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Winter 2012


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The Greens

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Welcome Our New General Manager

- Participate in the “Fun Committee’s” upcoming social events. The committee has met and out lined some fun and festive events for the season. Make a point to meet other fellow members or reconnect with ones you have not seen in awhile.

- Sponsor a friend as a new member. Invite them to be part of the fun!

These are just a few of the many ways to enjoy your club. The first step is making the commitment to become active. Check the weekly FireRock Events Bulletin for upcoming opportunities to enjoy your Club. Thank you all for a wonderful 2011; and we look forward to a great 2012!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends. This is the time of year when we pause to reflect on the previous year’s events and make plans for the upcoming New Year. I trust you have made your annual New Year’s Resolutions; but, I would like to make a few suggestions as members of FireRock Country Club.

- Schedule time with Eric and Julie in the fitness center to work off all of the wonderful holiday meals; increase your flexibility for golf or tennis, and most importantly, achieve a greater quality of life.

- Make a commitment to improve your golf or tennis games. The Club has a tremendous professional staff ready to assist you with instruction and the proper fitting of equipment. You would truly be amazed in the difference properly fitted clubs or racquets can make.

- Attend one of Chef Steve’s cooking classes. Learn Steve’s recipes and techniques on some of your favorite dishes. Guaranteed to impress your friends…

February 25th Easy Entertaining Hors d’ oeuvres March 24th Lite Minded April 21st Mexican Fiesta

Cooking Class Schedule

Geary Goss, General Manager

May 19th Summer Favorites *All Classes begin at 11:00am. We encourage you to make an early reservation. Call Cheryl at 480.836.8100.


Theme Nights




12th - Pasta Night 19th - Taco & Tostada 26th - Burger Night

2nd - Grill Night 9th - Pasta Night 23rd - Burger Night

1st - Taco & Tostada 8th - Pasta Night 22nd - Burger Night

Membership Update


Lynn Smith, Manager of Marketing and Sales We welcome 2012 with enthusiasm and optimism and look forward to a year of growth and enjoyment at the Club. In 2011, 30 new members joined our FireRock Country Club family. Although the times remain challenging, with the opportunity to select a membership that fits your lifestyle now, FireRock is an attractive private club offering.

and fresh ideas on how we can make FireRock the perfect place for family and friends to gather and enjoy this wonderful southwest lifestyle. Please stop by and introduce yourself; and if I can provide you, or your friends, with membership information, tours of the club or assist you in any way, contact me at or call me directly at 480.836.3435.

Our “Holiday Dining Days� program, which ran through November and December, introduced 22 new prospective FireRock members to our beautiful Club. Reaching out to all FireRock owners and residents, who are not members, and giving them the opportunity to experience our Club life, has resulted in several new members joining us. As we move into the busy winter and spring season, I look forward to meeting and getting to know more members and assisting in shaping programs and events that appeal to everyone. My door is always open to hear your comments

AJ and Yuko Masunaga We are originally from Japan, but have been in the US for 12 years with this being our 2nd year in Fountain Hills. We love art, opera and golf and are very proud to be at Firerock Country Club!

Welcome New Members Social


Tom and Denice Larson John and Adele Virden Rick and Sheri Fleury Wil and Jeri Cowen Gus Dekavallas Scott Haggins


Dave and Kelly Farrow Bill and Sharon Sultzbaugh Tom and Meghan Higgins Jim Lamon (photo pg. 12) Ted and Laura Corse John and Aimee Avery AJ and Yuko Masunaga (photo above)

Merrick and Monica Firestone Ronny Hendrickx and Marinka Mohorcic Jay and Kathleen Witkin Krishna Pinnamaneni and Bhavani Krishna Justin Meszaros Tim Carpay and Linda Pileggi Don and Paula Kilpatrick Frank and Diane Magrino (photo pg. 5) Gregg Harrington and Caysee Haywood Gary and Susan Bernard Tim Roth and Wendy Sutton (photo pg. 11) Bobby and Sue Oakley


