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Mitr@ Virtualization Disaster and Recovery

For On Site Implementation

Agenda Mitr@ will help you do to clarify and streamline the planning and design process for Virtual infrastructure technologies By the end of this presentation, you will: Understand the decision flow Knowing how decisions to be made Relates decisions and options for the business

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Getting Started


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Why You need Virtualization Here are four virtualization scenarios: Server Consolidation Disaster Recovery Software Development and Training

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Decision Flow Diagram

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Decision Tree Part 1: Determine Application Requirements

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Things to consider when Deciding for Virtualization Scope Which part of the infrastructure will be virtualized? Option 1: Enterprise Option 2: Hub Option 3: Satellite

Business Validation Define virtualization goals/benefits Define the scope and timeline for implementation

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Final Summary on Decision Part I Objective : Determine complete requirements for the host infrastructure Tasks: Task 1: Summarize Guest Hardware Resource Requirements − CPU, memory, disk (performance and storage capacity), and network Task 2: Make Group Applications − Choose and Determine Backup, co-existence, physical isolation, high-availability requirements

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Decision Tree Part 2: Design the Host Infrastructure

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Validate the Overall Approach from Decision Part 1 until Decision Part 2 Goals: Verify that all decisions are aligned with business requirements Validate changes to initial requirements Tasks: Task 1: Validate Application Requirements Task 2: Validate Host Infrastructure Design Decisions

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What’s Next?

Implement your design Quantify return on investment Repeat as appropriate for other locations/branches Provide feedback on the documentation to

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Summary and Conclusion Organizations should base the design of their Virtual Server infrastructure on business and technical requirements Considerations should include: • The scope of virtualization • Technical requirements and considerations • Additional business requirements • Designing a host infrastructure to meet those requirements • Validating the overall approach

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Perencanaan dan Implementasi Virtualisasi  

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