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The compact version of the classic GEA Pandrol Clip Machine exploits the proven Pandrol insertion system combined with a lightweight, compact frame. It is equipped with: - dismountable frame with fast-acting hydraulic couplings for easier transport, commissioning and storage; - “compact” structure with an ergonomic control panel designed to ensure optimal visibility of the work zone and lower overall operator dimensions; - handles and anchorages for hoisting; - high-strength steel hooks; - position for free sliding on the rail; - anti-slew anchorage for the reaction arm for hoisting the machine; - work zone lighting device; - sliding trolley with supports on both rails; - electrically insulated wheels. Cod Dry Weight

Trolley Cylinder frame Drive unit Pandrol extraction device

Engine type Power Fuel Dimensions Work speed (indicative)

TECHNICAL FEATURES F1048 Kg Kg Kg 40 Kg GX160 Hp / Kw 5.5 / 4 Petrol mm 500x740x1750

Hydraulic system Noise LpA (ISO 6081)/LwA (ISO 3744)


Vibration (specification UNI EN ISO 5349-1 2004)


F1075 F1051 13 50 58 60 15 15LD225 GX270 4.8 / 3.5 9 / 6.6 Diesel Petrol 500x740x1750 500x740x1800 13 sleepers/min Double gear pump. Directional control manually operated. Oil tank. Hydraulic oil cooler. Hyd. Rapid joints on power unit and cylinder frame. 82 / 102 Handle Dx 9,8 handle Sx 6.5 Control lever 2,9

97/68/CE Fase 2 According to exhaust gas norm Pandrol extraction device The machine is equipped with a Pandrol extraction device particularly useful for adjustments, comprising: • rail clamp; • anti tip-over system; • extraction hooks; • 2-lever distributor.

CE marking machine complete with use and maintenance manual

97/68/CE Fase 2

97/68/CE Fase 2

Geatech divisible pandrol clip machine model G2