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Jobfind participants graduate in Sports and Recreation

by Jessica Komlos 19 January 2014


he Jobfind participants celebrated the completion of their course recently with a graduation ceremony held at Nywarri Estate in Kuranda facilitated by native title holders Djabugay Tribal Aboriginal Corporation (DTAC). CEO of DTAC Hanz Spier, the Angus Knight Learning team, Jobfind Kuranda staff, and participants from a Certificate II in Horticulture attended the graduation. The Jobfind participants completed a fourteen-week program, delivered by Angus Knight Learning that introduced them to living a healthy lifestyle, teaching them about the benefits of nutrition and regular exercise. Alina Skinner, personal trainer and nutritionist from Performex Gym Cairns, educated students on correctly executing exercise techniques along with sessions on the contribution of healthy eating to improving overall wellbeing. To enable job seekers being

Jobfind Participants from the Certificate II in Sports and Recreation. Image supplied

able to practice their skills on gym equipment first hand, Jobfind purchased new equipment for use in the practical component of the course. Participants exhibited their newfound skills to attendees at the graduation ceremony through a demonstration of the gym equipment, while also doing rotations of chin ups, weights and push ups. 11 out of the 12 participants will continue on with further study this month, undertaking a Certificate III in Fitness which will build on their currents skills. During the course students will learn how to plan and deliver gym programs and fitness sessions, with the intention of giving students the capability to work in a gym after completion. The remaining participant from the Certificate II in Sports and Recreation will go on to study fashion in Cairns during the coming year. The success of the course and the identification of a gap in the local

market has led Jobfind to pursue a venture with DTAC to set up a gym in Kuranda, where the trained job seekers will be able to gain employment after completion of the Certificate III in Fitness. The gym will also aim to provide employment opportunities to job seekers who go through the training courses in the future. The Certificate II in Sports and Recreation, the Certificate III in Fitness and the partnership with DTAC to establish a gym, are initiatives under Jobfind’s Community Action Plan (CAP) for the Western Tablelands region. The plan prioritises the improvement of the health and fitness of locals; an aim resulting from Jobfind’s discussions with local businesses, organisations and community members during the planning process of the CAP. By helping to establish a gym, Jobfind and DTAC are developing the fitness industry in Kuranda, while also providing locals with future access to trained fitness experts at the gym.

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Jobfind participants graduate in sports and recreation  

The Jobfind participants celebrated the completion of their course recently with a graduation ceremony held at Nywarri Estate in Kuranda fac...

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