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32Gi® FOODBAR’s are a delicious meal in a wrapper. They are an ideal energy 32Gi™ Chews were designed as a meal or source for all sporting gel replacement during a sporting event. activities, providing Each packet of chews is equivalent to two +-240 calories of healthy small bananas or boiled potatoes in energy carbohydrates, protein and provision and sugar response. The 32Gi™ fats. They can be used as a Chews are a very popular energy source in pre or training / racing meal, any endurance event. Boasting a melting a post training recovery point of around 90 degrees Celsius, the meal or just as a snack Chews can be removed from the packaging during the day. prior to an event and left loose in a cycling Suitable for children and jersey or running shorts and eaten when diabetics? required. The Chews are very easy to chew and swallow quickly as they are designed to keep the airways open, leaving no residue in the mouth at all.


32Gi CHEWABLE ENERGY TABS 32Gi™ Chewable Endure & Accelerate Energy Tabs are based on 32Gi™‘s highly successful energy drinks, Endurance and Accelerate. It is not always convenient to carry a water bottle or mix a sachet of energy drink on route in a training or racing session, specifically in an endurance running event. 32Gi™ sought a way of changing the delivery mechanism to ensure a simpler way of providing the energy requirements for an athlete. 32Gi™ Energy Tabs come in a convenient carry tube which contains 10 x 5gram chewable tablets, providing hours of energy. 32Gi™ Energy Tabs are an optimum drip feeding system, where an athlete can chew the energy tabs separate to his water consumption, making it a lot easier to consume in an event. This also allows the athlete to worry about hydration separately and not have the issue of over or under hydration.



32Gi™ Recover is a high quality ratio blend of 100% vegetable protein isolate combined with carbohydrates. 32Gi™ Recover contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids to maximise muscle recovery. Recover is an excellent protein supplement with no unnecessary ingredients, only those critical to muscle and glycogen recovery. Recover can also be consumed as a pre training or racing meal or even as a meal during a long endurance event. Recover is the first endurance protein recovery sports drink suitable for vegans and diabetics.



32Gi™ Sport is a unique low GI sports drink. The drink is designed using multiple carbohydrates to provide a quick yet sustainable and balanced supply of energy to an athlete. 32Gi™ Sport is highly suitable for any athlete, whether a field match or a high intensity or endurance session. 32Gi™ Sport contains a balanced amount of electrolytes to ensure proper hydration. It can be consumed before, during and after an event, and has an incredibly refreshing taste.

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April 2013






Iron gear guide


Duragen Combining the effects of Betaalanine, phosphates, leucine and magnesium, Duragen significantly enhances performance after prolonged supplementation. Duragen’s proprietary blend may increase oxygen delivery, improve metabolism and enhance myocardial function.


Sports Nutrition rrp tubes R200, Gels R20

Now available in SA, Shotz Sports Nutrition products are made in Australia and designed for athletes under strict pharmaceutical regulations, providing a fast, sustained fuel source to keep your active muscles and brain energised. Our glucose-free gels, developed in conjunction with professional athletes, have a smooth liquid/gel consistency that is easy to consume during activity. Shotz effervescent tablets provide a portable sugar-free electrolyte replacement. Now there is no need to ever be dehydrated again. Also suitable for diabetics. Conveniently, just add water. For more information or to order, call us on 082 382 8550, contact us at info@ or visit


Classic energy Classic Energy provides a scientifically optimised formula for rapid energy delivery. A combination of maltodextrin, fructose and protein, it offers the ideal solution to all endurance athletes. Classic Energy is the most versatile energy drink in the Cadence Nutrition range and is the most beneficial component in any athlete’s nutritional strategy.


Product line


Espresso Caps

Dynaforce was originally developed for the hydration of mine workers, who often work long shifts in harsh, hot conditions. It has now found its way onto the retail shelves, as its powerful ingredients have proven to be hugely beneficial for athletes, workers, students or anyone in need of hydration and electrolytes replacement. It is a hypotonic solution, which encourages cell hydration by assisting the transport of water into the cells. It is packed with vitamins and rehydrates, whilst at the same time providing energy. Available in four delicious flavours: Naartjie, Cherry Grape, Tropical and Blueberry. Each 60g sachet makes 1 litre and a 900g tub makes 15 litres. Sachets retail for R18.95 and tubs for R199 For more information, visit or contact Helena on 076 593 9636.