Dick and Marlys Bedlington (photo pg. 5) Shawn and Destanie White Steven and Claudia Abrahamson Peter Lewis George and Dallas Jackson


Message From



Chris Morrison, Head Golf Professional I hope everyone had a great holiday season. We’re looking forward to another fantastic year of golf at Firerock Country Club. As many of you have commented, the course is in wonderful shape. The greens are rolling smooth and fast, which makes it challenging and a lot of fun. The next four months are a busy time. I know we all anticipate the weather warming up, just a bit, for that perfect Arizona spring golf experience. Tournament Invitation The start of the new season brings lots of tournaments for members’ participation. If you have not played in one of the events before, we hope this will be the year you join us! More players means more competition and a lot of good clean fun; so encourage your fellow members to sign up! Tournaments & Activities – Save the Dates Upcoming events include Men’s Single Match Play, Men’s Four Ball Match Play, and the Couples Club Championship Jan 29th. The 18-hole ladies group plays on Tuesday morning, at 9am; and the 9-hole ladies group plays at 10:30am on Tuesdays as well. The couples play twice a month on Thursday with a 12:30pm shotgun and dinner afterward. February has just as many events with the Men’s Senior Club Championship Feb 11th and 12th. The always popular Rally for the Cure event is February 14th. March brings the Ladies Member-Guest, Men’s Member-Member, and the Men’s and Ladies Club Championship. Sign up early and come join the fun. Please check the Fore-Tees website for specific dates and times for all upcoming events.

Quick Note

Recent FireRock Champions The Men’s Four Member took place on Nov 19th and 20th. The winners are: First Place Team: Guy Cannon, Jim Klungness, Jack Dempsey and John Virden Second Place Team: Gerald Nogue, Frank Rogers, Tom Greenwald and Pete Candela This event was lots of fun and play was outstanding. The Men’s Member-Guest kicked off on Dec 2th and 3th. 1st Flight won by the team of Guy Cannon and Tim Foreman; they also were the overall low team for the event. They won the shootout in a rain soaked nail biter after round two on Saturday afternoon. Congratulations! 2nd Flight was won by Chuck Riley and Dave Miller 3rd Flight was won by Mike Quiel and John Adair 4th Flight was won by Gary Saunter and David Saunter 5th Flight as won by Jim Bluntness and Dana House Congrats to all the winning teams and thanks for coming out to play in this great event.

To enhance the enjoyment and speed of your rounds here at FireRock, we have added reflectors on designated golf holes that players with Laser Link Quick Shot rangefinders can utilize. This information will give you the distance to the washes, and/or the yardage to carry them. The holes receiving these upgrades are 9, 10, 15, and 18. Members can simply use these reflectors as they would when shooting the distance to a flag on the green. Holes 9: One red and yellow stake has been placed before the wash on your approach shot, as well as one red and yellow stake on the opposite side of the wash to let you know how far to carry. Hole 10: One red stake has been placed before the wash on your approach shot to give you the yardage to the wash. Holes 15 & 18: On each of these holes, you’ll find a reflector in a single tree on the left side of the fairway as the fairway ends and gives way to the wash. By directing your Quick Shot rangefinder at these trees, you’ll have a distance you’ll need to lay up and stay out of trouble.


Ladies Season is Underway

Golf Course Maintenance Request

The ladies season is in full swing and the turn-out each week gets better and better. The first event was the Opening Day Scramble:

In playing the golf course lately, I have noticed more ball marks on the greens than usual. Please remember to fix your ball marks and fill your divots with sand provided on the carts. In most cases, the membership does an outstanding job of caring for the course, but from time to time, it needs a bit of extra loving care. Also please make sure your guests know how to fix ball marks and fill divots when playing.

