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The latest triathlon products tested to the limit


Cytomax Drops


Muscle Milk RTD

414ml Muscle Milk Ready-to-Drink (RTD) is a proteinenhanced functional beverage that promotes sustained energy, lean muscle growth, and recovery from exercise with a milkshake like taste. Muscle Milk provides a precise blend of 25 grams of premium protein, healthy fats, good carbohydrates, and 20 vitamins and minerals in a lactosefree, gluten-free formula.

Cytomax ENERGY DROPS™ are a fully portable, chewable means by which athletes can carry additional fuel on longer efforts or when traveling. Delivering a precise blend of carbohydrates and essential electrolytes, Cytomax ENERGY DROPS may be used before and during training. Each portable pouch provides ten individual chews.



Muscle Milk 1kg

Cytomax 2kg

Muscle Milk consists of a precise blend of multi-source proteins, functional fats, lowsugar carbohydrates and 20 vitamins and minerals in a lactose-free formula. Muscle Milk is an ideal nutritional choice whether you are a performance athlete, watching your diet, or simply desire to gain strength & maintain lean muscle mass.

Exclusive to Cytomax products, Alpha-L-PolyLactate™ is a proprietary energy source proven to provide energy longer and faster. Cytomax lowers acid in muscles, which prevents burning and cramping during training and helps reduce soreness and speed recovery.



As a renowned supplier of sports, vitamins and energy products, Biogen have finally reintroduced into the ever popular glycogen and electrolyte replacement Energy Gels back on to the market. Providing a combination of slower and faster releasing carbohydrates and electrolytes, Biogen Energy Gels offer an ideal and convenient way to boost energy and improve performance whilst reducing fatigue and cramping. Now in 3 brand new, tasty flavours including Naartjie, Vanilla and a caffeine variant in the form of Cafe Latte. Available from Dis-Chem Pharmacies, Leading Pharmacy Group and Cycle Lab stores nationwide. For more info visit: or follow @BiogenSA on Twitter.





Thankfully the sun is out again, so make sure you protect your skin, particularly after such a cold winter. The Dermasure sunactiv spray is designed especially for people who seek effective, oil-free, invisible and easy-to-use sunblock spray. It is ideal for the everyday working person - exposed arms, bald heads, children and patients on Vitamin A treatments. It is also PABA free and totally water resistant. Sunactiv contains dual sunblocks (Uvinal and Methyl Anthranilate) with a protection factor of SPF 25 + against UVA and UVB damage. Dermasure Sunactiv Sunscreen Cream is designed to have a three way action, giving the skin all day protection. It contains a moisturising cream as a base, provides excellent sun protection (SPF 20+), whilst also containing antioxidants to protect against photo-ageing. This product is fragrance and PABA-free, hypoallergenic as well as non-comedogenic and contains both Vitamin C and Vitamin E. The Dermasure Skin Care Range is a unique range of products, in that leading South African Dermatologists were consulted in an advisory capacity for the actual formulation, as well as the testing and trials, of each individual product. The aim of Dermasure Skin Care is to develop unique dermatologically approved products at affordable prices; a complete skin care range that will make a difference, rather than to follow cosmetic trends. For more info please visit


Arnicamill Massage Oil www.

Arnicamill Massage Oil combines three essential oils to soothe and relax tired and aching muscles. Arnica oil reduces inflammation and bruising, Tea Tree oil penetrates the lower layers of the skin reducing pain and inflammation and Chamomile oil soothes and relaxes aching muscles and joints. It can be used for the treatment of muscular and joint injuries and bruising. It can also be used for the prevention of injury and warming up of muscles and to prevent or reduce muscle stiffness and joint pain. It is easy to use, pleasant smelling and used by most physiotherapists. The Arnicamill range includes the original Arnicamill Massage Oil in pack sizes 125ml, 250ml and 500ml. Arnica Pure which is a pure combination of essential oils, including Lavender, Rosemary and Clove oil. And Arnicamill Hot Milk which is a pre-exercise warm up oil containing Arnica, Capsicum and Wintergreen oils. For more information you can go to or contact


Superzest Energy Tonic www.

