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How Motorcyclists Benefit from Wearing Heated Gear

Others are not aware of the physical threats motorcyclists face aside from road collisions or accidents. Motorcyclists are constantly exposed on extreme weathers as they don’t have the automobile or the shelter to cover them. Aside

from the right kinds of helmets and body pads, motorcyclists need more than conventional fabric to cover them while on their bikes. They need heated clothing (heated vest, jackets, and gloves) to keep them warm and safe while under the extreme harshness of conditions.

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So what are exactly the physical threats that face motorcyclists aside from crashes? In a separate study conducted by the Rochester Medical Center, it says that aging motorcyclists are more likely to be involved in motorcycle accidents. They explained that because their bodies are frailer and weaker, their vitality won’t respond on the road the same way a 24-yearold biker’s would. The rate of emergency room visits related to motorcycle accidents grew to 50% over the past year, and they mostly rooted from bodily effects that triggered loss of control. According to the Cycle Safety Information, a motorcyclist should be responsible in choosing the right kind of gear to prevent various accidents. Aside from choosing a sturdy helmet that cools the head upon impact, they should also keep in mind that gloves, jackets, and rain suits are vital while riding their bikes. Conventional and cheap rain jackets don’t perform well under intense weathers, and investing on quality gear is akin to steering

towards the path of safety. By wearing heated gear, motorcyclists can retain full function of their bodies, as well as a comfortable body temperature that will keep weather-related sicknesses at bay. Here are examples of conditions that heated clothing (heated vest, jackets, and gloves) will prevent:

 Hypothermia- When the body is exposed to too much cold, it drops temperature and prevents blood flow to vital parts (limbs, head, chest area). The heat from the thermal gear will maintain and even elevate the body’s temperature.  Breathing problems- The heat is able to send oxygen-rich blood to all parts of the body, allowing the smooth respiratory transition even in constrained environments.

 Twitching of hands and feet- In motorcycling, one small move can be disastrous and when the body drops temperature, the hands start to twitch or shiver, as well as the feet and the upper body. The heat coming out of the gloves, socks, and jackets will dilate the capillaries and boost the cardiovascular system, maintaining the heat in the body.

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Wearing heated vests, jackets and gloves are nothing new to motorcyclists, but real quality and great effects come from a brand called Ventureheat. They have long-lasting batteries and motorcycle coax connectors so users can enjoy their thermal gear anytime without thinking about recharging or over-wiring.

How Motorcyclists Benefit from Wearing Heated Gear  
How Motorcyclists Benefit from Wearing Heated Gear Others are not aware of the physical threats motorcyclists face aside from road collisions or accidents. Motorcycli...