First Place - Lena Brull, Dianne Riley, Mary Thiel, Sherri Christiansen posted a net score of 42.2 Second Place - Janie Nolen, Karen Peyman, Judy Pfeiffer, Laurie Chatham with a net score of 46 The ladies one day Member-Guest had 66 players. The winners were: First Place - Lynn West, Cindi Eck, Melissa Nalli, Yogi Malhotra won with a score 121 Second Place - Laura Cannon, Susan Probst, Lyn Pierce, Jenny Dempsey with a score of 125 Third Place - Heidi Heron, Nancy Vieburg, Sherry Hihn, and Terri Olson with a score of 127 We look forward to many more events for the ladies and encourage new and returning members to sign up for our Tuesday Group.

Frank and Diane Magrino I’m a Registered Respiratory Therapist [ret.], and Diane is an Underwriter for Chase. We have 2 children, our son is a lieutenant in the Coast Guard and our daughter is a Marine Biologist.

Rough Update

Dick and Marlys Bedlington We are farmers of seed potatoes. With the rotation crops of corn and grain there are over 2000 acres to care for during the summer. We have been coming and going to Fountain Hills seasonally for almost 25 years. We have 3 grown children who have made us grandparents of almost 5 grandchildren.

As most of you have seen, we did not overseed the rough this year. The new beautiful contrast is starting to show with the dormant Bermuda grass turning tan/blonde and the rye grass staying green. A reminder of the cart -path rule for all members and guests to follow: Once you enter the fairway from the green markers on the hole, please stay in the fairway all the way until you exit the hole where the cart sign says exit. By keeping the carts on the green fairways the Bermuda grass will not get matted and start to look shabby. Please keep carts on the fairways while playing all holes, and not in the rough. Have a great 2012 and remember to ask our staff if you have any questions and if we can be of assistance. You can reach us at 480.836.8000.


Member Spotlight Bob Fitting - Author, Pepper-Mill Artisan, Corporate Tycoon and Scrappy Golfer… Growing up in a small duplex on Canal Street in Lebanon Pennsylvania, a town of 10 thousand, fifteen miles from Hershey Pennsylvania; Bob has two brothers and four sisters. (You need to read the book to get all the details.) After methodically taking his father’s watch apart, at a young age, which carried a heavy penalty, Bob’s “fix-it program” was in full swing. He used the basement as his workshop to build crystal radios and model planes. In his teens, the basement became a repair shop for neighbor’s radios and small appliances.

Bob Fitting’s favorite things to do are “fix and build

things”. His curious nature coupled with a zest for finding the humor and joy in life has led him through a successful, creative, fun-filled adventure; and there’s something new happening all the time. This January, Bob is publishing book number two, Singapore Sting; an intriguing novel set in the Far East with interesting twists and turns of corporate espionage navigating the strict norms of Singapore’s culture. Bob uses the names of many of his FireRock friends as characters in the book, only they are not themselves; purely actors on a stage. For those of you featured, it will be fun to see your alter ego; a clever way to increase distribution and spread the word. Amazon, Barnes and Noble and, of course, Bob, will have books on hand very soon. Can’t wait! Bob’s first book, Money Making Rules by a Public Company CEO, published this year, is an autobiography that imparts the business lessons he gleaned over his career. It’s written in a light-hearted tone that gives you a peek into Bob’s personality and style. An interesting read for those who know him and certainly an insightful business primer for everyone. FireRock residents and members since 2006, Bob and his wife Lorraine purchased a lot and designed and built their beautiful home that overlooks hole #2 teebox. Married for 33 years, they enjoy life at FireRock and are active golf club members. A true “FireRocker”, the obstreperous group of golfers that have been together for a decade, Bob’s golf game has improved over the past few years. Currently a 22 handicap, he’s known to win the weekly wager now and then.