Superzest has been relaunched into the energy syrup/drink market as a highly effective energy whack! Superzest Tonic can be used effectively by athletes, busy professionals, shift workers, students, bodybuilders, long distance drivers and anyone else requiring a boost of energy. Taking just 10 – 15ml will boost your energy immediately. Superzest contains high amounts of caffeine, taurine and Vitamin B to keep you performing at your best! For more information you can go to or contact




LIQUID ENERGY LONG RSP- R28 Liquid energy long is a highly concentrated energy gel with both quick and slow release carbohydrate sources. Isomaltulose and barley fibres containing beta-glucans delay the absorption of sugar into the blood to help keep your blood sugar levels more stable. The neutral salty taste is also great for long rides!


Epic pro

A premium intraand post-workout performance and recovery supplement, scientifically formulated with PeptoPro®, Vitargo® & other fast acting nutrients for peak performance & instant muscle recovery.


COMPETITION RSP- R175 Competition is focused on delivering the highest possible energy replacement during endurance events. The different absorption routes utilised enable an athlete to absorb more than the normal 1g of carbs per minute, as well as simultaneously providing both slow and fast energy release.


launches new Packaging

Slow-Mag, the market leading magnesium supplement by Merck Consumer Health, has recently launched its new pack design. The redesigned pack retains the key design elements, but boasts a premium look and displays the benefit statements on front of pack for new users to the magnesium category. So what is new? With regards to the product range, capsules are now in blister packs for convenience and improved portability. The capsules are also available in a new 10 pack, making it easier for consumers to trial the product and enter the magnesium category. Slow-Mag tablets are in a new wide neck bottle, allowing easy retrieval – a welcome change for anyone who has ever tried to get the cotton wool out of a bottle of Slow-Mag tablets. To find out more visit or contact us at or on twitter @SlowMagSA. Rise to the challenge with Slow-Mag®.




Endure Energy Drink

Its unique formulation helps your body release the exact amount of glucose you need for sustained energy. At the same time it promotes fat store tapping to deliver the balanced energy supply.

Ice Power

Ice Power

sport spray

Cold Gel

Clinically proven effect with published studies - Ice Power® Cold Gel quickly and effectively relieves muscle pain and inflammation associated with sport injuries. It is a safe long-term cold treatment that reduces swelling, releases muscle tension and promotes recovery. One product with many uses, Ice Power® Cold Gel can be used by the whole family. Clinically proven effect - Ice Power® Sport Spray is a powerful, long lasting cold gel in a convenient spray formula. The benefit to athletes is that the spray can be used at any time and as often as required when an ache or pain occurs – just spray on without rubbing!

Clinically Proven Effect ICE POWER


For fast effective pain relief One product with several uses: - strains, sprains, sport injuries - neck, shoulder and back pain - stress pain and muscle tension - minor burns and sunburns -

reduce swelling haemmorhage and bruises ischias pain rheumatic pain

For further information & orders, contact Laurinda Cell: +27 (0) 82 469 0606 - Email: Manufactured in Finland



5-Hour Energy

FS6 RSP-R299.99

5-HOUR ENERGY SHOT Original 5-hour energy® was introduced in 2004. Light, portable and effective, 5-hour energy® shots quickly became the no nonsense way for working adults to stay bright and alert. It’s packed with B-vitamins and amino acids. It has zero sugar, zero herbal stimulants and four calories. For more information, contact

Compression Foot Sleeve

FS6 Compression Foot Sleeve is an advanced medical device manufactured to treat plantar fasciitis, heel pain and swelling. FS6 uses gradient Compression Zone technology to lift the plantar fascia and move excess fluids and blood out of the foot and heel to reduce swelling and pain. FS6 keeps the plantar fascia ligaments gently stretched while increasing blood flow to damaged tissues in the foot and heel, resulting in less pain and inflammation. FS6 can be worn under the sock during or after training, or whilst you sleep to replace bulky night splints. Visit for more information or to order.



