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Lyn wants more for her children

Family success: Mum Lyn Williams shows Cherbourg State School Parent of the Month award for April while daughter (far left) Karen, 5, shows her Busy Bee of the Week award. She is joined by baby sister Sharnee, 2, and brothers Anthony and Roy. Image supplied by Marcus Priaulx to take. the culinary world.


yn Williams regrets leaving school and her dreams for a boy when she was in Year 11. The single mum wanted to be a chef. She had done all her training through TAFE but love clouded her young mind. Today she’s a single mother of 12 children and wonders how life may have turned out had she completed high school and entered

“Every night I watch My Kitchen Rules,” she says with a wry smile. “It was my dream to become a chef.” Today she cooks for her family at her Cherbourg home and ensures her seven youngest children go to school every day. She irons their uniforms at a night and ensures they’re dressed in them of a morning and have lunch

“I want them to grow to be better educated so they can reach their goals,” the Cherbourg State School Parent of The Month for April said. “I want them to leave and chase their dreams. “I want them to have an easier life than me; especially the girls. “Education will help them to become what they want to become in their life.”

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Lyn Williams wants more for her children