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Best Male Enhancement Pills & Sex Hormones - Which is the Best? If you are looking for a natural male enhancement product to help you boost your libido and restore your sex life, and you are seriously thinking of choosing between the best Male Enhancement Pills or artificial sex hormones (popularly known as testosterone patch); then you will need to make sure you know all you need to know about these male enhancements before you make your choice. Sex Hormones Doctors usually prescribe sex hormone patch if one’s body is not producing adequate testosterone on its own. There are actually 3 kinds of testosterone patches and these patches are applied on different areas of the body; they also have their safety measures and instructions that users have to strictly abide by when they use it. The Best Male Enhancement Pills The Natural Male Enhancement such as Firminite are made using natural ingredients and are known to boost sexual desire, provide large, firm and long lasting erections. Side Effects According to studies, the possible side effects of artificial sex hormone patches include: • Skin blistering • Itching • Painful or delayed erections • Skin redness • The urge to visit the bathroom frequently • Enlargement of the breast • Nausea • Mood swings • Chills • Lossof appetite • Hair growth in unusual places • Weight gain • Tiredness • Abdominal pain • Swelling of the feet • Premature Ejeculation The other not so pleasant side about this Natural Male Enhancement option is that you may unwittingly pass testosterone to your sexual partner. Even if you take off the patch before having sex, you may still pass the trace amount of testosterone on to your sex partner if there is skin to skin contact – unless you plan on having sex with your clothes on, there is every possibility of passing testosterone to your partner.

Yes, some natural male enhancement pills such as Viagra are known to have harmful side effects which can even lead to blurred vision and even heart attack. With the best male enhancement pills such as Firminite , you do not have to worry about side effects. Think about it, do you seriously want to worry about walking around with a patch and also worry about passing testosterone to your partner, or do you want to use the best Male Enhancement Pills and not worry about side effects but only worry about giving your partner the best sex she has ever had? – The choice is yours. Premature Ejaculation Treatment

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