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The latest triathlon products tested to the limit


DuraTrain Recovery Drink RRP- 1.56kg R205, 3.12kg R375

A premium pre and post exercise recovery accelerator, DuraTrain Recovery contains Omega 3, 6 EFAs, glutamine, L-taurine, antioxidants, and vitamin and mineral support – all designed to maintain muscular strength and support the immune system. DuraTrain synergises with the post-training window and tops off pre-event glycogen reserves, while being suitable for diabetics. Besides being the most cost effective supplement on the market, DuraTrain also comes in 3 delicious flavours (vanilla, creamy choc and fresh strawberry) and is available in 2 different sizes – a 1.56kg tub (26 servings, R205 incl. VAT) and a 3.12kg tub (52 servings, R375 incl. VAT).


FOODBAR 32Gi® Foodbars are a delicious meal in a wrapper. They are an ideal energy source for all sporting activities, providing +-240 calories of healthy carbohydrates, protein and fats. They can be used as a pre or training/racing meal, a post training recovery meal or just as a snack during the day. Suitable for children and diabetics.



As a renowned supplier of sports, vitamins and energy products, Biogen have finally reintroduced the ever popular glycogen and electrolyte replacement Energy Gels back onto the market. Providing a combination of slower and faster releasing carbohydrates and electrolytes, Biogen Energy Gels offer an ideal and convenient way to boost energy and improve performance whilst reducing fatigue and cramping. Now in 3 brand new, tasty flavours including Naartjie, Vanilla and a caffeine variant in the form of Cafe Latte. Available from Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Leading Pharmacy Group and Cycle Lab stores nationwide. For more info visit or follow @BiogenSA on Twitter.


accelerate 32Gi launches its first professional specific sports energy drink, Accelerate, designed to meet the needs of athletes who require a quick releasing sports drink that still provides balance and sustainability. Accelerate provides a natural combination of ingredients when the muscles need a faster intake of glucose.


Arnicamill Massage Oil www.

Arnicamill Massage Oil combines three essential oils to soothe and relax tired and aching muscles. Arnica oil reduces inflammation and bruising, Tea Tree oil penetrates the lower layers of the skin (reducing pain and inflammation) and Chamomile oil soothes and relaxes aching muscles and joints. It can be used for the treatment of muscular and joint injuries and bruising. It can also be used for the prevention of injury and warming up of muscles and to prevent or reduce muscle stiffness and joint pain. It is easy to use, pleasant smelling and used by most physiotherapists. The Arnicamill range includes the original Arnicamill Massage Oil (in pack sizes 125ml, 250ml and 500ml), Arnica Pure (a combination of essential oils including Lavender, Rosemary and Clove oil), and Arnicamill Hot Milk, a pre-exercise warm up oil containing Arnica, Capsicum and Wintergreen oils. For more information, you can go to or contact




Epic Pro All-in-One RRP - R429.95 A premium intra- and post-workout performance and recovery supplement, scientifically formulated with PeptoPro®, Vitargo® & other fast acting nutrients for peak performance & instant muscle recovery. Epic Pro All-in-One is precisely formulated as an elite post-training/event recovery drink and/or a comprehensive energy, amino acid and electrolyte replacement drink to use during long periods of intense physical activity such a multi-day sport events, Ironman events, marathons etc.


Slow-mag RRP - R100

Slow-Mag Capsules contain magnesium lysyl glycinate (chelated magnesium) which the body can absorb readily for use. This chelate has been shown to be absorbed up to 41% more effectively than other forms of magnesium. This means that a single capsule daily can provide a sufficient dose of magnesium. Slow-Mag Capsules are now packed in blister packs, for improved portability and convenience.



Cyto Gel RRP - R12.95 per sachet


Developed to cater for intense shortdistance and ultra-endurance athletes. The gel replenishes electrolytes and minerals in sufficient quantities during activity (if used as directed), reducing the risk of cramping. It combines both high and intermediate Glycaemic Index (GI) carbohydrates, which have been shown to promote exercise performance and tolerance, as well as muscle recovery, during physical exercise.

Bion® contains vitamins, minerals and a patented probiotic combination. Bion®’s probiotics are proven to suppor t the immune system and enhance vitamin and mineral absorption, leaving you feeling revitalised with strengthened immune defense.

RRP - R119.95

Stand a chance to 1 of 5 sets of Glimmer arm warmers

valued at R450 each.

To enter, just answer the simple question below: What page does this 32Gi Glimmer Arm Warmers competition appear on in the latest OCT issue of Triathlon Plus SA? Send your answers to and stand a chance to win. This offer is for a limited time only and restricted to South African residents. If not all criteria are fulfilled, entries will be void. Terms and conditions apply.

October 2013



Racing eyewear

Featured frames are from the exclusive Red Bull Racing Eyewear Sports Function collection. Frames are manufactured from TR90 Grilamid, synonymous with being flexible and durable. The rubber lining along the ears, nose and temple areas ensures a comfortable and secure fit for athletes. Featured eyewear: AURU 005. Matte Black frame with red rubber lining and the green lens with red revo. Available colours: Matte Grey, Blue, Matte Olive, White, Black, Crème and Metallic Dark Red. Retails from R2117.

Featured eyewear: HARE 001. Transparent Smoke frame with red rubber lining and the grey lens with red revo. Available colours: Matte Crème, Transparent Red, Matte Black, Matte White, Black, Metallic Silver and Transparent Blue. Retails from R2117.


Arm warmers Glimmer Arm Warmers available from Perfect for those early morning rides with safety in mind. With LED lights that run the length of each arm warmer, the safety aspect of riding in the dark is covered by this incredible and novel idea.


