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Multibionta® Extreme, the new fizzy energy booster from Merck, is designed to give your body the nutrients it needs to keep you ahead of the race. With minerals, 100% of the recommended daily allowance of B vitamins, Guarana to energise and Ginseng to help boost energy levels, Multibionta® Extreme will help keep you on top of your game. Multibionta® Extreme is available from Dischem for R 99.95 for a pack of 30.



RRP - R25 Available at most Dis-Chem stores, Supplement World, Klinicare Pharmacy, Action Cycles


CYTOPRO-RS BIOGEN CYTOPRO-RS is a new Ultra Performance Energy Solution for 3 hour plus events that contains a specialised blend of carbohydrates, electrolytes, phosphates and amino acids to help satisfy immediate energy requirements, as well as sustained energy for longer periods of exercise.  CytoPro-RS has been further enhanced by the inclusion of Pycnogenol®, Rhodiola Rosea extract, Phosphatidylserine and a patented ATP source (Peak ATP™). N-acetyl-lglutamine and Alpha-l-polylactate have been added to reduce lactic acid build-up and aid in preventing cramping. Tailored for a better overall performance, CytoPro-RS gives you a powerful race weapon that some might deem to be an unfair advantage over competitors.




CHARGER THIS NEW drink from PowerBar is designed to be taken 30 minutes prior to high intensity sessions such as intervals, turbo training or a race. The 1.2kg tub makes 27 250ml servings, made up of two full measures of the practical long-handled scoop. Each mixed solution contains 34g of carbs (12g from sugar for quickly absorbed energy), as well as amino acids including creatine to feed the muscles and aid their repair, and 120mg of caffeine for an immediate boost.



Full spectrum - Carb, protein, vitamin and mineral replacement “cocktail”.



- Low GI energy - Mineral salt replacement - Vitamin “cocktail” - Isotonic also available


ENDURE & ACCELERATE CHEWABLE ENERGY TABS 32GI™ CHEWABLE Endure & Accelerate Energy Tabs are based on 32Gi™‘s highly successful energy drinks, Endurance and Accelerate. 32Gi™ Energy Tabs come in a convenient carry tube containing 10 x 5g chewable tablets. They provide an optimum drip-feeding system, where an athlete can chew the energy tabs separately to his or her hydration requirements. Comrades Marathon was a true test for the new 32Gi™ Energy Tabs, where 32Gi™ Elite Athletes ran with the Tabs on race day. 32Gi™ athletes succeeded in taking 11 Gold Medals at Comrades, including 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the men’s category.

W H AT DRIVES YOU +27 11 844 1000



THIS IS THE first pedal power meter to reach the market and after testing a pre-production set, we think they pass for a first generation power meter, but we’d like to see some improvements. Eight strain gauges in the Keo Power’s axle measure pedalling force while a reed switch in the pedal body measures cadence. Data is sent via Bluetooth to a Polar computer. It’s a seriously light power meter with 344g pedals, 36g sensors and a 40g computer. Installation is simple compared to hub systems – but not as easy as screwing on pedals. A notch on the end of the axle needs aligning with the crank arm: get it wrong and your figures will be out. The system zeroes when you turn the transmitters on with a small button. Like most power meters, readings will drift due to temperature changes,

although not by much. You can re-zero by switching them off and on, but you have to get off the bike. Using a turbo, the wattages we got matched our PowerTap within 1-2 watts. Outdoors we found a similar link – but only if we relied on one pre-ride zero and didn’t stop to zero mid-ride; in which case we saw our Keo Power numbers shoot up by 10%. We’re assured this will be fixed in final production units. Data analysis is only via Polar’s ProTrainer 5

software which offers a lot of data and analysis options but isn’t as easy to use as WKO+ 3.0. Polar’s computers have some nice functions but lack the fields of the Garmin Edge and CycleOps Joule head units which, it not being ANT+ compatible, the Keo Power system can’t talk to.



SPECIALIZED HAVE come out with the ideal triathlon shoe, the TRI-VENT. It’s not called “vent” for nothing. This shoe opens up like a flower and is full of airflow. The perfect shoe for hot humid training and racing conditions. The shoe comes with a disc tightening system that at first glance, looks pretty complicated and somewhat different. A quick turn of the dial, a click and you will see just how easy this shoe is to get on and off. A unique feature of this specific shoe is a magnet that has been placed near the heel strap. Only those triathletes that clip their shoes into the pedal before they leave transition will appreciate the magnet design. The shoe is clipped into the pedal and the dial opened fully to ensure that the shoe is ready for quick foot entry. What the magnet does is keep the heel tab out of the way entirely until the foot enters the shoe. Once that is done, a quick turn of the dial and the shoe tightens up and fits like a glove. I would definitely recommend this shoe to the more serious triathlete looking for a quick transition from swim to bike. It’s a shoe that is not for everyone. If you are a novice, I would stick to other models before you progress to this one. The TRI VENT has been designed specifically to be put on and taken off FAST. Draft legal triathlons are ideal for this shoe. A nice bright red ensures that it will attract



attention and certainly bling up your appearance in the transition zone. The TRI VENT is certainly going

to turn heads and its performance is geared towards top end triathletes.


SCI-CON MICRO TOOL RRP R160 Italian design, performance, functionality. Engineered by pro-riders. 8 piece tool including allen keys, philips, flat and torque key. Small and light.


DA1 DI2 Years of research, engineering and wind-tunnel development went into the DA1. Already ridden to major triathlon wins by Felt athletes Terenzo Bozzone, and Andi Boecherer, this is the bike that left the competition in the dust. With UHC Ultimate+Nano carbon fibre material—shaped through extensive Computational Fluid Dynamics engineering and real-world testing—it’s 14% more aerodynamic and 13% stiffer than the last-generation DA. It’s also optimised for Shimano Di2 electronic shifting, with internal cable routing and an integrated battery mount.


TORPEDO ALLOY SYSTEM RRP R325 Fastest, most aero and reliable front hydration mount. No more splashing from front bottle. Can save up to 7 minutes in an Ironman event.



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