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The latest triathlon products tested to the limit


SL-K WHEELSET the sl-k’s 51mm deep carbon tubular rims have a wide 23mm tyre bed for aero efficiency and handling stability. The shape is somewhere between sharp, knife-like rims and the bulbous Zipp Firecrest style, and gave a good account of itself throughout a blustery ride, with decent ride quality, snappy acceleration, excellent braking in the wet and no nasty surprises. Light SL-K hubs with two front and four rear sealed cartridge bearings spin smoothly, and combined with the wide rims, increase lateral stiffness and cornering confidence up front, while the narrow rear hub has minimal dishing, creating a responsive wheel with no spoke windup under acceleration. We had trouble inserting the tyre valve due to the deflated bladder inside the rim fouling the holes, which may account for the weight without skewers of 1,580g being 130g above FSA’s listed mass.

Words Adam Hurrell, Guy Kesteven, Justin Loretz, Warren Rossiter, Robin Wilmott

Fast, stable all-round wheelset that goes and stops well but could be better finished Performance Value OVERALL

Our tests are the best. Here’s why… Our testers Years of competing in triathlons have given our team of tester`s unrivalled product knowledge. Their expertise means we review new kit not just in isolation, but in comparison with everything else that’s out there.

How we test If something can be taken apart we disassemble and then rebuild it, checking for possible performance problems and, if necessary, carrying out any relevant pre-use tests. Next, we subject each product to meticulous real-world testing.


March 2013

Bike tests

How our awards work

We take every bike we test to our workshop, strip it down and examine it in detail according to the well-proven system developed over many years by our sister titles Cycling Plus, Pro Cycling, What Mountain Bike, Mountain Biking UK, and

We have three separate awards that are given to the most impressive products in our tests. Peak Performer

How our scores work We mark separately on performance and value, so you get the full story on every product tested. Exceptional Very good Good Below average Don’t go there

Top Value


Peak Performer A product that does a truly stunning job, regardless of its price Top Value An outstanding deal – you’re getting an excellent product for the money Gold Award The winning product in our group tests, based on both performance and value




A mid-level option with much of the technology of the higher end Archimedes.

Huub’s top of the range offering .

A woman’s suit, designed and specifically cut for the female athlete, with buoyancy distributed to complement (and even flatter) a woman’s body . . is this fashion? No, just more science from Huub.

The Aerious

The Archimedes The Aura

The most significant distinguishing feature that Huub has incorporated into their product line is to offer their suits in varying buoyancies. Both the Archimedes and the Aerious (the two top level models) are available in 3:5 and 4:4 configurations. The numbers indicate the thickness of the upper and lower body panels. This allows swimmers to have neutral buoyancy, which means less drag. The 4:4 configuration is designed for those with natural neutral buoyancy or advanced swimmers who have efficient overall body positions.

X-O Skeleton

Reduces ‘snake’ swimming and largely eliminates the side-to-side motion that creates tons of drag.

The Breakaway Zipper

Ensures a super-fast exit due to its upward one-pull release mechanism. Working like a normal zip at the bottom, there is no need for help to zip yourself up either!

And then some more smarts

The back of the collar has a soft flap to ensure comfort and minimise chafe. The Cross-over Alignment panel that is built into the back panel helps the up-to-70% of swimmers who cross over the centre line while swimming. Again, straighter swimming means faster times over the swim course.


BIG BUOY When we’re asked for advice on buying a pullbuoy, we usually shrug and say, “They’re all the same!” Not any more though – wetsuit manufacturers Huub have not only come up with a new take on the trusty swim toy, but given it a funny name too. There is a serious point to the Big Buoy, namely that your standard pullbuoy is not up to the job of hauling the biggest, sinkiest swimmers’ legs up towards the surface. Huub say that a standard pullbuoy gives 17 Newtons of buoyancy, whereas the Big Buoy gives 34. You can certainly feel the difference immediately; in fact, if you’re only slightly on the sinky side, it can make for harder work, with your legs fishtailing in the water and the extra bulk of the buoy hard to get used to. For sinky-legged cyclists, it’s a great idea. It’s pricey, but well finished.

