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Know About The Superfoods And Their Benefits For Your Body Article Written By: COREBIOTICS Do you like gorging apple streusel, pumpkin pie, blueberry cobbler, etc? You might have heard that eating such food items might cause negative impact on the body because of the ingredients that are used. Studies conducted by the dieticians and the food nutritionists have concluded that there are many food items that are considered as superfoods because of the benefits they offer for the body. Some are listed below.

Lentils These are one of the most preferred super health foods by the food lovers. When compared with all the other eatables, lentils are comparatively cheaper and are also easy to prepare. They are rich in iron, protein and all other such necessary nutrients required for the body and hence can keep the body working system in good shape for longer years. Greek Yogurt Greek yogurt is described as the cousin of the regular yogurt that you enjoy these days. When compared with the regular yogurt, Greek Yogurt will be filled with protein rich ingredients, will be creamier and also will be thicker. When you eat it, it not only makes you feel full, but will also offer nutritional benefits to your body. Food specialists have even concluded that Greek

Yogurt, one of the super health foods, is an excellent alternative for mayonnaise, cream cheese and even sour cream. Leeks Leeks are such super food types that are rich in organosulphur compounds. The food supplement is considered as the best option for treating cancer cells in the body, since it is known for boosting the immunity in the body of the cancer patients. Gastric cancers and stomach cancers are quite common in today’s world and the best way to stay away from such life threatening disorders is to follow the routine of consuming leeks. Quinoa Quinoa is actually the grain-like seed that is comparatively tinier than the other seeds. This seed is rich in nutritional supplements and is also famous for being the power packet of nine different kinds of amino acids. The seed looks just like a rice grain, but can offer such amino acid supplements to the body, which is not possible by the body to produce naturally. One cup servings of quinoa can add around eight grams of protein to your daily diet. Oatmeal If you are looking for the superfood that is rich in antioxidants, fibre and all other such nutrients, the oatmeal is the right option. If consumed for breakfast, then oatmeal will not only provide necessary nutrients to your body, but will also takes care of unwanted fat cells that are accumulated all over the muscle tissues. You can find many superfoods that were once considered as non-healthy food supplements. Understand the ingredients and nutrients present in each in detail and choose wisely.

Know about the superfoods and their benefits for your body  

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