In 1954, Bob joined the Air Force thinking he would see the world. Scoring highest in Electronic aptitude and lowest in administration, he was assigned a personnel job and all three years were spent in Big Spring, Texas where Bob says, “ I refined my practical joke repertoire and grew up quite a bit. “ Taking advantage of the G.I. Bill, Bob graduated from Penn State and landed a position with Bell Labs in New Jersey. After earning his Masters in Electronics at NYU, he stayed at Bell five years then decided he missed the sunshine, which is what brought him to Arizona; and his 11 years at Motorola. During his years at Motorola, he helped design the communication system that broadcast Neil Armstrong‘s historic walk on the moon; the Naval communication system, used on every Navy ship, now called Satellite Fleet Broadcast, that was the most profitable Motorola contract for the Government Electronics Division the year it was developed. Bob comments, “I gained some invaluable “life lessons” and business experience, which inspired me to start my first company.” “It’s said that you’re not worth your salt if you haven’t been fired from a job. My first electronics communication company, Comtech Data, funded by Comtech Telecommunications, fired me,” Bob admits. “As the company grew, and employees were hired for key positions, a series of errors in judgment occurred and mistakes were made in the process. Taking my lumps and gaining great insight, I went down the street and started a competing company that took off. The company eventually sold to California Microwave, for a handsome sum, and I stayed on for five more Article Continues on page 12

The Greens


Kenny Watkins, Course Superintendent

Rough Maintenance Report For the last ten years, we have over-seeded the golf course wall-to-wall. Each summer, after the rye grass is removed, the Bermuda grass recovery has progressively declined. This summer was our slowest recovery, due to a cooler May and June. As a result, the turf did not fully fill-in weak areas before over-seeding.

In May, Brian Whitlark, a USGA Agronomist, was consulted to review our general course conditions. He presented suggestions for long-range and short-term improvements. To promote a better stand of Bermuda grass, the recommendation was NOT to overseed, which is what we’ve done. This will help the rough’s transition next summer and build a stronger, healthier Bermuda grass. Turf Care Request Entering and exiting each hole, this season, may present some challenges in turf wear during the non-growth period. Green and white stakes have been placed on the course to help identify the first point of entry into the fairway. You still can drive further down the cart path and then enter at a 90 degree angle. Once you’re in the fairway, continue along and then exit before the cart signs. This June, when the nighttime temperatures reach a high of 75 degrees, we will start an intense verti-cutting program to remove the thatch that is over an inch thick. Thatch is like a sponge; it absorbs water causing a wet course condition. You may notice your cart wandering when you drive the fairways; or when hitting a shot, your ball may not roll far, due to the thickness. Aggressively dealing with the thatch this summer will greatly improve the playability of the course. Ballmark Repairs Many of our members are vigilant about repairing their ballmarks as well as others. We wanted to post a reminder to all our golfers to help us with this important course maintenance effort. Paying attention to these details has a cumulative reward of showcasing our magnificent golf course. I am always available to hear your suggestions and comments. You can reach me at 480.816.9784 or send me an email at Thank you for all your assistance in respecting the beauty of our course.





Tom Robson, Clubhouse Manager There has been a great Member turn-out for all of our events this year. We thank our Fun Committee for assisting us in making them a blast! Our committee Members are: Karen and Kevin May, Tammy and Steven Wentworth, Lynn Smith and our new additions Kelly Farrow, Wendy Sutton and Geary Goss. We also extend an invitation to all our Members to share with us things they would enjoy as a group. We are always looking for fresh ideas to enhance our Club experience. In prior years we mixed in themed events throughout the season. Several Members have requested that we offer less themed activities and more events that are casual community gatherings. The fall Welcome Back Party was just such an occasion. Instead of staging a theme this year, the resources were used to embellish the menu with a very tasty carved beef tenderloin and shrimp. Kicking off the New Year is a Festive Schedule. Make your plans and reservations now to join us! Wednesday, January 11th - Member Home Food and Wine Event, at the home of Bill and Lynn West Friday, January 27th - Fresh Maine Lobster Night! In conjunction with Lobster Night, for those who would like to join, we are purchasing a small block of tickets to “A Chorus Line”, playing at the Fountain Hills Theatre. The show begins at 8:00 pm and the ticket price is $25 plus tax per person. Make an early reservation and come enjoy a great local show. Space is limited, so give Cheryl a call 480.836.8100. Sunday, April 8th – Easter is early this year! We are continuing the FireRock Easter Brunch Tradition with the children’s petting zoo, the horse drawn carriage, the Easter egg hunt and, of course, the Easter Bunny.