MARCH 2013


Under Armour


Ultra-light relaxed six-panel poly dobby cap with HeatGear® fabric sweatband, reflective sandwich brim detail, front embroidered logo and black reflective UA logos, suspension hook and loop back closure with reflective logo tape. 100% polyester.

Under Armour

Sonic Compression Long Sleeve T

Under Armour

Sonic Compression Short Sleeve T

RRP R400

- New HeatGear® Sonic is the evolution of compression performance, giving you superior 4-way stretch fabrication performance without restriction. - Anti-odour technology keeps your gear fresher, longer. - Raglan sleeve construction and smooth flatlock seams allow for full range of motion without chafing. - Updated jacquard neck and lockertag.

RRP R349

- New HeatGear® Sonic is the evolution of compression performance, giving you superior 4-way stretch fabrication performance without restriction. - Anti-odour technology keeps your gear fresher, longer. - Raglan sleeve construction and smooth flatlock seams allow for full range of motion without chafing. - Updated jacquard neck and lockertag.

Under Armour

Sonic Compression Sleeveless T

RRP R300

- New HeatGear® Sonic is the evolution of compression performance, giving you superior 4-way stretch fabrication performance without restriction. - Anti-odour technology keeps your gear fresher, longer. - Raglan sleeve construction and smooth flatlock seams allow for full range of motion without chafing. - Updated jacquard neck and lockertag.


March 2013

Under Armour

Gotta Have It Mid RRP R300 - - - - - - -

UA Compression increases your power, helps you recover faster and keeps you dry and light. Anti-odour technology. Wide winner waistband construction. Hidden pocket on back waistband. Inner flatlock pop stitching. 4” inseam. Graphic printed UA wordmark.

Blue Seventy

Helix 2012

RRP R5999 In 2012 we’ve further enhanced our flagship Helix wetsuit with subtle pattern refinements and considerable material improvements. This year, our Helix suit is designed to further impress with unparalleled flexibility, while strategic materials and panels maximise buoyancy throughout the suit.

Blue Seventy

Skull Cap

RRP R320 Insulation, comfort, and neoprene on your head‌ what more could you ask for? The 3mm Yamamoto neoprene maximises warmth and comfort, with a flexible central panel to enhance fit. Ideal for that late summer Ironman South Africa swim.

Blue Seventy

Blueseventy Transition Bag

RRP R1250 The Swiss Army knife of backpacks - take everything except for the kitchen sink on your back. Finally, a transition pack that works! The blueseventy transition pack features a large waterproof wetsuit compartment, a huge 32L capacity to fit all your race day kit, plus a few handy compartments for essential things like your mp3 player.

MARCH 2013



Timex® Ironman® Clear-View 30-Lap: Midsize RRP R799 - 100 hour chronograph with lap or split in large digits. - 30 lap memory recall for effortless review after workout. - 99 lap counter. - Easy to use 24 hour countdown timer with countdown/stop (CS) and countdown/repeat (CR). - 1 alarm settable for daily/weekday/weekend with 5 minute backup. - 2 time zone settings . - Top pusher for easy lap and split option. - All-day white reflector display. - Built-in setting reminders to quickly and easily set your watch. - Forward/backward setting for ease of use. - Comfortable and durable resin strap. - Water resistant to 100m. - Easy to view in low light conditions with INDIGLO® night-light. - Turn on INDIGLO® night-light with any button using NIGHT-MODE® feature. - Also available in white T5K601. Available from


