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2014 IM Boulder (Inaugural Event) Let me start by saying - Congrats to all who toed the line in Boulder this past weekend and my sincere gratitude goes out to our homestay family, the Herbert’s, for making our stay in Boulder absolutely amazing. Nicole (wife) and I arrived in Boulder on Wednesday afternoon to rain and relatively cool temperatures for August in CO. Immediately after stepping off the plane my lungs ached with anticipation (and as it turns out – the rumors are true – it is harder to breathe in Boulder) plus I was battling a minor case of sinus drainage. Even in the rain, the scenery was amazingly beautiful! Enough so that it almost made your forget about these minor inconveniences As Fireman Rob, my race week obligations usually keep me busy from morning to night and this trip was no different. It started with a radio interview at Colorado University Boulder, followed by an interview with, meet & greet at the Expo, meetings and all of the normal check-in’s and pre-race prep. Hectic for sure yet that is the great part of spreading the message and being appreciative for all I have been given. Race Recap Race morning started off great! I had my usual pre-race coffee and snack while enjoying an absolutely beautiful sunrise over the Boulder Reservoir. The morning had all of the elements to be epic; beautiful conditions, feeling strong, & the excitement was palpable. Everything was status quo arriving to the event grounds. Other than the normal pre-race jitters and “did I remember this” questions, I was feeling 100% about the start of the swim I started the swim around 6:45 am, with calm/warm waters, and a positive outlook on the day. I found my groove on the outside of the buoys (about 25 yards to right – it being a left side swim). I had no troubles with the swim and felt great getting exiting the water and entering T1. T1 was business as usual. I switched into my bike gear (always wearing bike bibs for comfort) and packed my nutrition (My nutrition consists of: Cheese Nip Snack Mix, Bugles, Base Performance Salt, beef sticks and Bonk Breakers). It was a refreshing relief leaving T1 - I was actually excited to get out onto the bike course and set a good time. Not normal for me since I dread the bike the most. Unfortunately, the beauty of the morning and the strong start was going to be the highlight of my day. After mounting my bike and starting the ride, I immediately starting having issues with my GERD (Gastroesphogeal Reflux Disease) resulting in reflux and my stomach feeling twisted. Everybody’s acid reflux (GERD) has different symptoms. Mine is usually a fantastic sour taste in my mouth combined with nausea/indigestion. Not the greatest combo while sitting at home let alone while strapped to my QR riding 112 miles. Luckily, after mile 10, everything straighten out and started feeling good. I was hammering on the downhills and had

2014 IM Boulder - Race Recap - Fireman Rob  

A Complete Detail of the 2014 Inaugural Ironman Boulder Event

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