January 7th - Men’s & Ladies Match Play 11th - Members Home Food and Wine Event 21st - Men’s & Ladies Four Ball Match Play Starts 29th - Couples Club Championship

Reservations are from 10am to 3pm. The cost of the brunch is $40 for adults and $18 for children. The club uses four channels of Member communication for upcoming events: - Our weekly e-mail that is sent every Wednesday. If you are not receiving it, and would like to, send Cheryl an e-mail at; or drop off your e-mail address the next time you are at the club. - The events calendar on the club website at The calendar lists all future golf and clubhouse events. - ForeTees front page on our website. - The monthly flyer that is included in your billing statement; and is also always available at the reception desk. The management team is continually looking for ways to streamline Club operations. Our efforts are focused on cost efficiencies without changing the food quality and service standards, while sustaining and improving your club experience. A great way you can help us keep food and beverage costs down, is to make dinner reservations as well as reservations for large groups at lunch. This helps us plan how much food to prepare so we can operate efficiently. We understand that coming to the club for dinner is often a last minute decision; but, we encourage you to make a reservation when you can.



10th - 6pm Martini Tasting 11&12th - Senior Club Championship 14th - 6pm Valentines Dinner 22nd - 7pm Blind Wine Tasting 25th - Chef’s Cooking Class Easy Entertaining Hors d’ oeuvres 22nd - 10:30am Book Club

4th - 6th - Ladies Member Guest 7th - 10:30am Book Club 17&18th - Men’s Member / Member 21st - Member Home Food and Wine Event 30th - Men’s Club Championship

Chef’s Corner


Stephen Duarte, Executive Chef

I would like to begin by thanking all of you who have attended our cooking classes here at the club. Everyone at the recent tamale class had an awesome time. For those who haven’t been yet, we have more coming up! The next class “Winter Meals” is January 14th at 11:00am. There is still space available, so sign up soon. Below is a list of the upcoming dates and menus. We also have some special events scheduled in the next couple months:

• Lobster Dinner, January 27th, is always a popular event; 1 whole lobster per person, with all the traditional side dishes • Valentine’s Day is just around the corner; let us prepare you and your Special Valentine a memorable meal • Food & Wine Tours are back and the first one is January 11th. Come join us while we tour members’ homes and enjoy wine and hors d’oeuvres

Check the website calendar for the rest of the Food & Wine Tour dates and all our club activities. As we get closer to the bowl games and NFL playoffs, I have had many requests for our “Sloppy Joe” recipe. This is a great tailgate meal and very easy to prepare in advance, which leaves you more time to enjoy your guests and the game. This recipe can be portioned and frozen ahead of time, so you can quench your Sloppy Joe craving anytime.

1 1/2 Yellow Onion, Small Diced 1 each Red & Green Bell Pepper, Small Diced 1/4 cup Garlic, Minced 5 lbs Ground Beef 1/2 cup Tomato Paste 2 each Green Chilies, Small Cans, Diced 1 bottle Worcestershire Sauce 3 1/2 cups Ketchup 1/2 cup Yellow Mustard 1 cup Beef Broth Salt and Pepper to Taste Directions:

Sloppy Joe’s

Cook ground beef in a large sauce pot until nice and brown. Drain all fat from pot and discard. Place beef back in sauce pot and add garlic, peppers and onions. Sauté until peppers and onions are soft. Add the remaining ingredients to beef and allow simmering over low heat for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve on soft potato buns with your favorite side dish. Enjoy!