Ironman® Global Trainer™ Bodylink® System RRP R3499

The Timex® Ironman® Global Trainer™ Bodylink® System is the first GPS-enabled competitive training tool worthy of the Timex Ironman name. The all-in-one wrist device is designed for elite performance, as the iconic watch brand continues to expand its fitness technology offerings across all levels of athletic training. The product is technologically advanced for modern athletes, but does not sacrifice the reliability, ease-of-use and affordability that users have come to expect from Timex. Powered by GPS Technology - SiRFstarIII-powered GPS technology requires no calibration. - Calculates precise speed, pace and distance in real time. - Measures location and altitude with ascent/descent distances and rates. - Records 100 location waypoints to track back and create routes. - Recalls up to 50 custom routes for pace tracking. Built for Elite Performance - Customisable four-window data display provides critical data at-a-glance. - Watch is water-resistant to 50 metres. - Rechargeable battery lasts 15 hours in GPS.


March 2013

- - - - - -

20-workout memory with dated summaries for up to 1,000 laps. Performance mode features chronograph, interval and countdown timers. Records elapsed time, calories burned and workout data for each lap. Performance pacer function helps the user meet finish-time goals. Hands-free option automatically starts and stops data capture functions. Multisport event mode records activities and transitions in one sequence.

Connected & Compatible - Performance and GPS data wirelessly sync with online software powered by TrainingPeaks. - Compatible with Windows XP or newer and Mac OS X 10.4 or newer. - Advanced desktop software allows for easy customisation. - Compatible with Timex heart rate and bike sensors using ANT+ - Compatible with third-party bike power sensors using ANT+ - Battery recharges when connected to USB port or AC adaptor. Other Watch Features - INDIGLO® Night-Light with Night-Mode feature. - English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Italian language support.

SwiftCarbon Neurogent

SWIFT TT Neurogen

Neurogen is SwiftCarbon’s no-compromise Time Trial (TT)/Tri frame. It’s designed to meet UCI regulations for TT frames, but triathletes – who don’t need to worry about UCI regulations – can also use the innovative front end setup for even lower drag. With carefully designed aero tube profiles and concealed brakes, Neurogen is ready to beat the clock.

modulus T1000 and MR40 carbon filaments at key areas to stiffen the frame. Even though the deep aero tube profiles require more material, we’ve kept the weight of the Neurogen low – a complete bike, with 2013 SRAM Red, Rotor Flow TT chainset, 3T Vento bar/stem (or SwiftCarbon integrated bar system) and SwiftCarbon Hemoglobin 90mm wheels weighs in at +/- 7.7kg (size S frame).

The design constraints of narrow aero tubing make building a stiff TT frame a challenge. SwiftCarbon have used a special carbon layup with layers of high-

Full TT aerodynamics with aero road stiffness and weight, the Neurogen offers a sensational ride. Stable, stiff and slippery.


Bike Speed + Cadence + Distance Sensor

RRP R699 - Transmits cycling data with ANT+™ technology. - Mounts on rear half of bike on side opposite from chain. - Includes instructions, magnets and mounting hardware. - Compatible with the Timex® Ironman® Global Trainer™ Bodylink® system (and Cycle Trainer™ 2.0 Bike Computer, not available in South Africa) Available from

MARCH 2013



Hydrate & Perform RRP R139

An isotonic drink designed to meet the needs of intense repetitive sports lasting up to 2 hours. The simple and complex carbohydrate blend provides a fast stable source of energy.


Long Distance Energy RRP R169

This high energy, isotonic drink mix was specially created to meet the needs of long-lasting endurance sports. It is made up of an optimised mix of simple and complex carbohydrates, providing a gradual and prolonged source of energy.


Mobium Elite RRP R1299

The Mobium Elite is a new running shoe which adapts to the foot as it moves, expanding and contracting as the foot naturally does in stride. The Mobium Elite is comprised of three advanced technologies, all proprietary to PUMA: Expansion Pods, the Windlass Chassis and the Mobium Band, which together operate as a system to move the foot through an entire gait cycle to encourage a more efficient mid-foot strike. Stockists: Available at selected stockists nationwide. For more information, call PUMA on 021 551 0832.


March 2013

MARCH 2013


March 2013 Gear  
March 2013 Gear  

March 2013 Gear