Caffeine is the most well established ergogenic aid. Reams of scientific data provide ample evidence for its effects.


Classic Recovery Classic Recovery provides a scientifically optimised formula for rapid recovery. It has been formulated to supply the optimal ratio of carbohydrate to protein for all endurance athletes. Additional minerals, anti-oxidants and branch chain amino acids help to enhance the recovery process.


April 2013

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.......................... cytomax


Exclusive to Cytomax products, Alpha-L-PolyLactate™ is a proprietary energy source proven to provide energy longer and faster. Cytomax lowers the acid in muscles, which prevents burning and cramping during training and helps to reduce soreness and speed up recovery. Muscle Milk® is a great-tasting, proteinenhanced functional formula that combines 32 grams of high quality protein with premium ingredients in order to provide sustained energy and recovery for performance and lifestyle.


Energy Drops


Available at most Dis-Chem stores, Supplement World, Klinicare Pharmacy and Action Cycles.


Epic Pro

A premium intra- and post-workout performance and recovery supplement, scientifically formulated with PeptoPro®, Vitargo® & other fast acting nutrients for peak performance & instant muscle recovery.


Energy Porridge Biogen Energy Porridge is a delicious, lactose- and gluten-free, reduced GI breakfast supplement for increased energy expenditure. This healthy meal has been designed with active people in mind, and includes 23 bio-available vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Energy Porridge also assists those with compromised immunity or recovering from illness, and is just a great start to any athlete’s day.


CytoPro-RS Biogen CytoPro-RS is an Ultra Performance Energy Solution for 3 hour plus events, with a blend of carbohydrates, electrolytes, phosphates and amino acids to help satisfy immediate and sustained energy requirements.


Protein Delite Bars The new 50g Protein Delite is a compact nutrition bar designed for active individuals who demand the benefits of high quality proteins and complex carbohydrates to support optimum health.


Power Horse Energy Drink

The outward appearance alone (squat, solid can) illustrates that POWER HORSE is more than simply a drink for partygoers, stuntmen, and highflyers – it’s a drink for people who work hard every day and who push the envelope when it comes to performance. A product that has optimum taste and optimum effect, an “energy concentrate” that fits the hand of an adult; the energy drink for “powering on” rather than sipping at parties. POWER HORSE features a special mix of taurine, caffeine and the vitamins B12, B2 and B6. This is what releases the energy of the consumer, the power waiting to be set free in each and every one of us.



Formulated to stimulate the bone marrow to significantly increase the production of oxygen carrying red blood cells while dilating the gasexchange blood vessels in the lung. Designed to enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of the user while buffering lactic acid and increasing fatigue resistance.

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April 2013






Iron gear guide

Under Armour

Sonic Compression Long Sleeve T

Rudy Project

Wingspan helmet rrp R2400 vat inc.

Designed for time trial competitions, this helmet is characterised by a contained and streamlined shape and has large ventilation slots that favour constant air circulation without harming the overall aerodynamics. Comfortable and versatile. Distributed by ASG Sport, call them on 012 751 4130 to find your nearest dealer.

Under Armour

Sonic Compression Short Sleeve T

RRP R349

- - - -

New HeatGear® Sonic is the evolution of compression performance, giving you superior4-way stretch fabrication performance without restriction. Anti-odour technology keeps your gear fresher, longer. Raglan sleeve construction and smooth flatlock seams allow for full range of motion without chafing. Updated jacquard neck and lockertag.

RRP R400

- New HeatGear® Sonic is the evolution of compression performance, giving you superior 4-way stretch fabrication performance without restriction. - Anti-odour technology keeps your gear fresher, longer. - Raglan sleeve construction and smooth flatlock seams allow for full range of motion without chafing. - Updated jacquard neck and lockertag.