10 Notes From



Michael Grant, Head Tennis Professional

We welcome 2012 and look forward to some beautiful winter weather as our Tennis Season gets underway for the New Year. In addition to coaching the A Team, Michael Grant, will help shape our FireRock Tennis Program and asks for all tennis players to consider joining the activities and tournaments planned now through the spring of 2012.

Tennis Schedule January 9th through May 31st, 2012 Monday

8 AM - Noon 3 - 5 PM

Adults Juniors

Team Match Play Junior Tennis Program


10 - 11 AM 11 - 12:30 PM 3 - 5 PM

Adults Adults Juniors

“Stroke of the Week” Drop in Doubles (Coed) Junior Tennis Program


9 - 11 AM 3 - 5 PM

Ladies Juniors

FireRock Team Practice Junior Tennis Program


10 - 11:30 AM 3 - 5 PM

Adults Juniors

Drop in Doubles Junior Tennis Program


10 - 11 AM 3 - 5 PM

Adults Juniors

“Faults and Fixes” Clinics Junior Tennis Program


9 – 10 AM 10:30 AM - Noon 12 - 3 PM

Adults Adults Juniors

Tennis Aerobics Doubles Strategy Junior Tennis Program

Social Events January 21st 2012 10am – Noon Super Bowl Mixer, Round Robin Doubles wear your NFL team colors February 11th 10am – Noon Sweetheart Mixed Doubles March 3rd 10am – Noon March Madness Mixer March 23rd – March 25th, 2012 8:30am Club Championships 3.5 – 5.0 Singles/ Doubles/ Mixed April 21st 10am – Noon Spring Fling Mixer

May 5th 10am – Noon Cinco de Mayo Margarita Mixer Fees for Lessons and Social Mixers / Tournaments Private Lessons Semi Private 3 players 4 players Socials/Mixers Club Championships

$60.00 per hour $30.00 per person $20.00 per person $15.00 per person $15.00 per person $15.00 per person

Micheal Grant can be reached at 602.741.5683 or email him at

Fitness News


Eric Kruk, Fitness Director

New Year, New YOU! This is the time of year that most of us repent for our holiday mis-givings. Lack of exercise and too many dinner dates can leave you feeling and acting a little sluggish. Thankfully, it is also the time of year that we decide to right the course and get back on track in the form of resolutions. Most New Years resolutions have something to do with losing those unflattering 5 or 10 pounds gained over the celebration times of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. With no new reason to overindulge, now is the best time to lay out a plan for a healthy diet and exercising program.

- Redefine goals throughout the year to keep an obtainable and motivational objective. - Try different cross-training routines to keep workouts fresh. (Try some aerobic classes or outdoor activities like hiking and biking) HAVE FUN !! In addition to the New Year at FireRock we will once again be offering free fitness consultations and physical assessments. For more information call or visit the Fitness Center at 480-836-3450.

With that being said, it is also important to create a program that will last until your next New Year’s resolution, not sometime late March. The following is a list to help you construct a diet and exercise plan that works best for you! - Choose exercise times and dates that fit your schedule and try not to create conflicts that result in missed workouts or meals. - Create a diet that is easily sustainable and avoid rollercoaster dieting throughout the year. (Rollercoaster dieting – going on and off fad diets which causes a fluctuation in weight throughout the year) - Start off slow to avoid burnout. - Take circumference measurements along with an initial weigh-in. Because muscle weighs more than fat, per volume space, you may be losing inches and not losing weight.

Tim Roth and Wendy Sutton New Social Members and residents at FireRock. Moving here from Omaha, Nebraska, they are enjoying the wonderful Arizona sunshine and lifestyle. Wendy is a new additon to our “Fun Committee”.

Fit Tip : Adding Balance

By incorporating balance into your routine you are not only training your skeletal muscles, but also your nervous system and proprioseptive function (body awareness in space and functioning movement). So add a ball, balance disk or an unstable surface to your routine. Also have a safe clean area around you and know your limitations.


