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E rectile Dysfunction in younger men: T reatment, Cure and Care Are you in your sweet teens? Are you having erection problems? Erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that needs immediate treatment and care. Now it is important to remind yourself that this disorder can be overcome by care and sheer will. Erectile dysfunction in men, young and old, can be of varying degrees such as total inability, inconsistency in erections and the inability to sustain erections for a longer period. If gone untreated, it could lead to impotency. Erectile dysfunction treatment can lead to depression, strained relationships and low self-esteem.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction First, it is important to identify the causes of erectile dysfunction. It always helps if you know exactly why you are suffering from this problem. The possible of erectile dysfunction treatment are • Physiological Reasons: Heart diseases, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, atherosclerosis and metabolic syndrome often result in erectile dysfunction. • Substance Abuse: Sometimes usage of certain medicines can also cause erectile dysfunction. Tobacco, drugs and alcohol are also responsible. • Injuries: Certain injuries or surgeries affecting pelvic region or spinal cord can also be responsible for erectile dysfunction. • Psychological Causes: Thoughts of guilt, nervousness, fear or tragic events also contribute in a big way to erectile dysfunction in young men. Erectile Dysfunction Treatment The erectile dysfunction treatment comes in many forms. Let us see the various ways to care for erectile dysfunction. • Medication: Medicines include Viagra and Levitra that can enhance your sex drive. However, you must consult your doctor before you even think of these. • Psychological counseling: This is also recommended and can overcome erectile dysfunction if the root cause is the mind. • Therapies and Aids: Therapies such as needle-injection and hormone replacement therapy are also recommended. Mechanical aids such as pumps and constriction rings are also some methods. However, extreme care should be taken with these therapies and aids.

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Erectile Dysfunction in younger men: Treatment, Cure and Care