Under Armour

Sonic Compression Sleeveless T

RRP R300

- - - -

New HeatGear® Sonic is the evolution of compression performance, giving you superior 4-way stretch fabrication performance without restriction. Anti-odour technology keeps your gear fresher, longer. Raglan sleeve construction and smooth flatlock seams allow for full range of motion without chafing. Updated jacquard neck and lockertag.

Under Armour

Gotta Have It Mid RRP R300 - - - - - - -

UA Compression increases your power, helps you recover faster and keeps you dry and light. Anti-odour technology. Wide inner waistband construction. Hidden pocket on back waistband. Inner flatlock pop stitching. 4” inseam. Graphic printed UA wordmark.


TT Neurogen

Neurogen is SwiftCarbon’s no-compromise Time Trial (TT)/Tri frame. It’s designed to meet UCI regulations for TT frames, but triathletes – who don’t need to worry about UCI regulations – can also use the innovative front end setup for even lower drag. With carefully designed aero tube profiles and concealed brakes, Neurogen is ready to beat the clock.


Aerodynamic Hydration


April 2013

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.......................... Red Bull


Racing Eyewear

Featured frames are from the exclusive Red Bull Racing Eyewear Sports Function collection. Frames are manufactured from TR90 Grilamid, synonymous with being flexible and durable. The rubber lining along the ears, nose and temple areas ensure a comfortable and secure fit for athletes.


Featured eyewear: AURU 005. Matt Black frame with red rubber lining and the green lens with red revo. Available colours: Matt Grey, Blue, Matt Olive, White, Black, Crème and Metallic Dark Red. Retail Price: Starting from R2117

Anyone can learn & improve in a matter of hours with Total Immersion and save valuable energy for the bike & run. Total Immersion (TI) is the world’s most respected swim-improvement programme, famed for teaching a special relationship with the water. TI students learn to swim like fish and love the water, while traditional instruction teaches ’survival swimming’.

UPCOMING GROUP WORKSHOPS 2-Day Freestyle: Cape Town 6/7 April, 18/19 May, 8/9 June

Featured eyewear: HARE 001. Transparent Smoke frame with red rubber lining and the grey lens with red revo. Available colours: Matt Crème, Transparent Red, Matt Black, Matt White, Black, Metallic Silver and Transparent Blue. Retail Price: Starting from R2117

Fourways 6/7 April, 18/19 May, 8/9 June Port Elizabeth 11/12 May, 15/16 June Çıralı Village, Antalya Province, Turkey 23 to 29 June - TI OW Confidence! Camp Join us on the Total Immersion path to mastery of the skills that will make openwater swimming and racing safer, easier, and more enjoyable than ever. Whether you swim for fitness, or to compete in triathlons or open-water events, you will receive the skilled coaching, the encouragement, and the experience to turn ‘wild water’ into your aquatic home.

rudy project

hypermask performance rrp R2329 inc. VAT






Also private and small group lessons for all abilities, including triathletes and recreational swimmers.

It’s not just swimming,

it’s Total Immersion!

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The only made to measure triathlon wetsuit in South Africa –

April 2013


firetree e&oe

Hypermask™ Performance is ultralight, aerodynamic and offers the widest field of view. From cycling to running, kite surfing to triathlon, and even cross country skiing. multilaser-blue.html





Iron gear guide

DT Swiss

RRC46 DI-CUT 46 wheels

DT Swiss have revamped their hub range, with the scallop-flanged Di-Cut family heading up their technology trio. The fancy flanges let DT Swiss use bladed nail-head spokes in an ultra high-tension lace-up. It does mean any spoke tensioning means removing the tyre and rim tape, which is a pain, and spare spokes could be an issue. Add the RWS ratchet skewers though and the upside is an impressively stiff and sharp-feeling wheelset. At 651g front, and 779g rear, they’re lighter than Zipp 404s so accelerating and climbing are no issue and they give a really crisp edge to any ride. They’re definitely not a comfort-enhancing set though, so if your bike is harsh you may be better off with smoother wheels. While the simple rim profile is shallow enough to turn in reasonably responsively, it definitely gets pushed around more in cross winds too. Because it’s deliberately designed to cope well with extended braking on long descents, the brake track also takes a while to heat up and bite, which takes some nerve tingling to get used to at first.


