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Steel Fire Protection FS370 Indoor / Outdoor Solvent based thin-film intumescent coating optimised for 120 minutes fire resistance to structural steelwork

DESCRIPTION Fire Security Systems FS370 is a Solvent based intumescent coating for exterior and interior structural steel. Unlike ordinary fireproofing, FS370 is applied at minimum thickness and requires no reinforcement. With its incredibly THIN Dry Film Thickness it represents a breakthrough in interior fire protection, design and technology. FS370 is spray applied and offers up to 120 minutes fire protection under BS476: Part 21 FS370 has been designed to allow fireproofing without compromising aesthetic appeal. FS370 protects open and closed steel sections against loss of bearing capacity for up to 120 minutes. The major appeal for the FS370 is the external application ability where architects and engineers want to view their steelwork designs.

WHERE TO USE FS370 FS370 can be applied in commercial, industrial and residential applications, exterior and interior where architectural designs call for a thin-film, aesthetic, highly decorative finish.



FS370 gives you Fire Protection with Aesthetic Appeal.

FS370 Provides intumescent fire prote protection to exterior and interior structural steelwork while maintaining architectural aesthetics for commercial infrastructure, assets including:

FS370 has been designed to allow fireproofing without compromising the look of the structure: - Competitive dry film thicknesses, - Applied as a thin layer that does not compromise intricate designs and shapes created from the structural steel, - Easy over coating with a wide range of coloured (RAL) finishes, - 2 Hour Protoection for interior and exterior applications.


Airports Stadiums and Leisure Facilities Office Buildings Retail Complexes Cinemas Residential low and Highrise Apartments Atriums


Exterior and Interior application Recognized as the Lowest DFT’s on the market Classified for up to 2 hours to BS476: Part 21. Market Leader Solvent based Lightweight, thin-film application. Maintains contour of substrate. Architectural, decorative finish. Single component (stir and spray). Cost effective due to low film thicknesses.





Fire Rating (minutes)

FS370 Indoor FS370 Outdoor

30 / 60 90 / 120

Approvals BS476: Part 21 FS370


Transport / Storage - Transport and store free from frost- preferably at a minimum of +5oC to a maximum of +30oC. - shelf-life of unopened pails: 12 month from date of manufacture. - Opened pails must be re-sealed. Packaging - 25 kg net weight (19 litres or 5 gallons) - Plastic pails - Other sizes on request Surface Preparation Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet Application Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet Drying Time Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet Top Coats Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet Safety and the Environment Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet

FIRE SECURITY SYSTEMS Canada: PO Box 21096, Coquitlam BC V3E 3P9 Canada Tel:+1 604 941 1001 Fax: +1 604 648 9311

Norway : Skib책sen 20b -4636 Kristiansand Norway Tel:+ 47 95 47 80 00 Fax: +47 38 02 15 31

UAE : PO Box 40068 Ajman - United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 6 7478842 Fax: +971 6 7478843 Disclaimer: The above data, particularly the recommendations for the application and use of Fire Security products are based on the manufacturer's knowledge and experience. Due to different materials and conditions of application, which are beyond our control, we recommend in any case to carry out sufficient tests in order to ensure that Fire Security products are suitable for the intended purpose and applications. Therefore, any liability for such recommendations or any oral advice is expressly excluded unless we have acted willfully or by gross negligence. It is always the responsibility of the installer / purchaser to guarantee correct preparation, DFT (Fire Security Coatings) and thickness (Fire Security Firestop Products) of all Fire Security products. Fire Security Systems is not liable for installation or faulty installation. It is always the responsibility of the installer / purchaser to guarantee and certify the installation of materials.

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