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Cafe partnership to brighter future for Cherbourg students by Marcus Priaulx 15 March 2014


hildren will eat healthy tucker provided by local workers due to a partnership formed by Cherbourg State School and the town’s council. The school’s dining hall was built a year ago to bring people together around a table. The aim was to improve the education culture and students’ dietary intake so their learning would improve. Then tuckshop-dining hall convenor of 20 years Barbara Walsh retired. An opportunity opened for the school to link with the Cherbourg Aboriginal Shire Council’s Yurri Muntha Café as it hired and trained local people and was looking to expand upon its flourishing business. The school wanted a top quality service provided by locals. “We now get the food we want made from fresh produce and with a local flavour,” school principal, Peter Sansby said. “In doing so we’re enabling more people to be trained in a career. This is what we want our children to see. “Education is all about getting a great job you love to do.” Chef and Yurri Muntha Café manager, Sheree Strauss, said the partnership would strengthen the business. “We already have 11 staff and a school-based trainee,” Ms Strauss said.

Above: Nigel Williams and Cherrie Gyemore make a dynamic due working for Yurri Muntha Café in the Cherbourg State School dining hall. Below: You can never get too much of a good thing like learning and healthy food: Cherbourg State School students and teacher aide Gregory Sandow, Irene Purcell and Evander Mickelo all benefit from the great tucker.

“Our success lays the platform for other businesses to follow within the town. “The partnership we’ve earned with the school gives local people the opportunity to enter a great

career. “It will also improve the children’s school experience and learning opportunities. “You can’t hope for more than that.”

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Cafe partnership to brighter future for cherbourg students