ASG Sport have the Garmin Bracket Mount, which is available for your handlebars. Anybody with a Garmin and bike will want one of these brackets Contact to find your nearest dealer!


Headsweats RRP- R230 TriBrands delivers Headsweats products nationwide, directly to the consumer’s door.TriBrands offers custom Headsweats products suited for sports clubs, companies and sports teams as well as official Ironman® branded hats and visors. Headsweats have become the preferred headwear of many athletes and their story proves the quality and passion that this company prides themselves on. Currently available online at




Aerodynamic Hydration

Rudy Project

Shock Series sunglasses

Just in time for summer, Rudy Project has relaunched two of their all-time best selling casual sunglasses, the Jazz & Ultimatum, in a variety of new bright, attention grabbing colours. These classic frames have been a favourite among anyone looking for performance quality with a relaxed style – and now they carry some of the brightest and coolest looking colours ever produced by Rudy. The Jazz and Ultimatum Shock Series features all the things anyone would expect from Rudy Project: Italian craftsmanship and fashionable design, lightweight but strong Grilamid frame construction, and superior optics, all backed by Rudy’s industry leading frame and lens warranties. As expected, Rudy Project balances the style-heavy features of the Shock Series by featuring both pairs as completely RX-able. This makes the Shock Series an indispensable eyewear accessory to anyone needing wicked style in prescription sunglasses. Both the Jazz and Ultimatum Shock Series sunglasses are available from participating ASG dealers, listed on our website: Or call us on 012 751 4130 to find a dealer near you!

T-shirts, hoodies and race accessories for those who like to Swim, Bike and Run.

Triathlon is not just a sport, it’s a way of life. |



Cape Cycles

American Classic Tubeless Road Wheel set

Kestrel RRP - R9500

Kestrel Talon

AC tubeless wheels take rim technology to the next level. Our mountain bikers are successfully riding and racing tubeless, and now this innovation is available for our AC road riders. The Kestrel Talon is one of the first aero bikes designed for both road and triathlon use. Designed to transition from a road to triathlon bike, the Talon series fits all levels of athlete, from the budding roadie to the tri vet.


4000 PRO SL Ultegra

Everyone claims to have the fastest bike on the market, but we’ve actually produced it. We took the 4000 frameset and its components to the A2 Wind Tunnel and tested it from every angle, with multiple parts, in order to design a superbike that performs just as well in the wind tunnel as it does on the lava fields of Hawaii. Not only is the 4000 outrageously fast, it’s one of the best fitting, most comfortable bikes on the market because we know that after 112 miles on the bike... your body’s still got 26.2 to go. And for 2013, our new proprietary carbon lay-up allowed us to reduce weight and increase frame compliance, making the rider experience that much better.


202 Firecrest CCL wheels

Zipp’s Firecrest technology, with its distinctive profile, has now made it to its 202 carbon clincher wheels with their 32mm deep rims. The principle behind the unique shape is that the rear half of the rim (the second leading edge) mimics the tyre – the front leading edge – to reduce drag to just 131g compared to 324g for standard box section-type rims. Zipp also claims that the Firecrest 202 has a better aero performance than standard V-section aero wheels with rims up to 55mm deep – impressive for a 32mm deep wheel. At 1,375g, the new 202’s low weight translates to instant acceleration and highly capable climbing. But where they excel is in blustery

conditions, handling crosswinds better than the leading aluminium wheels we’ve tried. The braking matches the wheels’ consistent all-round performance, thanks to the included set of soft gummy Platinum Evo pads, which feature a 10 percent greater braking surface area and disperse heat build-up. All in all, great handling, low weight, clincher convenience and brilliant braking seal the deal.

Triathlon Plus August gear  
Triathlon Plus August gear