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Is there a God? by Budger ‘Nurunderi’ Davidson 17 April 2014


s there a god ? Is god real or just an invention of the human mind? Anything that is true or real, is provable, and you do not have to see a thing to prove it exists. You cannot see gravity, but you can prove it, and see how it works by swinging a bucket of water around above a certain speed. Although that bucket is upside down at times, you will not spill a drop of water. This is gravity and you also see how it works, and you can prove gravity because it is real. It is a proven fact, that in-animated matter cannot produce life. Life only can produce life. ALL LIFE COMES FROM LIFE. Now we ourselves are an example of life, we can think, reason, and plan, and with this power to reason we can build things and research and determine things. IS THERE ANYTHING ON EARTH TO – DAY , WHICH IS GREATER THAN THE HUMAN MIND? Even the great planets in space, as huge as they may be, cannot reason. Is there anything greater than your mind? Is lifeless unintelligent energy responsible for your mind? Yet as powerful as your mind may be, you cannot invent something that is powered with life, that can reason for itself or have even a basic instinct. You cannot invent or make anything superior to your mind. Now put your mind to the billions of sensible laws governing this universe, the reasons behind these laws, and why these laws exist. Bees to pollinate the planets in order to produce seeds,

destructive bacteria to destroy and break down all waste and unwanted materials, where by even iron is rusted away and returned to the earth from whence it came. This and many other things, all indicate a well planned universe working in complete harmony, with a good solid reason behind all things. All these things are an example

of a supreme reasoning and intelligence, is your mind even capable of planning such a project? Man’s mind is not fully capable of understanding these things, let alone inventing them. Man cannot tell you the reason behind most things, until he has meddled with them, upset the balance of nature and then has to make a frantic effort to put things right again. This is how mankind learns how things work, by one bungling mistake after another. Electric shocks, explosions in the laboratory, the need to import insects, this is the way he

finds out the law, the planning and the reason. The law of physics, the law of genetics, the law of dynamics. Man has his theories and his hypothesis, but the gods have made unbreakable laws. Laws that have to be obeyed, otherwise man would have distorted the balance of nature or blasted himself out of the universe. Yet man has a mind, and on this earth there is nothing superior to mans mind, only these laws. Can man really think that something of lesser intelligence is responsible for his being, his mind, and all these laws and workings. See the intelligence and planning that has gone into them, can you really deny that a super intelligence or intelligence does exist? Behind all things is this great super intelligent power, the workings of nature, the laws of the universe, which man cannot fully comprehend, GO TO PROVE THAT SUPER INTELLIGENT POWER DOES EXIST. If you do not believe in the gods, then you only have the alternative of believing, that something less than your own intelligent produced you, and that dumb purposeless unintelligence brought into being your intelligence. COULD THIS REMOTELY BE POSSIBLE? This extract is Page 10 from The Book Wisdom & is put out by: Baime Cultural & Spiritual Research; Nurunderi.42@gmail. com (ABN 44615835484; As per THE ASSEMBLIES OF BAIAME” We research & teach the Ancient Ancestral Beliefs of this World.

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Is there a god?  

by Budger ‘Nurunderi’ Davidson 17 April 2014 Is there a god ? Is god real or just an invention of the human mind? This extract is Page 10 fr...

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