2021 First3Years Annual Report

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T O F I R S T 3 Y E A R S S TA K E H O L D E R S 2021 was a year of transition and that is no understatement! The pandemic continued to reshape the way we did business, but also the way people viewed their own personal journey. As people reflected on their current roles at work and at home, many were inspired to shift their trajectory. First3Years felt the impacts of this monumental trend as we transitioned through the loss of our CEO and several staff members. To bring this self-reflection trend full circle, First3Years also saw talented new staff hired to fill these vacancies and the addition of two new staff members through two new positions, our Community System Coordinator and Family Leadership Coordinator, both in Houston. We also saw the transition of several board members in 2021; a passing of the torch as we helped veteran board members roll off and welcomed and acclimated new board members into their roles. To add to this list of transitions, there was the global shift to the virtual world. While we had transitioned some programs and events to a virtual platform in 2020, we continued to implement this new format into our Baby Day and Build Up! Conference for the first time. We’ve since analyzed participation data and learned that a hybrid model allows us to expand our reach and offer flexibility through virtual platforms, while intimately engaging stakeholders through our in-person opportunities. First3Years has a knowledgeable and dedicated staff that saw us through the many and sometimes challenging transitions that we faced in 2021. These transitions taught us valuable lessons that we’ll continue to build upon to strengthen our organization and advance our work to improve the lives of infants, toddlers, caregivers, and their communities. Thank you for encouraging us through this year of transitions and continuing to support the mission and the work of First3Years! Your belief in our ability to persevere and grow gives us the strength and support we need to successfully navigate any transition that may come along. We hope you continue to stand by us as we forge ahead on this exciting journey. Sincerely,

Kallie Benes Chief Executive Officer

First3Years’ mission is personal to me and my family--as biological parents, parents of foster children, and adoptive parents of children from the foster care system, we can attest to the importance of providing infants and toddlers with the support they need to thrive. We also know first-hand the effects on the children when neglect and trauma is experienced at an early age. I think we all can agree that experiences we go through in our youth shapes us as adults, but what isn’t as widely known is to what extent. A child’s negative experience as a newborn sends them on an unnecessarily challenging trajectory that can be reinforced as a baby and toddler if that child’s caregiver is unaware of what to look for or how to care for. Many children, not just those in the foster care system, are prone to this. Being unaware of just how impressionable children are, especially in the first three years of life, is a mistake that is too easily made. That’s why I’m thankful to be a part of First3Years and can support their work in providing caregivers with the knowledge and help needed to care for our little ones. Sincerely,

Benjie Esguerra Board President



This collaboration among community organizations and families of Baytown works to develop community solutions that better support the mental health of young children and their families.

Houston Infant Toddler Coalition strives to fill a critical gap in systems-building work to advance the well-being of infants and toddlers within Harris County. This coalition engages organizational stakeholders from the early learning, family engagement, education and health sectors that work with or on behalf of infants, toddlers, and their families.

Distributed over $5,000 in ready-to-drink formula and baby products directly to parents reaching over 200 families when Winter Storm Uri devastated power and water supplies..

BRIGHT BY TEXT Through a continued partnership with Bright by Text, First3Years brings this innovative program to families within Harris County. Bright by Text sends free activities, games, and local resources right to the cell phones of expectant parents and caregivers of children ages 0-8. Bright by Text is designed to promote both parent/caregiver knowledge and resilience as well as healthy child behavior and development.

Since launching in 2020, 744 parents and caregivers have signed up for Bright by Text and have received over 200 community messages with developmentally supportive information about local events and resources

Launched place-based family leadership groups for engaging and activating parents in making change for themselves, their young child, and their community.

RELATIONAL HEALTH Our Relational Health Program aims to enhance the internal capacity of partner organizations to offer families the support that they need to strengthen their emotional connection with their infant or toddler. In doing so, First3Years trains and assists professionals on how to leverage Early Relational Health Screening tools to promote relational health between caregivers and young children. • Provided over 18 hours of training and over 30 hours of coaching to professionals on how to leverage early relational health screening and messaging tools to promote relational health among the families they serve. • In partnership with the Texas Pediatric Society, trained over 40 medical providers who impact over 20,000 infants and toddlers annually.



Baby Day is the only statewide celebration of the first three years of life, when early experiences shape lifelong potential. Held annually across the state, Baby Day provides children and their caregivers an opportunity to participate in activities that promote bonding and delight.

Our Safe Babies program uses a collaborative approach to transform the experience of infants and toddlers in the child welfare system from traumatic to healing. This is accomplished by supporting the crucial attachment needs of young children while assisting birth and foster parents in working together during visitations.

• 4,161 adults and children registered to join us in 117 cities across Texas and beyond for Baby Day 2022.

• 48 families were served in Dallas, Harris, and Tarrant County including 60 children 0-3 and 29 siblings over 3.

• Attendees enjoyed over 100 live and on-demand sessions from nearly 40 partners who contributed over 300 volunteer hours to create these sessions.

• 27 cases across all counties were closed resulting in 89% of cases ending in family- determined outcomes.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Our aim is to empower a community that is prepared to care for and nurture children. We work to ensure that all caregivers and engaged stakeholder systems are provided with access to current applied research and best practices. We equip early childhood professionals with effective tools and strategies to improve programming for the population they serve.

• 253,000+ children were impacted by First3Years by 2,025 unduplicated trained professionals. *Due to more efficient data capture, we have been able to more accurately account for participant data over previous years.

• 99% of individuals marked that training met or exceeded expectations

ENDORSEMENT Endorsement is an internationally recognized credential that supports and recognizes the development and proficiency of professionals who work with or on behalf of infants, toddlers, and their families. This process is based upon a comprehensive set of competencies that help define best practice and guides an organized system of culturally sensitive, relationship-based professional growth. Endorsement applicants must meet the requirements matching one of four levels, the closest fit to their line of work, and will finish the process with the Infant Mental Health Endorsed mark (IMH-E®) • 19 professionals earned their Endorsement, with more than 30 on their way to completing the Endorsement process.




AT FIR S T 3 YE ARS, W E CO N T I N U E TO LO OK FO R WAYS TO E X PA N D O U R REAC H AC ROSS TH E S TAT E In 2021, we l au n c h e d m o re th a n 3 0 on lin e p rofe s s i o n al l e ar ni ng co u rse s, be gan a p are ntin g m e m b ersh i p to h o st monthly t rai n i n g s an d co mmu ni ty conversa tio n s , offe re d a week- l o ng vir tu al Baby Day ce l e bra ti o n, a nd s u pp or ted vi rt u al v i s i tati o n fo r fa m i l i es in the c h i l d we l fare system.

2021 REVENUE $1,412, 890

2021 EXPENSE $1,756, 538

Grants (74%)

Programs (85%)

Donations (14%)

Fundraising (6%)

Other (12%)

Management (9%)

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Our mission is to educate, advocate, and collaborate to advance the healthy development of infants, toddlers, and their families. www.first3yearstx.org