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Enough is Enough! I am a proud fair skinned Aboriginal by Juanita Mooera Johnson 13 March 2014

The large well-known Johnson family. All images supplied


have just read a reply to the ABC TV Q & A from Monday 10th March. Most people who know me, know that I can put up with a lot especially when it comes to people judging me by my colour. I have always joked about it or more importantly use the opportunity to educate them. But the last paragraph on the discussion thread from Monday night, has left me feeling extremely sick and nearly crying. It states: “By the way, light skinned Aborigines are not Aborigines. They are white.” My name is Juanita Johnson. I am 53 years young and a very proud Aboriginal woman. Yes I have fair skin, the fairest of skins of my siblings, but my father Bowman Johnson was born on Barambah Mission and my mother, Edith McGrath/Long, was born on Purga Mission. I was born and raised by them, never by any other non-Aboriginal people, so I don’t know any other way of being me except as a very proud Aboriginal

woman born from a very strong Aboriginal Warrior and very proud and gracious Aboriginal woman. So after reading that this person Voltaire is telling all that because I have fair skin, I am white and not Aboriginal. How dare they?! The uneducated misfits in this world. I stand tall and say enough is enough. I challenge anyone to show where I am not Aboriginal based on the colour of my skin. My Aboriginality comes from my birthright not mere judgement of my skin. Juanita Moogera Johnson is Wierdi/Kuundju.

Bowman Johnson and Edith McGrath/ Long, Juanita Johnson’s parents.

The ABC TV Q & A discussion thread that offended Juanita Johnson and prompted her to write her opinion piece.

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Enough is enough! i am a fair skinned aboriginal person  

by Juanita Mooera Johnson 13 March 2014 I challenge anyone to show where I am not Aboriginal based on the colour of my skin. My Aboriginally...