Quickview computer mount We’ve looked at K-Edge’s beautifully machined Garmin mount recently, and while we were impressed with the quality. Now Sram have released their alternative: the Quickview. Instead of CNC’d aluminium, Sram have used a plastic composite for its construction. At just 20g it’s nearly half the weight of the K-Edge, it’s significantly cheaper.

Cape Cycle

ZIPP 202 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Wheel set RRP R24 000.00

Cape Cycle

ZIPP Super 9 Carbon Clincher RRP R22 000.00

The Zipp Super-9 Carbon Clincher Disc is the fastest wheel ever, with the performance and convenience of Zipp’s Carbon Clincher technology. When it comes to disc wheels, Zipp is obsessed with aero excellence.

Zipp took the classic 202 wheel set and transformed it into a stiff, lightweight and aerodynamic speed weapon ideal for every road you travel.

Cape Cycle

American Classic Tubeless Road Wheel set RRP R9500.00

Cape Cycle

SRAM Force 2012 Group set RRP R13 000.00

AC tubeless wheels take rim technology to the next level. Our mountain bikers are successfully riding and racing tubeless, and now this innovation is available for our AC road riders.

The perfect group for pro and amateur racers, SRAM Force delivers all the top features of RED, like the powerful Dual Pivot brake set, multiple cable routing, and reach adjust of the Double Tap levers.



RSP: R26 999.99

RSP: R16 999.99



As a member of the FELT FITWoman products, designed with components which are accommodating to a woman’s anatomy, the FELT DA 4 W is the flagship woman’s specific TT/Tri bike in the FELT range.


April 2013

................................ ............. The most affordable full Carbon Fibre TT/Tri bike in the FELT 2013 range makes no compromises when it comes to performance.

.......................... compressport


Compressport ProRacing Armsleeve Watchspace RPP R499

Compressport Tail Running ShortS RPP R1199

The latest additions to the Compressport range offers 7 x Multi Graded Compression for the thighs/buttocks and hips area. Together with the NEW “Power Climb” silicone print on the quads area (for maximum hand grip when power climbing), these short also feature a reflective logo front and back for better early morning visibility and an overlapped rear pocket for your gels/keys/phone etc.

Another addition for 2013 and an upgrade on the ProRacing Armsleeve, the new “Watchspace” armsleeve continues with the same compression for upper arm and forearm, but with an added gap to fit over your watch, thus enabling you to easily put on or remove your armsleeves. You can therefore check time/speed/HR/distance even with your armsleeves on, without having an effect on your watch.

Available from Randburg Runner/Runaway Sport/TribeMultisport/Troisport/Medsport/ HFPA and other specialist retailers.

Available from Randburg Runner/ Runaway Sport/TribeMultisport/ Troisport/Medsport/HFPA and other specialist retailers.

Under Armour



- Unique patented Under Armour design supports core anatomy (hips, groin, pelvis, quads, hamstrings) - Strategically angled stretch woven fabric enhances functional movements while keeping your muscles locked in tightly - 9” inseam for added coverage - UA’s signature compression fit and moisture wicking comfort Sizes: SM to XXL

Our TX1000 tri suit has flattering silhouettes, functional lines and fashionable designs, designed to make triathletes look good and feel good on training days or during a race.

rrp R229.95 www.


TX1000 Trisuits

Hydra-Vision Mirror RPP R350

Winner of 2011 Triathlete Magazine Editor’s Choice Best Goggle, the Hydra-Vision uses the latest soft frame technology, with emphasis on all-round visibility and improved dynamics in the water. The curved wide vision lens makes this the perfect crossover goggle for pool to open water.


Skull Cap RPP R320 Insulation, comfort, and neoprene on your head… what more could you ask for? The 3mm Yamamoto neoprene maximises warmth and comfort with a flexible central panel to enhance fit. Ideal for the that late summer Ironman South Africa swim.

............................... ............

