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Natu ral Sex and Natu ral Male Enhancement There was a time when sex was natural and men did not make use of natural male enhancement to enhance their performance. Natural sex, without the use of chemical drugs and pills, is something every couple desires. When the moment builds and a couple share this intense moment in bed, the use of synthetic drugs can completely ruin that natural ‘feel’ of sex. Hence, if you do wish to enhance your performance in an all natural way, it is best to opt for natural techniques and natural, herbal pills. Stay away from chemicals becausethey can do you more harm than any good. Natural Sex Enhancement Methods There are many natural ways in which you can enhance your performance and give the ultimate pleasure to your partner. Without the use of any chemical pills or lotions, it is possible to enjoy natural sex. Thesetechniques are not new but, in fact, have been around for years. •

Stop and Start: The stop and start technique is something which you can do alone or can try with your partner. The method simply refers to stopping penetration and simulation just when you know you have reached the peak. Stopping for simply 30 seconds, before continuing with intercourse, can do the trick. You can enjoy endlessnatural sex this way.

Squeeze Method: The squeezetechnique can be tried alone,

with your partner or you can also ask your partner to do it for you. Performing these together can help you share a moment of togetherness.You or your partner simply needs to gently squeeze the tip of the penile head just when you know you are at the peak. 30 seconds of gently squeezing, before continuing, will let you and your partner enjoy completely natural sex.

The above are two very useful natural methods that can be adopted to enjoy natural sex. Last but not the least, there are herbal solutions available as male enhancements or male enhancers like Firminite, which has proved its worth in the market and helps you enjoy rock hard erections and enjoy non stop natural sex with your partner.

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Natural Sex with Your Partner with Natural Male Enhancements