Member Spotlight Conti.

years. The best part of the story is our wonderful team of employees all received extremely generous bonuses for their contributions and I strung streamers of dollar bills taped end-to-end throughout the building, in celebration of our win.” Retirement for a year and a collection of wonderful trips all over the world filled Bob and Lorraine’s life. They have traveled to 64 countries and certainly there will be more. Bob’s bucket list is fairly well handled: Travel around the world Be successful Write a book Fly an airplane – he has his license Sail a sailboat – many times in the Caribbean Experience every beach – not sure this is doable… Fixing things lured Bob back to business; and the third company put him in touch with, Madam Ho Ching, the wife of Singapore’s current prime minister who has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and graduated with honors from Stanford. With investor funding from Madam Ho Ching and BofA, Bob and his partner once again successfully retooled a failing technology company from Long Island, NY. More colorful business stories and the finesse of negotiations are all captured in his engaging book. When asked where he wants to travel next, he answered, “Paris, (they’ve been over 15 times), Australia and Southern Thailand. Over the summer Bob and Lorraine went on an African Safari with two other FireRock couples and had a wonderful time. Bob imparted his sage wisdom on life and aging, which is: The 50’s – they’re the best…you are as smart as you’ll ever be and all the body parts are working The 60’s – you’re still as smart – but, one or two things don’t work too good The 70’s – just getting better – and his golf game is improving Bob is on the Board of the FireRock HOA and Marianne Wiggishoff, the community manager, has a fond nickname for him, which is “Tony Stark”. For those of you who didn’t see the film Ironman, Tony can fix anything from the depths of a dark cave in Afghanistan. We at FireRock have benefitted by the

entry gate fix, the clubhouse sound-system fix, the crazy jokes, the creative pepper-mills, and custom wine labels. With a zest for life and an unlimited sense of adventure, Bob is a pleasure to know and we’re lucky to have him as part of our FireRock family.

Jim Lamon Moved here from Texas, recruited by First Solar to form the Engineering, Construction, Operation & Maintenance Division. This Division has grown to 400 associates (AZ, NJ, CA, Australia, Middle East, and India) in 3 years and to $2B in Revenue. We design and build utility scale solar power plants in N American and around the world. I have 2 incredible children, daughter 26 in CA as a successful Mgr of Marketing for a major medical distribution company and a son 22, who graduates this month with Honors as a Mechanical Engr in NC. I love all things outdoors (golf, hiking, skiiing, etc).

FireRock Staff General Manager Geary Goss Head Golf Professional Chris Morrison Clubhouse Manager Tom Robson Executive Chef Stephen Duarte Fitness Director Eric Kruk Tennis Professional Michael Grant Golf Course Superintendent Kenny Watkins Manager of Sales & Marketing Lynn Smith Catering Sales Krista Hummel Food & Beverage Marci Hernandez Controller Cindy Thomas Administrative Assistant Cheryl Snell Director of Engineering Pete Young

Hours of Operation October 30th through April 30th Administraton Offices Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Breakfast / Lunch Service

Golf Shop

Monday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Tuesday through Sunday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm

Althletic Facilities

Thursday and Friday 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Monday through Sunday 7:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday 6:00 am to close Saturday and Sunday 7:00 am to close

Dinner Service

Dining Reservations Cheryl @ 480-836-8100

Food & Wine The Home Food and Wine Events are festive social gatherings. Chef brings delicious hors d’ oeuvres to pair with the wine selections at a Member’s Home. It is a great way to meet new people and enjoy great food and wines. If you are interested in hosting one at your home, call Tom Robson at the club.

FireRock Winter 2012 Newsletter  

FireRock Country Club Winter 2012 Newsletter

FireRock Winter 2012 Newsletter  

FireRock Country Club Winter 2012 Newsletter