April 2013




Iron gear guide


Fusion Wetsuit RPP R3999


The Fusion offers a perfect blend of price and performance. The unique buoyancy profile offers thicker leg panels helping to elevate the legs and the 1.5mm A-Flex arms and soft Yamamoto neoprene contribute to the flexibility of this suit. The Fusion is designed to offer the best blend of flexibility, durability, and comfort, offering a high value for any price conscious customer.


Blueseventy Transition Bag RPP R1250


Racer ST 5 Minimalists delight in the racer ST 5, with just the right touch of support. This shoe is super lightweight for racing but has the substance and durability required for tempo runs and training. With the long-lasting cushion of BioMoGo, your feet will stay protected and your legs fresh, mile after mile.

The Swiss Army knife of backpacks - take everything except for the kitchen sink on your back. Finally, a transition pack that works! The blueseventy transition pack features a large waterproof wetsuit compartment, a huge 32L capacity to fit all your race day kit, plus a few handy compartments for essential things like your mp3 player.


Guide 6 Saucony

Kinvara 3 rrp R1299

So much technology, so little shoe. We’ve redesigned the look of our most popular shoe, but kept the fit, feel and ride consistent with its predecessor. The upper now features FlexFilm™, a strong yet pliable material innovation that adapts to your foot and provides a lightweight, seamless feel. Inside the shoe, anatomically-contoured memory foam heel pods secure a perfect fit. Men - 218 gm, Ladies – 190g.


Virrata rrp R999


The Virrata is our lightest and most flexible training shoe and allows your foot to move naturally. Built on a 0mm offset, this shoe lets your feet do the work while providing plenty of cushioning and protection from the road. Weight : Men-184g, Ladies-170g.


April 2013

rrp R1299

The latest edition of our flagship shoe arrives with a fit and ride even more attuned to the needs of runners seeking stability in an everyday training shoe. A new sole unit features triangular IBR+ pads integrated with deeper grooves in the forefoot for better flexibility and responsiveness. Weight: Men – 283g, Ladies – 252g.


Triumph 10 rrp R1499

Form and function strike a perfect balance in the new Triumph 10. Breathable open mesh and supportive underlays provide a clean, modern look while securing the foot to the platform. Men – 295g, Ladies-261g.

................................ .............

.......................... Brooks

Glycerin 10 The Glycerin 10 with full-length Brooks DNA, which adapts to every step and provides the ultimate plush ride that will have you feeling like you’re running on a cloud. Delivering the high-performance features an efficient gait needs and blending it with the plush comfort runners want, these Neutral superstars will rock your socks off. An adjustable saddle hugs the unique shape of your foot, while the Omega flex grooves add extra flexibility while reducing weight. A luxurious ride from heel to toe, your feet will feel like a million bucks.

............................... ............

April 2013




Plan for the months ahead with our guide to triathlon AND DUATHLON events in SA AND AROUND THE GLOBE

sa & itu

sun 14 Spec-Savers Ironman South Africa

April 2013 sat 6 2013 ITU World Triathlon Auckland

Port Elizabeth

Auckland, New Zealand

sun 7 North West Provincial Triathlon Championships Portuguese Hall, Klerksdorp

sun 7 Momentum Health/i-Flex National Duathlon Series Event 1 Kameelfontein, Pretoria

sat 13 2013 FST Duathlon Championships TBA- See website

sat 13 2013 Ishigaki ITU Triathlon World Cup Ishigaki, Japan

sat 13 Corporate Triathlon Challenge Port Elizabeth

sun 19 2013 ITU World Triathlon San Diego San Diego, USA


April 2013 sun 14 Spec-Savers IRONMAN South Africa Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa

ironman 70.3

April 2013 sun 7 Memorial Hermann IRONMAN 70.3 Galveston, Texas

sun 7 Ochsner IRONMAN 70.3 New Orleans, Louisiana

sat 13 Ironkids Port Elizabeth




April 2013

Photo | Delly Carr / ITU


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R32 .95


H x 12 MON

April 2013

THS 83

April 2013 Gear  

April 2013 Gear

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