Cytomax Drops

Cytomax Energy Drops™ are a fully portable, chewable means by which athletes can carry additional fuel on longer efforts or when travelling. Delivering a precise blend of carbohydrates and essential electroly tes, Cytomax Energy Drops may be used before and during training. Each portable pouch provides ten individual chews. For more info, email


October 2013


Cytomax 2kg

Exclusive to Cytomax products, Alpha-L-PolyLactate™ is a proprietary energy source proven to provide energy longer and faster. Cytomax lowers acid in muscles, which prevents burning and cramping during training and helps reduce soreness and speed recovery. For more info, email

Bonk Triathlon

The unique grass roots clothing label for those who like to swim, bike and run. With a focus on the camaraderie and lifestyle of being an endurance athlete, this clothing label aspires to be different, focused on bringing new energy into the world of triathlon and endurance sport by combining fresh and funky design with a fun and relaxed take on things. Hoodies, T-shirts and accessories are available in South Africa through T3 Multisports .

T-shirts, hoodies and race accessories for those who like to Swim, Bike and Run.

Triathlon is not just a sport, it’s a way of life. | 65 AUGUST 2013

October 2013




SPF 50 Clear Gel

AXENA RRP - R129.95

The aXena is a project that has taken over 12 months of refinement and working with athletes across the globe. The result is a product aligned with one of the most discerning and amazing athletes of the modern female triathlon scene: Caroline Steffen, also known as ‘Xena’. Huub have taken the NBR composite -39 X-O skeleton™ and wrapped the thighs and hips to deliver increased buoyancy and improved body alignment, combined with the exclusive Bicep-Release™ and Calf Release™. The suit has 3mm upper body flexibility that is unmatched in the industry, and 5mm composite materials that have been tested to be significantly more buoyant than any other neoprene on the market.

The new SPF 50 Clear Gel sunscreen is an upgraded replacement to the world famous Island Tribe SPF 40 clear gel sunscreen (the surfer’s sunscreen). The product is unrivalled for water resistance and lasts for at least 4 hours submerged in water. This product is ideal for water sports, endurance sports and is safe for kids, so you can rest assured that your kids are protected whilst in the sun this summer. The product is dermatologist approved, irritancy tested, and offers broad spectrum UVA protection in terms of ISO. 24443.


Transition Bag


Refillable Torpedo Hydration System

This ultralight and refillable horizontal aerobar hydration system combines cutting-edge aerodynamics with state-of-the-art ergonomics, and solves the triathlete’s need for an easily accessible and refillable hydration system that doesn’t slow them down or add drag. The BPA-Free XLAB Refillable Torpedo Hydration System has a 26-ounce capacity and is available in 2 different series. The 100 series features the Aero bottle, an aluminium mount, and a nylon composite cage with clear bite valves. The 400 model features the Aero bottle, carbon mount and a carbon cage with colour coordinated bite valve and spacers. Each series model is available with red or magenta accents. Refill Upgrade Kits will also be available for current Torpedo mounts and cages.


Vorttice Helmet RRP - R2600

With its in-mould construction, golf ball effect and vortex generator, this helmet is what you choose when you absolutely have to be faster than the competition! The Vorttice helmet weighs less than 450g, is CPSC-ASTMCE-AS 2063 certified, and is available in Small (52-56cm), Medium (56-59cm) and Large (59-62cm). Head to Fit Sports Lab (the sole agent for Louis Garneau in South Africa) and get yours today!


October 2013

If there is one bag you need for triathlon, it’s the Huub-220 AYS bag. Now we all love our plastic boxes, but there is nothing trickier to move around in transition. This bag has enough space for all your race day gear and is designed to be comfortable enough to exercise with. The waterproof compartment is big enough to carry up to a size XL wetsuit, and the bag’s huge 32 litre volume will store all your essential tri gear. It has storage compartments for shoes and helmets, multiple pockets for storing tools, cards and key essentials, padded straps for active comfort, back padding with mesh fabric for cooler body moulded comfort, a large entry for ease of kit location, reflective trim for night/morning riding, and an Inner mesh sleeve for laptops and goggles.



Neurogen is our no-compromise Time Trial (TT)/Tri frame. It’s designed to meet UCI regulations for TT frames, but triathletes – who don’t need to worry about UCI regulations – can also use our innovative front end setup for even lower drag. With carefully designed aero tube profiles and concealed brakes, Neurogen is ready to beat the clock. • UCI approved • Full carbon PF30 bottom bracket • Built for maximum power transfer • Latest aerodynamic technology • Rotor FLOW TT crank-set • A matrix of filament layers for added stiffness



The pinnacle of Fuji innovation, design, and engineering, the Norcom Straight is one of the fastest bikes in the world. But most importantly, it offers more positioning options than any other superbike. If speed is the goal, fit comes first. Meet the Norcom Straight.


202 Firecrest CCL wheels

Zipp’s Firecrest technology, with its distinctive profile, has now made its 202 carbon clincher wheels with their 32mm deep rims. The principle behind the unique shape is that the rear half of the rim (the second leading edge) mimics the tyre – the front leading edge – to reduce drag to just 131g, compared to 324g for standard box section-type rims. Zipp also claims that the Firecrest 202 has a better aero performance than standard V-section aero wheels with rims up to 55mm deep – impressive for a 32mm deep wheel. At 1,375g, the new 202’s low weight translates to instant acceleration and highly capable climbing. But where they excel is in blustery conditions, handling crosswinds better than the leading aluminium wheels we’ve tried. The braking matches the wheels’ consistent all-round performance, thanks to the included set of soft gummy Platinum Evo pads, which feature a 10 percent greater braking surface area and disperse heat build-up. All in all, great handling, low weight, clincher convenience and brilliant braking seal the deal.

October 2013


Triathlon Plus October 2013 gear  
Triathlon Plus October 2013 gear