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Lassiman’s dream taking flight

by Elverina Johnson


arrabah lad Lassiman Baird always had a dream to be a commercial airline Pilot since the age of 7 when he travelled overseas with his parents to Los Angeles in the United States of America. He always played flight simulator games on his computer, and in 2003 he joined the Airforce Cadets for 3 years and later on down the track he

did his first work experience with skytrans. “Sitting in the pilots seat for the first time was empowering and motivational but I wanted more,” Lassiman said. In 2008 Lassiman began his first trial flight with North Queensland Aero Club. In 2009 he received his first solo certificate and also recieved his first pilot’s license. He began work at the airport as an

Lassiman Baird knew he wanted to be a pilot since he was 7. Image supplied

aircraft detailer for about a year and currently works at Cairns Airport as ground crew

operator at Aerocare flight support. Lassiman is still doing flight training to reach his

ultimate goal to be a commercial airline pilot.

Lassiman Baird a pilot in the making