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Dubmarine excited to celebrate culture at Boomerang Festival

by Mandy Nolan 5 August 2013


mashing together dub, dancehall, reggae, drum n bass, and just a little touch of rock, the nine-piece tour-de-force is now set to unleash the first single – Beat in Control – from their highly anticipated second album due in the second half of 2013.

How hard is it to keep all the schedules and life plans matched up for a band with 9 members? It can be hard at times with certain members having children or some of us having other bands to do shows. Also sometimes with work situations it can be hard for some but generally, we are all committed to the band and its full fruition. What do you think it is about Dubmarine and your particular

sound that sets you apart from other dub & drum n bass acts? We all love high energy music with a strong message and delivery as well, but our original mission was to make a dance party like a D.J. kind of. We are focused on being able to produce music, like that but live and in real time. The sound its self is a mixture ofworld ridums, Conscious lyrics, Bass culture music, free-style

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experimentation and controlled writing. What got your crew together in the first place? A mixture of luck, pre worked material and years of prior music development and experience. Of course a party was involved, thats how we met as a core band, in a jam at a Westend house party. They played instrumental dub funk and hip hop flavours, then in came the dance hall, and then ‘it was on.’ How do you know when a certain combination of musicians is the right one? Does it just fit? Is it like finding a musical soul mate? Maybe in a way I feel like its a bit of the Music Gods at work. Our personalities are pretty creasy so we get along most of the time and make each other laugh a lot. How have festivals helped build your stage show and your

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following? Festivals allow for different types of people and in large numbers to see us. We get a feeling of what its like to be in front of a lot of people and sometimes frequently. I’m sociable as well so its cool to hang out with the peeps off stage too, Woodford is great for that, Bluesfest is great for that and Boomerang will probably be great for that. Can you tell me a little about your second album coming out later this year? The Album is our proudest work to date, we really went out of our way to make it sound like what we are as a live act, seeing as that has been our greatest appeal. It’s pretty high energy for most the part and you will find lyrics that you can think over or even act on in some cases, because it does provoke many people in a

positive way. Its honest but still fun and very musical, with a nice balance of masculine and feminine elements. But for real, some of those party tracks have got to be turned up to 11 cos you’ll be busten out moves like you may have never experienced before. What should we expect for Boomerang? I hear Boomerang Festival is like the new Dreaming Fest, We used to love that fest So much with the celebration of culture at its finest. We are excited for that feeling again and will bring a super tight show of futuristic grooves and tribal rhythms and turn sound into light. Dubmarine play September 20 at the The Northern and Boomerang Festival, October 4 – 6 at Tyagarah Tea Farm. For the full line up visit: www.

Dubmarine at boomerang festival  
Dubmarine at boomerang festival  

I hear Boomerang Festival is like the new Dreaming Fest, we used to love that fest So much with the celebration of culture at its finest. We...