many. The thought.. “Festival”, is like a family reunion for artists. It will be a time to celebrate!! Q. What is the message behind I don’t wanna Play House? A. There are many messages. I guess through the darkness, there is light. There is hope. That people who have suffered or are suffering domestic violence, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, you are not alone. Talk to someone, take that step to start healing. To have dreams and believe in yourself. Q. Is humour incorporated into the show? What role does it play? A. Yes there is a mighty dose of humour!! Thats how we survive. Laughter is the best medicine!! Page 1

Throughout the show I have incorporated humour through characters to lighten the shock blows of truth. There is shade and light in the story, it’s a rollercoaster ride of life!! My grandmother is a great character, she is the clown and she gives the audience relief, I can hear them breathe when Nan’s back. True comedy comes from tradgedy. Q. To what extent was this show based on your own life experiences? A. In this story I share a slice of my life. I have 50 minutes to paint a picture with my imagination and physicality. To share a journey thats rich in every way. It is based on my life and my experiences through the eyes of a child. But only a slice!! Q. Was it challenging for you to write this show? How did you overcome these challenges? A. It was very cathartic to write this story. I remember my pen writing by itself.... pages and pages and pages of secrets, secrets, secrets. This was a big shift in my soul, to get it out, to share it with someone I trusted.To read it was confronting. But that started me talking, my family talking. I understood a lot about myself. I had to be very sensitive when putting the work into a show format... protecting myself so to speak and family. This was a huge responsibility to take on. Many people wanted to take it in another direction, but I remained firm and kept it as “My Story”, a human being story. This way related to

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many. Q. How do you feel about bringing your show to the Boomerang Arts Festival? A. I am deeply honoured to bring my show to the Boomerang Arts Festival. To be presenting my work that I am so passionate about, and to share the stage and space with leading artists from around the country and overseas is a dream come true!! Seriously, this was an invitation from Rhoda Roberts, and she has programmed works of excellence! I am very grateful. I am very proud. Eccstatic!! Q. How do think this show can help empower people who have suffered from domestic violence? A. When people come to see my show that have suffered domestic violence and abuse, they want to talk. Thats the beginning. To talk about it. I always make sure that there are services and people that work in these areas available and I can guide anyone who needs counselling in the right direction. I know this show has changed many lives. They see me, leading by example, sharing my pain, my truths, my secrets, my survival. The know they are not alone. I have audience members who have come back time and time again to see the show, I have heard people talk about the show years later. This story resonates deep to many. I have presented to youth right through to elders all over the world. I love it when a whole community comes together with

a new level of understanding... talking about experiences, the issues. Laughing and crying together. Thats empowering. Q. You have been performing this play for over ten years. A. Yes I’m in my 13th year! Q. Has it evolved over time? And if so, how? A. The show is finessed, the story is deeper, I have grown as an actor, as a storyteller. The story is powerful. I see myself telling this story for a long long time. Because it’s connected to my heart and soul, it is a thrilling piece to present. I love the work. I understand it’s power. Thats why we create such works, to penetrate our audience, to put truth in a space under a light. Q. Why do you think the show continues to be so successful and relevant? A. I Don’t Wanna Play House, is a timely work a timeless work. It is successful because of it’s raw honesty, it’s beauty it’s power, it’s truth. It is a unique work of high excellence told in a way that will be remembered for a long long time. It is relevant because unfortunately domestic violence and abuse is still happening, continues to happen and those that have suffered have scars on their souls that they have had to live with for a life time. I am just one individual telling a big story that is universal. The show continues because I continue. This is my legacy.

Tammy anderson q&a  
Tammy anderson q&a  

Tammy Anderson is a fun loving, cheeky, compassionate, kind, beautiful human being! Full of energy she is a woman of many talents! Mum to 3...